Do You Know Who Makes Klutch Tools? (Answer Explained)

Klutch offers more than 1,300 hand tools, and each of these tools is specially designed to deliver long-lasting performance along with a lifetime guarantee backup. 

But do you know who makes Klutch tools or where the actual production takes place?  

In this very article, let’s find out the answers and discover more interesting facts about these exceptional tools brand and its manufacturer as well-

Who Makes Klutch Tools?

Klutch is a privately labeled brand owned by Northern Tool + Equipment. 

Interestingly, all the Klutch hand tools and equipment are originally manufactured by Northern Tool + Equipment.  

That is why Klutch tools are commonly referred to as Northan tools too.   

Where Are Klutch Tools Made?

Neither the name brand nor the manufacturing company has specifically mentioned where the actual production of all Klutch tools takes place, so it is difficult to reveal the exact location details.

However, Northern Tool + Equipment has manufacturing facilities in Faribault, Minn and its headquarters are in Burnsville, Minn. 

Therefore, we can assume that the production of Klutch tools also takes place around those areas.

Are Klutch Tools Any Good?

Klutch has been a prominent and trusted brand for providing professional-quality power tools, air tools, hand tools, flashlights, welders, and other equipment for over decades.

Many professionals, mechanics, and freelancers have been using these tools for years because these tools minimize the effort one needs to put in the repairing tasks, which eventually saves the time and energy of the user

While considering any Klutch tools or equipment, you do not have to worry about the pricing since all the products are available at affordable prices

Even if you compare the price and quality with some other competitor brand’s product, you will notice these tools are pretty cheap.

All Klutch brand products work best for different purposes, and all you need is to choose the right one according to your preference and requirements.

About The Manufacturer Of Klutch Tools:

Northern Tool + Equipment is also commonly known as Northern Tool and is a manufacturer and retailer of light industrial tools or equipment. 

Initially, the company was founded as Northern Hydraulics by Don Kotula when he started selling log splitters out of his garage in 1981

But soon, that name was replaced by Northern Tool + Equipment. 

Northern tool company is also the owner of several private label brands such as Klutch, NorthStar, Powerhorse, Gravel Gear, Strongway, Ultra-Tow, Roughneck, Bannon, and Ironton. 

In 1991, Northern officially started their manufacturing business while launching its first private label brand NorthStar

Northern manufactures a wide range of industrial and repairing tools, including sprayers, pumps, log splitters, pressure washers, air compressors, generators, welding equipment, hydraulics, small engines, and others. 

Currently, Northern operates two manufacturing facilities along with four distribution centers. 

In 2008, Northern tool company launched a website and mail order catalog, which was named after the founder Don Kotula.

Since January 2021, Northern Tool+ Equipment company has 120 retail locations and stores in 22 states.

What Are the Types Of Klutch Tools Available?  

Klutch tools and equipment brand by Northern Tool + Equipment has several categories of products so, let’s have a glance at the wide range of Klutch tools here-

  • Klutch Air Tools + Compressors:

Under this particular category, Klutch offer Air Compressor Parts and Maintenance sets, Air Compressors, Air Hoses, Fittings & Air Hose Reels set, Air Tools & Accessories, Compressed Air Piping & Accessories and even impact Sockets sets.

  • Klutch Automotive:

Under this category, Klutch offers Auto Body Repair sets, Automotive Engine Repair Tools, and also Parts Washers. Consumers can also choose based on their budget ranges since Klutch also have different options based on different pricing ranges.

  • Klutch Construction:

Under this specific category, Klutch offers Cement & Mortar Mixers, Concrete Pouring & Curing sets, Concrete Saws & Blades as well the Surveying & Measuring Tools.

  • Klutch Farm + Acreage:

Klutch offers pillers under this category.

  • Klutch Hand Tools:

It is the widest range and popular category of the Klutch tools brand. Under this category, Klutch offers various products such as Anvils, Chisel, Punch &Stamp Kits, Hammers, Hand Saws, Hex & Star Tools, Hook & Pick Sets, Ratchets & Handles, Socket Sets, Wrenches and many more.

  • Klutch Metal Fabrication:

Klutch offers Band Saws & Accessories sets, Lathes with Accessories, Metal Fabrication Accessories, Milling Machines with Drill Presses, Pipe with Bar Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Shop Presses.

  • Klutch Power Tools:

Klutch also offers various power tools such as Drill, Drill bits & Accessories, Grinders with Accessories, Impact Tools, Saw Blades, etc.

  • Klutch Storage + Organizers:

Klutch offers Tool Bags & Belts and Tool Boxes with Chests under this category.

  • Klutch Welding:

Klutch offers various welding tools, kits, and Accessories under this particular category.

  • Klutch Woodworking:

Klutch offers Welding Blankets, Welding Clamps & Pliers set, Welding Hand Tools & Gauges, Welding Magnets and Welding Screens, Curtains + Strip Doors.

Where To Buy Klutch Tools?  

Besides all the authorized auto parts and accessories shops or retailer stores of Northan’s Klutch brand, you can also purchase these tools from their online stores as well other eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay.

What Are The Best Klutch Tools?  

Let’s have a glance at some of the top-rated and bestselling Fleetguard products of Klutch brand:

  • Klutch MP230SiDV LCD MIG Welder with Multi-Processes, Spool Gun, LCD Display and Dual-Voltage Plug
  • Klutch PFC700 Dual-Voltage Plasma Cutter — Inverter, 120V/230V, 45 Amp Output
  • Klutch Welding Contact Tips — 5-Pack, .035in., Tweco Style 1
  • Klutch Plasma Cutter Nozzles — 3-Pk
  • Klutch Carbon Felt Welding Blanket — Black
  • Klutch Flux-Cored Welding Nozzle — For MIG Torches

What Are The Best Alternative Of Klutch Tools?  

If you are looking for the best alternative options instead of choosing Klutch tools, you can pick tools or equipment from Makita, Milwaukee, or DeWalt tool brand.


Klutch tools are specially designed to provide superior rust resistance and offer a longer product life. That is why these tools are the favorite assistant for many general and professional users. 

Since not everyone knows who makes these exceptional industrial and repairing tools, I have tried to answer that question with other related details in today’s article.

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