Bullet Liner Vs. Linex: Which One Should Be Your Pick?

As a typical person, you probably cannot drive a pickup truck as a matter of necessity. Instead, you do it out of passion. Your passion motivates you. Sure, it should be durable, but it should also look great as well.

Bullet Liner Vs Linex: How to decide between the two? How does Bullet Liner compare to Line X? In addition, we have researched these 2 products in-depth, gathering various user experiences, as well as receiving various opinions.

Do you want to know which one will be best for you? If so, this article is right for you. The result is a solid comparison while maintaining a practical approach. Well, let’s see.

The Key Differences Between Bullet Liner Vs. Linex

 Bullet LinerLinex Liner
Appearance:Good edge cutting and good linerGlossy coating with a thick layer
Customer service:A bit slow to respondGreat customer service and a faster response time
Price difference:Less expensive compared to Line XPriced more highly based on preference
Maintenance:It can be easily scraped offInstallation and maintenance are simple
Warranty service:Lifetime warrantyA lifetime warranty is also provided

A Detailed Comparison Between Bullet Liner Vs. Linex:

In terms of finding a quality bed liner, the battle between Bullet liner and Linex liner has reached a tie. Looking for a guide that gives you a complete understanding of both brands? Don’t worry; continue reading.

Bullet Liner Vs. Linex: Who They Are?

Line-X spray-on bed liners are the boldest, toughest, & most durable available today. Linex manufactures tough, long-lasting protective coatings that can protect your equipment and vehicles.

In a nutshell, Linex is the leading rugged coating, dominating the automotive, industrial, & military applications due to its superior properties. Linex spray provides excellent abrasion resistance, prevents corrosion and rust, and returns to service quickly, among other features.

Bullet Liners are a permanent, polyurea-based coating system designed for use on vehicle beds as well as other high-contact areas. Providing high-quality protection for your vehicle for life, Bullet Liners are the toughest in the business.

Currently, this company uses fourth-generation innovations and extensive research to develop a polyurea protectant with unparalleled durability.

Benefits Of Using

The spray-on bed liners protect your mattress against damage. So, if you put anything in the truck bed, there won’t be any scratches, scuffs, or dents left on the surface. In addition, the surface will be protected from corrosion. This is because metals corrode when exposed to moisture and air. Bullet Liners protect your vehicle bed from rust and holes, so it won’t rust and develop holes when not protected.

Advantages of Line-X each installation is subject to strict guidelines established by Line-X. Materials and processes are provided by Line-X, and we are regularly inspected to ensure that we comply with the company’s guidelines. Various products will have different densities, thicknesses, and surface preparations, which can lead to unpredictable results & short lifespans.

Line-X is the clear winner in this category. Linex coatings resist water & prevent leaks, corrosion, and rust. The bond between Line-X and your truck is permanent. Any exposed metal here will rust rapidly.


Both the Bullet liner and the Line X protect the bed from dedent, bris, and scratching. In addition, chemical stain resistance is a benefit when hauling chemicals, tools, lumber, or other dirt- and sand-filled items.

There are four different types of Linex liners- Premium, Platinum, Standard, and Xtra. A common feature that you will find is a durable liner that is leak-resistant, corrosion-proof, and rustproof. The Linex liners are made from materials that are environmentally safe and free of VOCs than Bullet liners.

In addition, the Platinum and Premium models feature UV protection that works as sunscreen on top of the liner.

Based on the highlighted benefits of both bed liners, Line X comes out on top. Due to UV rays, the liner does not fade. Furthermore, with Linex Xtra, the liner’s color can be customized.


Since Bullet Liner is relatively new to the truck liner industry, most of you may not have heard of it. But according to some sources, Line-X was founded by the co-creator of Bullet, which featured spray-on liners that were more authentic and durable.

There is no significant difference between Linex & Bullet liners when we compare liner types. In either case, you would be using a quality spray-on type of bed lining.

Although line-X has been a recognized truck bed liner brand across North America for over 25 years.

In contrast to Bullet, it focuses primarily on producing quality bed liners for trucks. On the other hand, Bullet appears to cover a broader range of appliances, such as ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and marines.

Here, Bullet Liner wins the game. With Bullet Liner, ships are kept in top shape in harbors or dry docks, ensuring resistance to weeks, months, or years of UV exposure. Additionally, it provides “grip protection” for “slippery,” and “wet boat decks”.


Spray-on liners are most notable for the installation and removal process. Liners that are more convenient to install & remove should be preferred.

Bullet liners are gaining popularity rapidly within the industry. With this premium spray-on liner, Bullet sprays it on, and it is covered by their authorized dealers. Make sure you locate the nearest dealer of Bullet liners from the nearby inn.

Line X is applied by their trained professionals if you want. They ensure that the spray has a thicker coating. Moreover, they manage the whole spraying process carefully.

Fortunately, Linex liners can be cleaned easily by extreme pressure washing. No color fading is a concern. Therefore, you should maintain a monthly truck bed cleaning schedule and stay relaxed.

The obvious winner here is Linex liner. However, LINE-X is eco-friendly; it contains no VOCs or CFCs, as well as it is solvent-free. Even if an accident occurs, luckily, LINE-X dealers can seamlessly restore the surface.

Comparison Of Services

After carefully examining all aspects and deciding to apply, the next step is to contact the dealer. Definitely, you must contact your nearest vehicle bed liner dealer for installation.

It seems Linex has a good customer service team. Users of the Bullet seem to be disappointed in its response time. According to some users, customer service with Bullet liner is not great, and finding a dealer is hard.

When it comes to warranty service, Linex bed liners come with a lifetime warranty & ensure quality. However, Bullet liners also come with a lifetime warranty, although with certain limitations.

Bullet Liner Vs. Linex: Which One Is Right For You?

Trying to choose between Bullet Liner Vs Linex spray-in liners. Have any of you used either? Fortunately, bullet liners and Linex can be used to dampen the noise in your truck.

Polyurea is used in the production of Line-X bed liners. Luckily, Line-X bed liners come in varying models that showcase the glossy and shiny look that is a significant feature of the industry.

Alternatively, Bullet liners offer the same polyurethane protection as high caliber bullets, only in an impenetrable form. It can ensure an improved quality of bed liner with advanced chemistry use.

Bullet Liner costs about $475 locally, and it has UV protection. Linex costs $100 more, but UV protection is the same price as the base. Bullet liner technology has been applied & tested in race cars as well as off-road vehicles such as the Baja 1000 & Subzero.


Does bullet liner work well?

The Bullet Liner makes your automobile ride more quietly. The coating provides exceptional protection against chemical stains, rust, & other corrosive elements. Most dents and dings are also prevented by the coating. Despite not every Bullet bed liner offering a glossy finish, there are still durable & protective liners available.

What is the cost of Linex a full truck?

The coating process does not come cheap. Line-X body spray costs a variety of amounts, typically ranging from around $3,000 to $5,000. The customer says Linex is comparable to the approximate $450 to $550 cost of a traditional bed liner spray. However, the spray should last an entire vehicle’s life.

Do Bullet Liners take a long time to dry?

The majority of trucks, from start to finish, usually take 4 hours or more to completely dry. For custom jobs, the time required increases accordingly. Bullet Liners’ specialized application process allows bed liners to dry and harden within 3-5 seconds when being discharged from the gun.

Sum Up

After a few minutes, we’ve reached the finish line of the battle between Bullet Liner Vs Linex liner. In addition, if you value brand loyalty, you will be satisfied with Linex’s feature transparency and helpful customer support.

Although the Line-X is more expensive compared to the Bullet, the extra cost is worth it. Luckily, Bullet is also a closable truck bed liner that offers a lower cost and higher quality.

As a final point, I would like to emphasize that the buying decision is based solely on personal preferences, quality, and affordability.

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