1157 Vs. 2057 Led Bulb: Which One Is More Safer For Riders?

A car’s headlights are an essential part of its safety. A poor bulb will always put you at risk of an accident. The two sides of a coin are equally significant as the front light of a vehicle, and brake lights are no exception.

This is perhaps the most similar pair of bulbs that we compared out of thousands. The differences between them are only subtle and serve to make them interchangeable.

We’ll be comparing the benefits and drawbacks of 1157 and 2057 headlights today.

When choosing bulbs for your trailer, car, or SUV, you may be confused.

Let us share our experience with automobiles to assist you in making the right choice. For more information on the difference between 1157 Vs 2057 Led Bulb, please read on.

1157 Vs. 2057 Led Bulb: Briefly Comparison Table

Before going to the detailed explanation below, I would like to make a head-to-head comparison now. It may help you, obviously.

1157 Led Bulb2057 Led Bulb
There are 2 wires attached to this bulb    There are 3 wires attached to this bulb    
A bit brighter than a 2057 bulb     A bit darker than an 1157 bulb
A high filament bulb will consume 8 wattsA high filament bulb will consume 7 watts
More energy-efficient compared with 2057 bulbs  Only requires slightly more power over 1157 bulbs
Uses slightly more power   Use 30% less power when working with running lights
With halogen light bulbs in clear colorWith halogen light bulbs in clear color
Suitable for outside but not suitable for indoor useWorks better in interior installations
For park lights and turn signals, this LED bulb is amber    Bulb with 6000K white light, excellent for daytime running lights (DRL) & reverse or back-up lights

1157 Vs 2057 Led Bulb: Detailed Explanation

1157 Vs 2057 Led Bulb both offer high-quality light. To alert the driver behind you to hit the brakes or to make a turn, they do not emit as much power as the headlights to make the front visible.


The tail light and brake lights 1157 and 2057 are both have proven to be equally effective at the job. 2057 seems to be brighter despite having the same filaments as 1157, even though they are almost identical. Either bulb can be plugged into the same socket. There is only one difference between them: brightness.

1157 bulbs are slightly more powerful than 2057 bulbs, so they produce more lumens. However, as with the above, it does not make a noticeable difference on a daily basis, and it has not proved particularly useful in driver experience.


It’s possible to buy a package of two 1157 bulbs on the market, giving you the flexibility to purchase only what you need. In addition, bulb packages with many bulbs that produce at an overly expensive price can rust over time since they have not been used. In other words, buying 1157 will give you the advantage of getting a great number for a reasonable price.

However, if you do not want backup bulbs, then 2057 offers a system that consists of 10-bulbs in a single box for long-term use. There is no need to stress about running out of bulbs too soon. In the event of an emergency replacement, you will have plenty to choose from.

Application Cases

During interior installations, 2057 bulbs have a better performance than 1157 bulbs. Their less offensive output and lower current draw make them ideal. For example, if you need to replace a map light, dome light, or any other interior light, then both of these bulbs must be replaced. However, 2057 is the more brilliant choice.


There is a 30% difference in current consumption between 2057 and 1157 bulbs. Although that might not seem like a big deal, certain cars can malfunction due to it. That is why using the manufacturer’s recommended bulbs is a wise choice.

The 1157 bulb uses less energy than a 2057 bulb. Despite that, the difference isn’t as noticeable and doesn’t really have a significant effect on user experience.

Installing Wiring

It is noticeable that 1157 and 2057 bulbs differ physically in the wiring. 1157 bulbs primarily use 2 wires, as opposed to the 3 connected to 2057 bulbs. Despite this, they are entirely interchangeable and can be plugged into each other.


The wattage of a bulb is a very important consideration before purchase. For both of these popular bulbs, 1157 bulbs consume approximately 8 watts of energy as opposed to 2057 bulbs, which consume 7 watts. Such differences are common among these bulbs.

Typical Life Expectancy

It is estimated that 1157 bulbs have a life expectancy of at least 10 years. In addition, consumers worldwide report that 1157 bulbs last a long time & pay off over time. In both cases (1157 Vs 2057 Led Bulb), the light does not dim throughout the warranty period, and in that case, it is quite simple to replace within the 2-year period.

1157 Vs 2057 Led Bulb: Which one is better?

1157 Vs 2057 Led Bulb: Which is better for a vehicle’s lighting system? In addition, the costs of these 2 bulbs are basically identical. This makes choosing between them more difficult. In terms of visibility and brightness, there is no real difference between the two bulbs.

Even so, 1157 bulbs appear to have an edge on paper due to their more excellent power rating and higher efficiency. Despite that, 2057 bulbs are more suitable for indoor use.


Are they interchangeable?

Right away, the answer is yes. They are interchangeable, though you can notice the difference in output immediately. Even if the bulbs are installed in a similar socket, the service provided will change drastically.

Which one is brighter?

You can adjust the brightness of 2057 bulbs from 38 to 503 lumens, which is brighter than regular bulbs.

What is the difference between a 2057 and a 2057 NA bulb?

There is only one type of bulb in the 2057 series: a clear bulb. Typically for signal lights and similar purposes, the 2057 NA, (Natural Amber) bulb will be tinted Amber (yellow).

What do 1157 bulbs fit?

Among many other vehicles, the 1157 bulbs can be found as taillights on Hondas, Toyotas, Lexuses, Kias, Subarus, Chryslers, and Volkswagen SUV models as well.

What’s the difference between 1157 and a 2057 light bulb?

Using the running lights, 2057 draws approximately 30% lower current than the 1157 taillight bulb. I agree with other riders that they are interchangeable.


Despite the fact, both 1157 Vs 2057 Led Bulb have excellent tail lights and brake lights, one of them is superior in a variety of ways. While 1157 is generally regarded for its coverage, it does not have good interior fitting like 2057. Artificial intelligence in 2057 allows it to save as much as 30%, which is a big difference from 1157.

In 2057, consumers will be unable to afford 1157 since it is too expensive. 1157 also has the advantage of picking two bulbs at a time, allowing for greater convenience. Now that you have seen the whole picture, it is up to you to make your decision.

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