Spod Vs. Switch Pro: Best Power Management Solution?

Would you like to add some additional auxiliary switches beyond those that came from the factory? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the increasing number of accessories you own and have no idea how to organize them?

Vehicles can always be improved_ we all know this. However, when you upgrade your vehicle to perform more and stay longer outside, you will probably add more lighting, air conditioning, a refrigerator, maybe an e-locker, and more.

Are you confused? Spod Vs Switch Pro: Which will be the best power management software for control of all your devices? Regardless of your needs, we have an effective solution for you. Well, let’s figure it out below.

Spod Vs Switch Pro: Comprehensive Discussion

Spod Vs Switch Pro: both are superior performers in recent years. Perhaps your rocker switches are all taken, but you still want to hook up the air conditioner, refrigerator and more. Hence, you have to discover better solutions for big problems.

Programmed Digitally

Using state-of-the-art technologies, Spod’s Source-SE system is an entirely digital, CAN-Bus-controlled system. Simple to install OEM automotive hardware, designed and produced in the United States. A maximum of 100 amps is available from high-power, high-temperature, and ultra-reliable automotive components!

Adding an accessory to your Switch Pro can be accomplished in two different ways. From your Switch-Pro panel or from your smartphone. The Switch Pro is equipped with Bluetooth. In order to keep track of where you are during the setup process, you should count how many lights blink while you program via the switch panel buttons. The Switch-Pro can be configured with several features; momentary, flash, battery input, strobe, voltage disconnect, override low, memory, switch names, switch panel dimming, set password & master switch.


The dimensions of the Spod are 3.75 “W x 2.9 “H x 0.625 “D. The enclosure is constructed from an aluminum billet and has a 1″ RAM mount ball included. Unfortunately, this is not a waterproof enclosure. Specifications for the touchscreen panel:- 3.5” LED-backlit TFT LCD display offering 320 x240 resolution, 180 degree angle of view and 16.7M colors as well. A touchscreen can control up to 32 circuits using up to 4 Bantams.

A solid-state, compact switch panel system from Switch Pros can continuously flow up to 125 amps of power. You can power all types of 12 volt accessories with a total of 8 circuits. Four of them deliver 20 amps each, and 4 of them are capable of 35 amps each. Each panel measures 2″ by 4″ and fortunately it is weatherproof. It features a Bluetooth transmitter so that you can control your system remotely from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Features Of Switch Panels

Both Spod and Switch Pro have amazing switch panel features. Spod’s updated switch panel is equipped with 8 switches. The panel connects to the source using an Ethernet cable with an RJ-45 plug at both ends. An Ethernet cable of 10 feet will be used. A sequence of On/Off quickly can be programmed for each switch for Strobe or Flash. When the panel is unplugged, the automatic system shuts down.

In addition to the LED indicator light, the pilot light is also available in Green, Red, Blue, or Amber. There will only be a single color switch. A separate push button controls the lower pilot light’s power. You can control up to 32 circuits with up to 4 Spod Source SEs. There are two integrated ports on the CAN-Bus controller.


Spod’s bluetooth functionality is also integrated to allow for remote operations. Protection against overheating, overcurrent, short circuits, field collapse and reverse polarity is also provided. Additionally, two switches can be locked out for safety and ignition control. It is possible to program switches for dimming, strobing, flashing, switch linking and momentary. Mobile apps are also available for on-road and off-road operations.

With Switch Pro, you can set up the switches in many different ways. There are buttons that can be controlled for on-off or momentary operation, ignition or battery input, strobing or flashing and memory functions. Using the master mode, you can control multiple outputs at once. In addition to this, a low voltage shutoff protects your battery. Anyway, you can choose the color of the backlit panel to match your vehicle or personalize it.


There are eight circuits in Spod, all of which are rated at 30A using 12.5 VDC. Ethernet cables can be connected to both controllers, and low-voltage cut-off battery protection is integrated with override capabilities. Inactivity or no engine running for 6 hours results in automatic power off (Deep-sleep mode).

Featuring the Blue Sea 6 circuit fuse block, the Switch Pros Power Tray is also a handy piece of kit. It allows you to add wire in any accessory that would otherwise be impossible or difficult to power using your Switch Pros, increasing the system’s capacity. As an example, you can now turn the lights under the hood and on the cargo area with an outside switch. That means you no longer have to run inside the cab to do so.

Price Range

Spod Vs Switch Pro, what’s the best? What else is needed but a Spod or a Switch-Pros? The answer is money. It may be possible to save $500+ by looking for an alternative to one of these popular switch panels. Compared to a 6 circuit Switch Pro at $550 and an 8 circuit Spod at $750, the switch install cost will be around $100.


Are Switch Pro Controllers good?

Among the best controllers in recent years, many consider the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to be the best. It comes with a killer D-pad, an NFC reader that can scan amiibos, motion controls, and rumble as well.

What is a Spod switch?

System Spod Source is flexible and scalable, allowing for a streamlined and easy installation. Up to 8 switches are available for accessories, such as lighting, air conditioners, and other electronic components. The power modules include integrated relays and fuses.

How do I connect to Spod?

If you’re using an Android device or an Apple device, search “Spod Bantam” in Google Play or iTunes. SPOD Bantam is a free app that you can download on your tablet or smartphone. You must turn on Bluetooth on your device for it to work.

Why is the switch Pro controller so reliable?

The Switch Pro controller comes with everything you need: controllers with comfortable grips, long-lasting 40 hours batteries, Bluetooth, motion controls and amiibo connections. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a great Nintendo Switch controller, even if it’s not perfect, and Nintendo Switch owners need this accessory.


Spod vs Switch Pro: both have unique advantages and features. If you use the Switch Pro to control accessories with a smartphone, you can turn them on and off regardless of whether Ignition Input or Battery Input has been programmed to ON. However, any option you select, you will be happy once it’s all installed perfectly. You may find that a clean engine bay wiring setup helps you sleep better at night without worry. The Switch-Pro would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for all in one switching solution.

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