Who Makes Motorcraft Spark Plugs? (Answer Explained)

Have you ever wondered who makes Motorcraft spark plugs?

Motorcraft spark plugs are products of Ford Motor company. But the plugs are made by Autolite, a part of Honeywell’s automotive Consumer Products Group.

It is important for you to know the owners, manufacturers, and the quality of Motorcraft spark plugs so that you can buy them with confidence and compare them with other similar products for a better user experience.

Who Makes Motorcraft Spark Plugs?

Motorcraft is a sub-brand of Ford Motor company. This brand focuses on making different types of car accessories and other machines. 

Thus, we can say Ford is the mother company and Motorcraft is the brand that sells the spark plugs. However, it doesn’t manufacture them. Motorcraft only distributes and sells these products.

Instead, the Autolite company makes these plugs for Motorcraft. Autolite is a big manufacturing company that makes different engine parts and are quite popular for their high-quality products. This company is a part of Honeywell’s automotive Consumer Products Group.

Where Are Motorcraft Spark Plugs Made?

It is not known in which factory of Autolite the Motorcraft spark plugs are made. but we can check the factories of Autolite and see where possible they can manufacture the spark plugs.

Autolite’s first-ever spark plug plant was built in Fostoria, Ohio. It was started in 1936 where it began manufacturing spark plugs. 

The headquarter of Autolite is in Lake Forest, Illinois. From here it controls several factories across the country.

Are Motorcraft Spark Plugs Any Good?

Motorcraft spark plugs are one of the top-tier spark plugs available in the market. You can check different products but this spark plug is a reliable, durable, long-lasting, high-performing one that you won’t find in many other brands’ products.

Reliable productivity and excellent combustion:

The operation of spark plugs is critical to the functioning of a combustion system. Many performance concerns can be resolved simply by changing a spark plug. It’s likely that your spark plug isn’t working properly if your combustion system isn’t working properly. 

In that case, the Motorcraft spark plugs will give you a reliable product and operational combustion system.

Saving bucks:

According to The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, misfiring spark plugs can decrease fuel economy by up to 30%. But the Motorcraft spark plugs will provide you no misfires and steady performance for a long time. Thus, it will increase fuel economy greatly.

Smooth starts:

Motorcraft spark plugs help in smooth starting. These spark plugs are reliable in performing amazingly when you need to start the car. Unlike many other spark plugs that cause disturbance while starting the engines, Motorcraft will provide excellent performance.

Durable and long-lasting:

People like to invest money one durable and long-lasting products that can provide top-level services. And Motorcraft is the brand that sells spark plugs that can outperform other brands in durability with a great material build that can last for a very long time!

About The Manufacturer

If I have to talk about the manufacturer of Motorcraft spark plugs then I can’t leave any of Ford, Motorcraft, or Autolite behind. It is an important part of knowing who makes Motorcraft spark plugs. So, let’s check the backgrounds of all three of them.

Ford Motor Company (often referred to as Ford) is an American multinational automotive company based in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Henry Ford created the company, which was formed on June 16, 1903. The Ford brand offers autos and commercial vehicles, whereas the Lincoln premium brand sells luxury cars. 

Ford also owns Troller, a Brazilian SUV maker, as well as an 8% interest in Aston Martin and a 32% share in Jiangling Motors in the United Kingdom. 

Furthermore, it has partnerships in China (Changan Ford), Taiwan (Ford Lio Ho), Thailand (AutoAlliance Thailand), Turkey (Ford Otosan), and Russia (Ford Otosan) (Ford Sollers).

In 1972, Ford established the Motorcraft auto parts division to offer replacement and original gear components. As Ford’s authorized parts brand, this brand took over from Autolite. 

Since then, Autolite has remained to be a brand name that is still in use today. Motorcraft was first introduced in the 1950s and was briefly phased out after Ford acquired the Autolite trademark and began using it as their principal auto parts brand.

Parts for Lincoln, Mercury, and Ford cars are now designed and manufactured by Motorcraft to fit perfectly. Some parts, like Motorcraft’s vast list of oil filter applications, are compatible with a wide range of makes and models that aren’t manufactured by Ford.

Ford would frequently pursue a contract manufacturer of certain equipment and collaborate with them to develop a version for sale under the Motorcraft brand. To be eligible for retail sales, these goods must fulfill Ford Motor Company’s quality requirements.

The Autolite story started in 1911 when two tiny firms started to make buggy lamps, and by the 1930s, the company had grown into a flourishing automobile components producer. 

However, the company’s history as a spark plugs producer dates back to 1935, when Royce G. Martin, President of the Electric Autolite Company, set up a lab to create the first Autolite spark plug. 

Robert Twells, a ceramic engineer, was in charge of the project and avidly investigated existing patents and ceramic insulator technologies. It only required a couple of months for the Electric Autolite Company to have a spark plug ready for marketing after hiring a few new draftsmen and employees.

What Are the Types Of Motorcraft Spark Plugs Available?

Motorcraft spark plugs are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including local and foreign automobiles and trucks of various sizes. 

There are different types of Motorcraft spark plugs available for different types of engines. You can pick the right one that is suited for your vehicle.

Where To Buy Motorcraft Spark Plugs?

Motorcraft spark plugs are available in various shops, stores or dealers. These are quite famous and because of their good quality and popularity, you will find them in all automobile parts shops.

You can purchase these online as well. 

What Are The Best Motorcraft Spark Plugs?

There is no good way to tell that this spark plug of Motorcraft is best. But here are some popular ones-

  • Motorcraft SP-479 Spark Plug:

Many Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars use traditional distributor-equipped and coil-on-plug combustion systems. It has a high melting point that reduces the risk of erosion.

  • Motorcraft SP-493 Spark Plug:

SP-493 is a genuine Ford part. Ford designed it, particularly for your car. Ford’s build quality remains uncompromised.

If a core charge is anticipated for a part, the customer will be notified.

  • Motorcraft SP-433 Spark Plug:

Long life, no misfires, decreased fuel consumption, and optimal emissions are all features of this spark plug. The performance and emissions of these spark plugs have been tested to Ford standards. It’s built to Ford’s exacting technical standards in terms of usefulness and longevity.

What Are the Alternative Of Motorcraft Spark Plugs?

There are few other brands that can compete with Motorcraft spark plugs. If you want to change to another brand you can check-

  • Denso Platinum TT Plug
  • NGK V-Power Spark Plug
  • ACDelco Professional Iridium
  • ACDelco Professional RAPIDFIRE


Motorcraft spark plugs are an excellent choice for any kind of vehicle. As you have now learned who makes Motorcraft spark plugs, you can clearly see that the manufacturer is a top brand that is capable of producing high-quality equipment.

This information will help you buy some great spark plugs that will be an excellent addition to your car.

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