Denso vs. NGK Spark Plug: Which One Makes Your Car Faster?

Almost all vehicles rely on spark plugs to function. A vehicle’s engine runs only with quality spark plugs. Consumers often pit NGK spark plugs against Denso spark plugs because of the numerous available brands.

What is better, NGK or Denso, as far as spark plugs? Which ones offer better value for money? Check out the Denso Vs. NGK Spark Plug comparison and decide which spark plug is right for you.

Both Denso and NGK spark plugs are known for their durability and longevity. Choosing the best brand to put in your car is not only a matter of knowing which type is best. Here’s how they compare!

In-Short Comparison Between Denso Vs NGK Spark Plug

Regarding the question of which is better, Denso or NGK? The best way to find one that fits your needs is to look at the features and performance capabilities of each product. We’ll look at these shortly.

Denso Spark PlugNGK Spark Plug
Made from iridiumAlso crafted from iridium
Weighs only 5.3 ounces and has a discrete profile Weight just 2.4 ounces
Perfect for LPG enginesFeaturing long insulator nose to prevent fouling
Does not wear electrodesConsisting of fine iridium wires
Iridium laser welding 360 degreesGas leakage is minimal
With a revolutionary “Twin-Tip” designThe thread has a silver or chrome finish
High temperature and pressure resistancePre-gapped NGK spark plugs are available in abundance
Less expensivePrices are higher than others spark plugs

In-Depth Comparison Between Denso Vs NGK Spark Plug:

The choice comes down to personal preference, as both NGK and Denso make excellent spark plugs. Even though you may prefer one brand over the other, both are reliable spark plugs that are durable, long-lasting, and feature advanced technology.

Denso Spark Plugs

A Denso spark plug is made from iridium and is long-lasting. Iridium is a much stronger metal than most other spark plug materials. Denso spark plugs are similar to their ordinary counterparts at first glance. If you look closely, you will notice that the iridium makes them appear a bit shinier than others.

There are 4 spark plugs in one Denso spark plug box. There is a box for each spark plug and a single larger box holds all 4.

NGK Spark Plugs

Also made from iridium, NGK Plugs are ideal for drivers who want optimum performance from their cars. Despite their price, they are durable and sustainable and are worth the cost. Modernized vehicles and automobiles of the future require spark plugs crafted with “state- of- the- art” technology.


It’s important to know what each spark plug type has to offer before we start our “match” between NGK and Denso. This will help you make the best choice. NGK and Denso spark plugs are both made from iridium-coated metal. It is not as conductive as copper, but lasts much longer and is more temperature-resistant.

Additionally, it costs 4-5 times more than platinum. Aside from that, they require less maintenance since they only need to be examined every 3-6 months. 


Denso spark plug made from iridium provides maximum ignition power and reduces heat loss for fast flame growth. Spark plug life and ignition efficiency are greatly improved due to their small electrode diameter. DENSO custom products are known for their quality and structural integrity.

NGK’s iridium spark plugs are superior to OEM, G-Power, V-Power, and Standard plugs in terms of performance. Each of these plugs is for the everyday consumer, for street racers, professional racers, and for anyone with interest in automobiles. A longer insulator nose prevents fouling of this spark plug as well. Additionally, corrugated ribs of the insulation prevent flashover.


Despite iridium’s lower performance, its longevity is unsurpassed. The average copper spark plug is estimated to last for over 20,000 miles. With an iridium spark plug, you should be able to count on it to last up to 40,000 to 60,000 miles. The last word is this: compared with others, Iridium spark plugs really last longer and deliver enduring performance as well.

An In-Depth Look At Denso Spark Plugs:

  • Iridium is welded in 360 degrees on Denso spark plugs.
  • By combining this technology with Iridium, you can enjoy enhanced acceleration with minimal misfires.
  • A Denso spark plug also offers both reasonable voltages and high ignitability.
  • Denso spark plugs can also reduce heat loss, while their design provides smaller electrode diameters, enhancing ignitability.
  • While Denso spark plugs are more expensive, their performance is worth it.
  • In addition to the unique “Twin-Tip” design, Denso also includes metals Platinum, Titanium, and Titanium.
  • It is made from a strong platinum alloy – making it possible to reduce the 1.1mm tip diameter and maintain the plug’s life.

An In-Depth Look At  NGK Spark Plugs:

  • Spark plugs from NGK feature trivalent plating.
  • The trivalent coating on a thread provides chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and moisture resistance.
  • Coatings also serve as release agents when spark plugs are removed.
  • Although most NGK spark plugs arrive pre-gapped, there may be times when you need to adjust the gap.
  • Hence, you should be extra gentle and careful to prevent breaking or bending of fine wire electrodes.
  • The Pin Gauge Gap Tool is what NGK suggests you use for measuring the gap.
  • When adjusting the gap, make sure you apply a tool that allows you to safely circle the electrodes without prying against them or between them.

Denso Vs. NGK Plug: Which Is The Goodest?

There isn’t much difference in the performance of NGK and Denso spark plugs since they are both iridium plugs. Denso spark plugs are found in almost every Japanese automobile model. Their iridium is exceptionally dense. These plugs shrink more in diameter than NGKs. Due to this, Denso’s plugs may not last as long as NGK’s, but they will generate more powerful sparks. Finally, the decision is up to you on which kind of vehicle you are riding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best spark plug for performance?

“Iridium” High performance, long-lasting spark plugs are often considered the best. There’s a 25% longer lifespan with iridium than platinum, but they are typically more expensive too.

Which spark plugs are best for fuel economy?

5 Best Spark Plugs for Better Gas Mileage & Performance
NGK G-Power Spark Plugs.
NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs.
Bosch Double Platinum Spark Plugs.
Denso Platinum TT Spark Plugs.
Motorcraft Platinum Spark Plugs.

Where are Denso spark plugs made?

Spark plugs made by DENSO are only manufactured in Japan, China, Indonesia, or the United States of America as well.

Do NGK iridium spark plugs need a gap?

Usually, Iridium Powered plugs don’t require gapping. Whenever re-gapping an Iridium Power Plug, be careful as faulty gapping could damage or weaken the porcelain center electrode.

A Word Of Hope

The spark plug has become a much more vital component as time has passed. Plugs from Denso and NGK are both suitable for a wide range of vehicles– from light automobiles to heavy duty trucks. In this choice between Denso Vs NGK Spark Plug, the first is the better choice if you are concerned about horsepower.

However, it only represents a portion of the increased power. Anyway, NGK is your best option if you want reliable, long-lasting service at a reliable price.

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