7440 Vs. 7443 LED Bulb: Which One Is More Protected?

7443 LED bulbs are the same in appearance, and the only difference between them is the filament. 7443 has dual filaments, which are mainly used in front turn signal lights, brake lights, and tail lights. 7440 bulbs have only one filament, which is mainly used in rear turn signal lights and backup lights.

These two bulbs are frequently regarded as identical because of their similar labeling schemes and application situations. There are a few peculiarities, though, that make each turn signal bulb ideally equipped for specific purposes.

7440 Vs 7443 LED Bulbs: what to pick over others? They are also used in a variety of other places on your car. For example, while rear turn signal lights utilize 7440 bulbs, front turn signal lights utilize 7443s. Keep reading my comprehensive understanding of bulbs to help you figure out the ideal option for your purposes if you are still undecided, which bulb to purchase.

7440 Vs. 7443 LED Bulbs: Brief Comparison

There are quite a few differences that you need to keep in mind or at least know beforehand to buy the one you will need.

7440 LED Bulbs 7443 LED Bulbs
Single filament bulbsDual filament bulbs
Used in rear turn signal lightsUsed in front turn signal lights
Also used as reverse lights in some sedansAlso seen in front parking lights
Cannot be fitted into a 7443 socketCan be fitted into a 7440 socket
Will stay lit if you turn on your headlightsWill only light up if you put on your turn signals

7440 Vs 7443 LED Bulbs: Elaborated Difference And Options

There are two series for your option L series and T series. The T series consists of a built-in Resistor. They have optional colors available; switchback, amber, and red. At the same time, the L series has no built-in resistor. They provide optionally; colors in switchback, white, amber, and red. 

Design Of L Series And T Series

Please note that the 7440 and 7443 are the same LED bulb in the L series. The white LED bulbs are mainly used as parking lights, backup lights. However, you could also use them as turn signal lights, brake, or tail lights (if the plastic cover is yellow or red).

The red bulbs are usually used to replace the rear turn signals, brake lights, and tail lights. The amber bulbs are for front-rear turn signal light or side marker light. Note, if you use 7443 switchback or amber LED bulbs to replace front, rear turn signal lights, the load resistor is required.

The T series is designed with a built-in load resistor which is specially made for turn signal lights, anti-hyper flash error-free. It has three colors; amber, switchback, and red. Switchback is for red turn signals, and amber is for rear turn signals. The red LED bulb is used to replace the rear turn signal light, brake light, or tail light.  


Both the bulbs have very good longevity, approximately about 10-12 years. Once they are instalLED, they are good to go for a long time. So when you are getting such high-quality LED bulbs, you should completely go for it. Although the 7443 bulb provides more options and variables, it will prove to be a very good choice in the long run.

Properties Of The LED Bulbs

  • They are mostly super bright with a 360-degree lighting angle design.
  • They do not have any blind spots, 300% brighter than stock lamps.
  • Contains the latest LED technology. 
  • There is no flickering or UV light Emission & no IR radiation.
  • They are very plug-and-play installations.
  • They have high-quality Aluminum bodies.
  • Generates very low temperature as they consume lower power consumption leading towards long-lasting life up to 50,000 hours.
  • They have an adjustable adapter design with a unique cover-less dual ball-bearing fan.
  • They are usually five to six times brighter than stock halogen.


7440 Vs 7443 LED Bulbs: Which One To Choose?

You have to also keep in mind that all the t series LED bulbs are not compatible with all vehicles because of the complicated trip computer inspect system which still causes hyper flash or error code. In this case, you can choose the L series and load resistor. If you are not sure which LED bulbs will fit your vehicles, you can simply ask a professional before buying. 

How Do The 744o And 7443 Bulbs Behave Differently?

Both lights behave differently based on human involvement when used in turn signal installations. For example, when you use 7440 bulbs, they will stay lighted even when your headlights are turned on. 7443 bulbs, on the other hand, only light up when one uses their turn signals.
In my perspective, because of its periodic flashing, 7443 bulbs have an added benefit over 7440 bulbs when utilized as turn signal bulbs.

Can These Two Bulbs Be Used Interchangeably?

After testing a range of possibilities for these bulbs, professionals have concluded that, due to the various shapes and sizes, a 7443 bulb will only fit into a 7440 socket, but the same things cannot be done with a 7440 bulb.
If your automobile requires a 7440 bulb, you will likely be better off utilizing a 7443 bulb with some minor bulb foundation and connecting adjustments. This improves transparency, efficiency, and protection because other drivers can immediately see your flickering turn signals.

Are Both 7440 And 7443 LED Bulbs Identical To One Another?

Both the bulbs behave and look very similar, which is why they can be said identical. A 7443 is a replacement for a 7440, as it comes to a few more color options and socket options. Usually, when a user with 7440 changes their bulb, they switch to 7443. This is irrespective of how they look.
You will get almost the same performance in terms of durability. But the 7443 can be more effective while using. Because it’s light and flash is not harsh and has a very quick response.

Why Do These LED Bulbs Last So Long?

LEDs have a substantially lengthier lifespan than incandescent light bulbs since they are up to 90% more efficient. This is since they do not have any functional component that will wear out or malfunction over time. As a result, they will live significantly further than standard light bulbs and last way longer.


7440 Vs. 7443 LED Bulbs: overall, both the bulbs have very high-quality performance. You will no longer have to worry about malfunctioning or driving in the dark. These flights will give you a clear driveway. You will be very satisfied with the longevity as the life span is long. Because of this, the rearview camera can be used easily. Many users have faced issues that they face difficulty while using the rear camera. But with the LED bulbs, this problem can be solved for a long time.

These 7443 bulbs do not primarily offer two filaments for increased luminosity and resolution, but they can also be adapted into preexisting 7440 sockets. Furthermore, they only switch on and flicker when your turn signals are turned on, rather than staying on when your headlights are turned on.

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