Powerstop Brakes Vs. OEM: Must Know What’s The Right Choice?

Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s worth saving a few dollars by buying aftermarket brake when it’s time to replace your vehicle’s brake pads. In reality, you may actually end up spending more money on aftermarket brakes than you originally thought.

Comparing Powerstop Brakes Vs. OEM: Which one is better? You need to consider what type of vehicle you drive before choosing OEM or Power Stop brakes.

OEM brakes are recommended for luxury sedans and SUVs. Conversely, for compact cars, such as the Honda Civic, the Power Stop brakes would be more appropriate.

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A Comprehensive Comparison – Powerstop Brakes Vs. OEM:

Product Information

Power Stop is one of the most trusted brands in the brake market and is a leading brand in the automotive industry. More than 35 years have passed since Power Stop was founded. The company is particularly known for its quality, reliability, and durability. Drivers can stop faster and more safely with high-quality products from the company.

These manufacturers produce their brake pads and rotors using OEM brake brands, which are then sold at a discount to consumers. Even though Power Stop has been successful, OEM brakes are still more affordable than those produced by third parties.

In the future, choose OEM brake pads over Power Stop brands when you’re buying brake pads. However, Power Stop Brand is the perfect choice if you want the best products possible.

What Do They Stand For?

The term OE is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM is the mark of Original Equipment Manufacturer.

These are the pads included with bikes that aren’t original equipment producers. As a general rule, they are constructed with unique material and built better than pads from the original equipment manufacturer.

Safer Option

In addition to being made in the US and using American parts, Power Stop Brakes are safer than OEM brakes. They have a longer warranty than OEM brakes and use American made parts. Because the motor’s power helps the brakes work better, their brakes are less likely to fail.

By using Power Stop Brakes, your vehicle will stop more quickly compared to OEM brakes despite sacrificing performance and safety.

System Of Braking

With Power Stop, a vehicle can be stopped at less distance and with less effort than OEM braking systems using less weight and energy. Power Stop brakes are stronger than original equipment manufacturers’ models because high-performance materials are used.

In addition, they have been designed to handle well under cold weather conditions.

It depends on how both systems function, what they can do, and what they cost to determine which is more suitable for your vehicle.

Achieving Quality

Power stop brakes are an alternative to OEM brakes and operate by switching on a brake light. Among its many advantages are its efficiency, less cost, and ease of installation. Despite its simplicity, the power stop brake is extremely economical and easy to install. There are no special tools required for the installation. You will still be able to use your car after a mechanic has modified it.

In choosing brake pads, quality is undoubtedly a top consideration. All the parts you see on a brand-new car are original equipment manufacturers. OEM replacement parts match the original part exactly. As a result of the piece being designed and produced by the same brand that made your car, quality assurance is guaranteed.


Power Stop Brake, a performance brake manufacturer, doesn’t tolerate risks associated with metal finishing quality. A company founded in the late 1970s focusing on affordable, reliable, and high-quality products.

OEM brake pads are designed and composed differently from aftermarket brake pads. This is to make sure they work well with your Toyota’s OEM rotors. Despite being manufactured to exact tolerances, original equipment brake pads last a long time and won’t generate much dust.


The cost of replacing OEM brakes over time is high. However, power stop brakes can be replaced with more options since more components are available. It is better to purchase power stop brakes since they are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and are available in a greater selection of components.

In addition to these benefits, they are easier to install and perform better. The brake pad can also be easily replaced when necessary. Unlike traditional rotor and disc replacements, you won’t have to look for a replacement part for hours.

Color Option

If you want your truck or pickup to stand out from the others, the color and finish should reflect your personality. There are various colors and finishes to choose from when purchasing Power Stop Brakes.

The colors you can choose include red, black, blue, silver, gray, white, gold, and so many others. Because power stop brakes can be mounted in a wide variety of colors and finishes, they’re a better choice than OEM brakes. These brakes also have higher stopping power and are easier to install.


In spite of being a top brake manufacturer, Power Stop Brakes do not offer factory warranties. OEM brake pads offer a lifetime warranty and cost less than Power Stop brakes.

The warranty on this product is for 1 year after purchase and 12000 miles of use, whichever occurs first, and it covers both materials and workmanship. Power Stop LLC is not responsible for the misuse, abuse, improper application, improper installation, or any accidental damage caused by its products.

Powerstop Brakes Vs OEM: What’s The Better One?

Choosing OEM vs Power Stop Brakes comes down to personal preference. Power stop brakes tend to be more reliable, but OEMs can be more expensive.

Most often, OEM brake pads are always more costly than aftermarket brake pads, but they provide better performance and fit. Brake pads from Powerstop are a cost-effective option that performs at the same level as OEM pads and is covered by a lifetime warranty as well.


Are Powerstop brakes worth it?

Although the product is designed to withstand harsh conditions, it still provides good performance. The brakes produce little noise & work well. Additionally, the pads are very easy to install and dust free.

Are aftermarket brakes as good as OEM?

Aftermarket pads can often perform just as well as OEM pads, most of the time isn’t. Avoid wasting money on them.

How long do PowerStop brake pads last?

Under the 3-year and 36,000-mile warranty, disc thickness variations are not covered, as evidenced by brake pulsations.


Powerstop Brakes Vs OEM: Which should you choose? Generally, drivers prefer original equipment brakes, but the best power stop brakes are becoming more popular. Compared to OEM brakes, power stop brakes are safer and more reliable.

A power stop brake is a hydraulic disc brake that is mounted on your vehicle. The installation of these brakes is more convenient than that of OEM brakes and takes less time.

Since power stop brake systems offer more safety benefits than OEM brakes, OEM brakes have largely been replaced by power stop brake systems in recent years. Now, you should pick your desired one by considering choosing factors.

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