3057 Vs. 3157 Led Bulbs: What’s The Best Lighting System?

3057 and 3157: is there any meaning between the two? The answer is yes. It is the ANSI code for those products. ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute. Lamp power and mounting type are indicated by the bulb number.

ANSI codes help you find the right bulb when replacing one in your car. In addition, it is reversible since both 3057 and 3157 have the same circuit. Therefore, they can be used interchangeably.

In today’s world, drivers choose their lights based on reality. Compared between 3057 Vs 3157 Led Bulbs: which one is better? Below you will discover the difference and benefits of each bulb. We discussed it all! The answer to this question is to explain how the different bulbs work.

Briefly Comparison Between 3057 Vs 3157 Led Bulbs:

You should know their comparison shortly before moving on to the main comparison. Let’s get started.

3057 Led Bulbs3157 Led Bulbs
Candle Power:- 32/2           32/3
Base:- Wedge D.F     Wedge D.F
Energy Used:- 26.88 watts    26.9 watts
Lifespan:- Medium High
Shape:- S-8    S-8
Brightness:- Less        More
Dual filament:- C-6 dual filament    C-6 dual filament
Bulb technology:- Incandescent     Incandescent
Voltage:- 12.8/14     12.8/14
Base:- Wedge D.F     Wedge D.F
Durability:- 1200 to 5000 hours      2000 to 10,000 hours
Cost, (two pieces):- $5.29 to $7.99 $4.99 to $5.22

In-Depth Overview Between 3057 Vs. 3157 Led Bulbs

Here is everything you need to know about the differences between 3057 and 3157 bulbs. By now, you should be able to figure out which bulb you need for a replacement if you have a burnt-out bulb on your vehicle.


In comparison to the 3057 bulbs, the 3157 produces a brighter light. With the same amount of voltage as the 3057 bulbs, the 3157 produces a greater amount of current. Accordingly, 3157 is brighter than 3057 by 32/3cp, while 3057 is brighter by 32/2cp.

Daytime running lights are best with 3157 bulbs because of their brightness. Further, the 3157’s parking lights are brighter compared to the 3057’s. However, both brake & turn signals have the same brightness.


In addition to serving as a supplemental light bulb, it can also be used for brake lights, parking lights, taillights, and turn signals. Plus, this bulb is ideal for city streets since it lasts approximately 1200 to 5000 hours. Furthermore, this bulb has a high light intensity.

The 3157 bulbs can be used for brake lights, taillights, parking lights, and turning signals. Additionally, because of its brightness, you can use it as a running light during the day. However, this bulb will ensure that you meet all the traffic regulations in your city, as well as provide the highest quality service.


A wedge D.F fitting on both of the 3057 and 3157 bulbs allows them to be installed in most vehicle lighting systems. Therefore, both may be installed in a similar holder, and both are interchangeable. There can sometimes be a difference in their lengths, so you should look at their sizes.

The 3157 is sometimes considered smaller than the 3057 since it has 1.25 inches as opposed to 2.09 inches. Furthermore, because they have similar wedge bases, you can apply them interchangeably. Furthermore, they are well suited to their particular sockets. The other reason for their interchangeability is their common reversible bulbs and circuitry.


3057 Vs 3157 Led Bulbs, Both light bulbs can last a long time. In comparison, the 3157 is more durable, lasting between 2000 and 10,000 hours.

On the other hand, the 3057 bulb can last between 1200 and 5000 hours. According to many drivers’ experience, bulb life is dependent on how the vehicle is maintained and how the bulbs are used.


The 3057 is frequently improved using halogen technology. For more precise and focused light, the bulb features a narrow beam pattern. This bulb has a wedge-shaped DF base.

As an alternative, the 3157 bulb has an S-8 shape, so if used instead of a 3057 bulb, it provides a clearer image. Such bulbs were also found with a plastic wedge base by a famous CF team.

Using Energy

Compared with the 3057 bulbs, the 3157 consumes more energy. Also, the 3157 bulb uses 8.3 watts versus 6.72 watts for the 3057 bulb. Consequently, the 3157 bulb emits a brighter light with higher power and more current than the 3057 bulb.

Furthermore, 3057 bulbs generate 2.1/ 0.48 amps, whereas 3157 generates 2.1/ 5.93 amps.


In both 3057 Vs 3157 Led Bulbs, the voltage is the same. However, they operate at a voltage of 12.8/14. Additionally, both bulbs have the same circuitry, which makes them reversible.

3057 Vs 3157 Led Bulbs: Cost Comparison

According to the manufacturer, two 3157 bulbs cost between $4.99 and $5.22. According to two well-known brands, two 3057 bulbs are priced between $5.29 and $7.99.

Thus, the 3157 bulb is cheaper than the 3057 bulb. Additionally, 3157 is a better option than 3057 because it is both cost-efficient and high-performing.

3057 Vs 3157 Led Bulbs: What Should You Pick?

Hopefully, you’ve found an answer to your question, 3057 Vs 3157 Led Bulbs; which one is better? Despite being an older model as compared to 3157 bulbs, the 3057 bulbs are able to be updated for DRL technology as well as other applications.

There is substantial debate over whether the power consumption, illumination strategy, and compatibility of the 3057 and 3157 are the same. Brightness is the most significant difference between the two types. We have covered all of this. Your next step is to select the bulb that’s right for you.


Are 3157 And 4157 Bulbs Interchangeable?

As both 3157 and 4157 have the same wedge base, you can use the 3157 instead of the 4157. There is no difference in the light output between the two, but the 4157 lasts longer than the 3157.

Can A 3157 Bulb Replace A 3057?

As 3057 and 3157 bulbs are compatible, they can be used to replace one another. There is one thing in common between them: their plastic wedge bases; therefore, they can be interchanged. However, you should not switch the 3157 for the 3057 in day-time running lights.

What Is The Difference Between 3156 And 3157 Bulbs?

The 3156 and the 3157 bulb have the same base and very little difference, except that a 3157 bulb has dual filaments. However, you can use both types interchangeably without the performance varying significantly.

Are LED brake lights better?

The benefits LED lights provide even make them a preferred option for brake lights. Compared to halogen taillights, LED tail lights are faster, brighter, and also last long

Final Thoughts

Finally, the 3057 Vs 3157 Led Bulbs arguments are concluded, and we now know their similarities & differences. For example, taillights and brake lights can be used with either light source. In spite of their similarity in use areas, they differ in terms of brightness and durability. The article tells you what each of their abbreviations means as well as which is which. Make your driving experience safe by choosing a suitable lighting system for your beloved car.

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