Bilstein 6112 Vs. 5100: What To Pick & What Don’t?

The shock absorber is a very crucial component of your car. There are many options available when you are searching for a replacement shock absorber for your vehicle. Not sure what to choose? Then keep reading the post until the end.

Compared with the Bilstein 6112 Vs 5100 shock absorbers differ in numerous ways. Which one will you drive? Therefore, you can choose the ideal setting based on your needs. Check out how they differ in terms of cost and performance below!

Bilstein 6112 Vs 5100: Comparison Chart

It’s pretty normal to feel confused when you run into these two immensely popular series. You might find it difficult to make a wise decision in such a situation. This Comparison chart helps you choose the right product easily.

Bilstein 6112Bilstein 5100
Body Size:- 2.65”1.95”
Piston Size:- 60mm46mm
Body Material:- SteelSteel
Finish:- Zinc PlatedZinc Plated
Springs Inc.:- YesNo
Rod Size:- 18mm14mm
Rod Material:- Chrome-plated steelChrome-plated steel
Height can be adjusted in 5 different waysHeight can be adjusted in 3 different ways
Linear Springs Enhance Vehicle Control & Ride ComfortThe Monotube Design Provides Consistent Performance
Tuning for the specific vehicleEnables high flow pistons to reduce harshness

Bilstein 6112 Vs 5100: A Comparative Analysis

The 5100 and 6112 series of Bilstein shocks are two popular ones. Off-road riders and weekend outings will find these to be excellent support. There are some incredible options for everyday drivers as well in the series.


Bilstein 6112 has some amazing features that make it the most efficient and luxurious version of the series. Monotone shocks are excellent for both off-road and on-road driving. Nitrogen gas charge designs at 300 PSI are claimed to have a longer lifespan. Further, the larger piston and body sizes allow a quicker transition, which in turn makes your drive more durable.

With this Bilstein 5100 suspension kit, you can upgrade your car’s suspension without breaking the bank. This kit is very practical for everyday driving. Designed in montage, this shock absorbing means that it fits perfectly and is moderately priced. It’s not excessively expensive. Your vehicle will benefit from this daily platter.


Bilstein 6112:

  • Strong enough to withstand aggressive territory.
  • The ultimate suspension absorber.
  • Includes 2 reservoir shocks, 2 springs, and 2 front struts.
  • Lifting is able to range between 3″ and 2.5″.
  • A spring seat can be adjusted from 0 to 2.75 inches.
  • The budget is relatively high.
  • The manufacturer offers a limited warranty.

Bilstein 5100:

  • A shock absorbent that is affordable for all.
  • It makes the suspension more effective.
  • Makes the suspension cooler.
  • A special valve setting allows the suspension to handle aggressive driveways.
  • Ensures fade-free performance for a lifetime.
  • Height-adjustable spring perches fit vehicles up to 2.75 inches tall
  • Manufactured offers lifetime limited warranty

Height Adjustment

You realize right away that their bodies are different sizes. The difference becomes apparent as soon as you hold the shock bodies. As well as the 5100’s 3 adjustable height settings, the 6112 shocks have 5 settings as well.

In the 6112, height adjustment settings have been added to cater to the varying equipment configurations that users are using to outfit their vehicles.


Despite having different adjustability, each series makes a good choice for drivers. There are a number of advantages available from the Bilstein 5100 and 6112 series for specific reasons. The Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers deliver excellent control and balance, so your truck will ride in perfect harmony with quality performance. Their top priority is to ensure that you get velocity sensitivity, ride quality, handling, and ease. Bilstein 5100 series help fine-tune your vehicle.

However, the Bilstein 6112 model shock absorbers lack the ability to ride well in the majority of road conditions. Those on top ensure that your truck can easily ride on rough, flat, or wet roads, but the Bilstein 6112 shock absorber isn’t made for rough conditions.

Difference In Setup

Both Bilstein 6112 shock and 5160 shocks appear to have different suspension setups with unique suspension travel increases. If we are comparing Bilstein 5100 Vs. 6112 FJ Cruiser models and the 5100 FJ Cruiser series are better choices when transferring setup. Other models win when transferring setup.

To give the rider a better grip on the ground, the shock absorber on top has extra suspension travel. In addition, both make sure you provide greater control of the ground as well as better traction and safety.

Transition Ability

Generally, the Bilstein 5100 line shock absorbers provide greater travel and transition abilities for the smoothest riding experience. They also make sure that your truck is more controlled and supported. If you really want fast and worry-free travel, then the Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers can be your first choice.

Instead, Bilstein 6112 high-performance shock absorbers feature quick transitions that transfer kinetic energy steadily. Your truck’s top ensures that the kinetic energy for travel is maintained at a steady rate.

Body Material

Comparing Bilstein 5100 And 6112 Series is not complete without taking into account the body material. However, the material of the body will determine the longevity of the shock absorber based on the strength of the base.

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set is a popular choice for many people because it is durable and constructed perfectly. Furthermore, it ensures your truck’s impact dampening is good for quite a while. Alternatively, the Bilstein 6112 series shock absorbers have zinc plated steel construction to ensure long-lasting performance.

Bilstein 6112 Vs. 5100: What The Best Over Others?

There are two main types of models, each focusing on a different type of driver. Bilstein 6112’s extended body is a good pick if you are looking for more opportunities to explore your camping grounds.

Alternatively, if riding to your known valley is what you want, you’ll be happier with the Bilstein 5100, obviously. In conclusion, Bilstein 5100 shocks are your trusted friend, and the Bilstein 6112 shocks continue all the additions to your adventure hat.


Is Bilstein shocks better than OEM?

Due to the superior quality of Bilsteins over the OEM’s, there will be no or very little settling over time.

How often should I replace my Bilstein shocks?

Manufacturers of shock absorbers often recommend replacing them after 50,000 miles. At 40,000 to 50,000 miles, as well as annually thereafter, shocks and suspension parts should be inspected.

Are Bilstein 6112 coilovers?

A BILSTEIN B8 6112 kit provides the premier suspension solution for serious off-roaders. A 60mm progressive piston on this Coilover kit allows for greater damping control on-road and off-road.

Overall Thoughts

A suspension system like the Bilstein 6112 Vs. 5100 is both a great option for a Tacoma, Tundra, 4runner, or even an F150 as well. Although the 6112 is superior compared to the 5100 in practically every aspect, it is still expensive. Having talked for so long, it’s clear that the winner is going to win, and there is no draw. Though both suspension options are excellent, the 5100 might be a better option if the price is an issue. However, the Bilstein 6112 is an excellent option if you have the extra cash.

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