Do You Know Who Makes Icon Tool Boxes? (Answer Explained)

You always need some tools to assist you in repairing and constructing things. But not all of the tools comes in high-quality or last long. If you want stylish, fully-features and quality tool box, Icon is the brand here.

Icon is famous for its tool storage. They are one of the top brands which provide a bundle of tools altogether

But who makes Icon Tool Boxes? Is this brand really good or worth buying? Let’s find out all about its brand and manufacturing details here in the article below.

Who Makes The Icon Tool Boxes?

Harbor Freight Tools is the manufacturer of Icon Tools. They have been making all sorts of products for Icon tool storage since the beginning.

Harbor Freight Tools also distribute the Icon Tool Boxes all over the world. The tools that they make have made their customers satisfied due to the high quality. The products also come at low prices.

Where Are Icon Tool Boxes Made?

The Icon tools are made in China. The tools are also being manufactured in Taiwan. It is a common belief that China produces bad products. But fear not, the Icon tools are crafted precisely with professional craftsmanship.

The Harbor Freight Tools have its headquarters in the United States. It is situated in Calabasas in California. They also have stores in 48 states in the United States.

Are Icon Tool Boxes Any Good?

The most common question about the Icon Tool Boxes is whether they are good enough for you or not. The manufacturer assures you that they provide the best tools in the market.

Harbor Freight Tools are designed for perfect precision. They are strong and durable even under tremendous pressure. They will provide you the top-notch performance just as your wish.

If you compare their product with other brands, their tools are worth your penny. You cannot get the amount of precision they provide at such a lower price. Since they also provide a lifetime warranty, I can assure you that their products are good.

About The Manufacturers:

Harbor is a discount tool and retailer. Their headquarters are in California. They operate their retail stores, e-commerce business, and mail orders from there. The company has over 20,000 employees in the United States. They also have more than 1,200 stores in 48 states in America.

Allan Smidt and Eric Smidt, a duo of father and son has started the Harbor Freight and Salvage in 1977. Their operation started in a small building which was situated in North Hollywood in California.

Harbor Freight only started as a mail-order tool business in their early times. They only dealt with returned and liquidated merchandise. But they have changed their name to Harbor Freight Tools as their business grew larger and larger.

Eric Smidt became the president at the age of 25 in 1985. He remained in the position until 1999. After that, he became the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company.

The net worth of the company is about 5 billion as of 2018. They have been providing quality tools for over 40 years. They have manufactured products from hand tools, generators to air and power tools. They also produce shop equipment and automotive tools. Harbor Freight Tools offer you more than 7,000 tools and accessories. They have exceeded their competitors, not to mention, with prices that are up to 80 percent less.

What Are the Types Of Icon Tool Boxes Available? 

Icon Tool Boxes gives their customer the best whether those are hand tool, storage systems, or high specialty tools. I am listing some of the best tools you can get from the market.

Icon Screwdriver Set:

The Icon screwdriver set is one of the most common Icon tools. The specifications are:

-Oversized ergonomic grip.

-Mechanical grips for a perfect fit.

-Bolster of screwdriver’s shaft.

-Polished S2 steel shank.

-Chemical resistant and easy to clean.

Icon Ratchets:

This is one of the newest Icon tools which gained huge popularity for the gold color.

-24k gold plated.

-Professional low profile head design.

-90 tooth gear mechanism.

-Tight 4-degree ark swing.

-Corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

-Comfortable grip and polished chrome finish.

Icon Sockets:

The Icon sockets are one of the best ones you can get your hands on. The specifications include:

-Premium chrome vanadium steel.

-High polish finishing.

-Resistant to corrosion.

-Easy to clean.

-6 point design for maximum torque.

-Chamfered sockets and thin wall design.

-Various sizes.

Iron Wrenches:

The Iron wrenches provide you the best performance with good precision.

-Nonslip grip and comfortable.

-12 point box ends.

-Premium chrome vanadium steel.

-Chrome polished finishing.

-Corrosion and rust-resistant.

-15 degree offset knuckle.

Icon Torque Wrench:

These wrenches are best for use when precise torque is needed. The details are:

-Pawl mechanism.

-Heavy-duty cam.

-90 tooth gear mechanism.

-Easy to read markings.

-Clear click to prevent over-torquing.

-Different sizes.

Where To Buy Icon Tool Box? 

You can buy the Icon Tool Boxes from over 1200 stores. You can also buy them online from their online store. But the storage systems are only available for in-store purchase.

The company provides you a store locator to find the nearest stores from your residence. You can easily find their stores if you visit this link.

What is The Best Icon Tool? 

The best tool that Icon provides is the Professional Mechanic’s Screwdriver set. It includes a total of 8 screwdrivers. The set has an oversized ergonomic grip for applying maximum torque. You can get a perfect fit for precision machined magnetic tips.

The S2 steel shank is excellently polished which extends through the handle. It provides you unmatched durability. The icon screwdrivers can take the harshest chemicals.

The shanks are polished which can be easily cleaned after you are finished. The screwdrivers provide you a premium storage tray for organizing. You can be relieved to hear that they offer a lifetime warranty.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Icon Tool Boxes? 

There are a few options for you if you want to buy another toolbox instead of the Icon Tool Box. The best alternative that is available to you is the DEWALT Toolboxes, GearWrench Steel Toolboxes, Craftsman Steel Toolboxes, and Akro-Mils ProBox Toolbox.

You can find these toolboxes in their respective stores available in the whole world. You can also buy them from online stores such as eBay and Amazon.


If you are a mechanic, then this is the perfect toolbox for you. The tools that are provided in the box are not only perfect for beginners but also the professionals. Harbor Freight has satisfied over 40 million customers in their lifetime with their magnificent products. Their obsession is the quality. They guarantee you 100 percent satisfaction with a lifetime warranty and return policy. So, Harbor Freight Tools is the place to go to get the Icon Tool Boxes for all your tool needs.

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