Do You Know Who Makes Powermate Generators? (Ans Explained)

Powermate is a big lineup of domestic power products. They make different types of inverter generators, portable generators, and power equipment.

One of the superior companies that produce generators is the Powermate Generators. But who makes the Powermate generators? Let’s learn all about its brand and manufacturing details here in this article below.

Who Makes The Powermate Generators?

Pramac is the parent company of Powermate. It is a European brand. Powermate products are licensed under the copyright of Paramac.

The company Pramac offers much more than portable generators. The company also gets a few components from Honda and Yamaha. So, the best engine creators are included in the making of Powermate generators.

The generators have a radical design which is available in variants of both manual and electric starters. They use top-quality parts from Mitsubishi, Subaru, Yamaha, Honda, and so on.

Where Are Powermate Generators Made?

The Pramac Company is registered in the United States. Specifically, the Powermate generators are made in Long Grove situated in Illinois.

Pramac headquarters are in Italy. It is in Siena city which is Italy’s Tuscany region. They manufacture all of the products for their sub-company Powermate.

Are Powermate Generators Any Good?

Now, it is time for the question that you have been waiting to ask. When you are choosing a generator to buy, Powermate is one of the best brands that you should consider.

All the products that Powermate provides to its customers are superior in quality. The products are designed and tested by professionals. The engines of the generators are sourced from the top brands in the words. Honda and Yamaha are two of those brands.

So yes, you can put your trust and money in Powermate generators as it is in one of the top spots in the list of best generators of all time.

About The Manufacturers:

The manufacturer of Powermate Generators is Pramac. The company was originated in 1966 by the Campinoti family. They created a company called L’Europea which was a construction equipment company. Their main focus was only on the Italian market.

As years have passed, Pramac has expanded its activities in more and more sectors. These include the material and energy handling sector. Their brand had continuous growth on its global base. The company started to provide a wide and flexible product range for their customers. The customers are also happy to have satisfied their big spectrum of energy needs.

Pramac maintained its place in the marketplace with its high technological experience. The vertically integrated manufacturing process also ensured that the products are designed and delivered with the best quality.

Their goal is to give their customers high-performance generators. All of their resources and energies are dedicated to the most demanding markets.

The mission of Pramac is to offer the best value money can buy. They manage to do this with a strong strategic relationship with first-level component partners.

What Are the Types Of Powermate Generators Available?

Powermate is determined to provide its customers the best generators. There are two types of generators and a few types of power equipment they provide. These are described below with their details.

Powermate Portable Generators:

Powermate’s portable generator is the most famous product available in the market. These generators have wheels attached to them for portability.

-Enough power to start big appliances.

-Can power air conditioners, dryers, washers, and also refrigerators

-Most of the generators have a runtime that is near 7 to 8 hours at only 50 percent load.

-Has features like low oil shutoff and digital multimeter for monitoring maintenance intervals and runtime.

-Fuel gauge makes it possible to check gasoline levels.

-Hassle-free compact design.

Powermate Inverter Generators:

The Powermate Inverter generators are designed to throttle the engine to meet the demand instead of running full tilt all the time. It has improved efficiency which means you will not have to fill up the gas tanks as often.

-Produces lower emissions.

-Not as loud as portable ones.

-Has small fuel tank capacity. Also has low oil shutdown.

 -Can run for about 7 hours at only 50 percent load. Also has automatic voltage regulation.

-Weighs way less than portable generators.

-Can be connected with delicate devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Also has USB ports.

-Produces clean and safe power with less harmonic distortion.

Powermate Power Equipment:

Powermate has 3 kinds of power equipment for you. These are:

i. Pressure Washers: The pressure washers use a gas engine or an electric motor for pumping. Has fuel gauge to check tank level. It also has a long runtime of 120/240 Volts. Also have four outlets to run multiple devices.

ii. Log Splitters: The log splitters are famous for their powerful electric motor. It has a 5-ton splitting force. You can use them anywhere.

iii. Wood Chippers: The wood chippers have special features such as a 3-inch chipping guarantee, 212CC OHV generic engine, and oversized hoppers.

Where To Buy Powermate Generator? 

Powermate provides you the means of online, phone, and mail order. You can buy Powermate Generators online by following this link.

To order by phone, you may call toll-free at 1-888-440-5170.

To order by mail, you have to call to place your order. Then you have to send the mail check to the location which you can find here.

You can also buy the generators from online stores like Amazon and eBay.

What is The Best Powermate Generator? 

The best Powermate Generator is the Powermate 10000001790 2200-Watt Ultra Quiet Inverter Generator, PM2200i, Powered by Generac.

The features are:

-Stable power with low harmonic distortion.

-Compact and lightweight design with built-in hand.

-Low owl shutdown.

-Automatically adjusts engine speed.

-Fully enclosed case to limit sound.

-USB ports for electronics.

What Are The Best Alternatives Of Powermate Generators? 

Although Powermate gives you one of the best generators that you can find in the market, you might also want to look at their competitors for an alternative.

The brands that can give you great generators are Generac, Briggs & Stratton, Energizer, Winco, Westinghouse, and DuroMax. The generators provided by these brands perform greatly as they are also the top ones in the market.


A generator is a considerable investment if you want no disruption in your essential job. It can help you in emergencies. This is why you have to choose the best generators that you can get your hands on. Powermate is a trustworthy brand that gives its customers high-quality generators at a great price. So, I hope that after reading this article, you will consider buying from Powermate if you are looking for a generator.

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