Who Makes Troy Bilt Engines? (Answer Explained)

Troy Bilt has quite the fame in making some quality engines. These engines are great for daily use. However, the engines of Troy Bilt are not made by Troy Bilt itself!

Then, who makes Troy Bilt engines?

In this article, I shall unravel who is behind these engines. I will also talk about the engines and tell you if you should buy them or not. 

Who Makes Troy Bilt Engines?

The MTD Products is the owner of Troy Bilt and it is the company that makes the engines. 

Moreover, Troy-Bilt has engaged in a partnership with a large Asian manufacturing business, in which both companies use their engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities to develop a high-end overhead valve (OHV) engine.

Troy-Bilt will solely supply and maintain these engines under the Powermore engine brand. Powermore engines are premium small block engines with benefits that outperform rival engine types in many situations.

Thus, quality is unquestionable.

Where Are Troy Bilt Engines Made?

It is a bit puzzling to say exactly where the engines are made. No official statement was made on that. However, we can check where MTD Products make their engines.

MTD Products is headquartered in Valley City, Ohio, and has production facilities throughout the United States, including Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Troy-Bilt is deeply devoted to America’s communities, and they strive to produce the best goods for the people of the country.

However, the joint venture with the Chinese company has also come out great. As the manufacturing cost is quite cheap in China, Troy Bilt brings out some great engines within the budget. 

Are Troy Bilt Engines Any Good?

Troy Bilt’s Chinese Powermore engines are fantastic. They’re considerably quieter, more efficient, simpler to start, run better, and are far more dependable than the old models. The single most serious issue with any tiny engine nowadays is gasoline. Even ethanol-free petrol isn’t the same as it used to be.

Powermore engines not only deliver a strong performance but also excel in terms of fuel efficiency. A Powermore engine is equipped with high-quality materials and a unique design that allows it to compete in any situation. Furthermore, the Powermore engine is backed by a two-year warranty.

Let’s point out the best things about the engines-

Great performance:

The Troy Bilt engines can provide you great performance. They are made for giving the best output that anyone would want from lawnmowers. You can be assured of how smooth the engine works.

Dual-element air cleaner:

A dual-element is a self-cleaning air filter that is used to clear extremely filthy air. That way you can have a better, cleaner, and healthier engine.

Less noise:

With the Troy Bilt engine installed in your machine, you can use it and feel how little noise it produces. Isn’t that fantastic?

Everyone likes to use machines that make less noise and save your environment from sound pollution.

Efficient with fuel:

Saving your bucks by using less fuel is something that everyone needs. The Troy Bilt engines are here to help you out. These are quite fuel-efficient and can save some of your bucks by doing so.

Durable and High-quality material:

These engines are durable as you keep using them, they will keep working great without any external issues. These are made with high-quality materials as well.

Two-year warranty:

You will get a two-year warranty with the engines which is in a way of saving you from worrying about your machine. You can stay tension-free for a whole two years. Although, the engine will give good performance even after two years.

Budget engine:

As the engines are made in China mainly the cost is low. You can buy one for few bucks than spending a lot on other lawnmower engines. One of the benefits of buying less costly products is you can switch to a newer model when one comes out.

Bad side:

Despite all the benefits, sometimes you will miss the premium feel of the engines. Some users have found out some problems with the engines. Some had trouble starting the engine once it gets a bit older.

However, every product has pros and cons. Hence, I can say the Troy Bilt engines are quite good for the money.

About The Manufacturer

To know who makes Troy Bilt engines let’s talk about MTD Products first before we go to Troy Bilt. 

MTD Products is an American producer of mass-market outdoor power equipment. The firm, based in Valley City, Ohio, was founded in 1932 and is a mainly family-owned, private corporation, with Stanley Black & Decker owning 20%. It began as a tool and die manufacturer (Modern Tool and Die Company).

Grilles for Graham-Paige vehicles were the company’s first automotive stampings items in 1936. MTD joined the lawn and garden power equipment business in 1958 with the release of an 18″ power rotary mower.

MTD purchased Garden Way, along with the Troy-Bilt and Bolens brands, in 2001. And then it began producing low-cost lawn and garden tractors in 2007.

About the Troy Bilt, Troy Bilt’s origin may be traced back and over 80 years to the early stages of home gardening. Rototiller, which was the previous name of Troy Bilt, is a rotary tiller maker located in Troy, New York. 

In 1967, a trademark battle led to the name of their new tillers Troy-Bilt, as a nod to the fact that they were produced in Troy, New York.

Troy-Bilt LLC is a subsidiary of MTD Consumer Group, Inc., located in Valley City, Ohio, as of March 2015. 

In September 2001, Troy-Bilt LLC was created to administer the Troy-Bilt brand. When Garden Way, Inc. declared bankruptcy in July 2001, MTD purchased the Troy-Bilt and Bolens brands for $44.1 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Are The Types Of Troy Bilt Engines Available?

There are different types of Troy Bilt engines available with different machines.
You can buy engines for lawnmowers and Snowthrowers. You can get a variation from 79cc to 420cc or 547cc engines.

Where To Buy Troy Bilt Engines?

You can buy the engines in different stores where they sell MTD products or Troy Bilt machinery. You can get some online as well.

What Are The Best Troy Bilt Engines?

Troy Bilt makes the Powermore engines which are the best of their engines. The 79cc, 140cc, 420cc, and 547cc engines of Powermore are the best of them.

What Are Alternative Of Troy Bilt Engines?

The Troy Bilt is less expensive. However, they are not the best in the market. you can check Honda HRX217VKA 21, Briggs and Stratton 31R907-0007-G1, Kawasaki FJ180V-BM09 Engine instead if budget is not a problem for you.


Many of you may like a cheaper engine than buying an expensive one for gardening purposes. Hence, Troy Bilt is one of the best you can buy from the market. 

But before you buy something you should know about that. Thus, I have included all the things you need to know about Troy Bilt engines from who makes Troy Bilt engines to how good their engines are.

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