Who Makes Toro Engines and Where Are Made? (Ans Explained)

The Toro brand engines are more often than not, frowned upon. Because of the engines being produced in China. 

However, they offer a range of lawnmowers of superior quality. They easily beat poor engines such as Briggs and Stratton. 

This article has come to your rescue! I will discuss the origins of Toro engines and also tell you about the best ones out there.

Who Makes Toro Engines?

Most people don’t know Toro to be an engine-producing company. The ToroCompany is an American company. It designs and produces maintenance equipment such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, and irrigation system supplies. 

They provide a wide range of equipment that suit residential gardens, sports fields, and agricultural fields, public parks, golf courses etc. 

The company based in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota is deep in the mower business. During World Wars I & II, they also produced cannons and maritime mechanical parts.

Back in 1914, the company was founded. They had the sole purpose of building tractor engines for The Bull Tractor Company. The most widely used engine by Toro was the 2015 ZX engine of the Z series engines. 

Now that being said, Toro does not make it’s own engines!

The Toro engines are made by Loncin Corporation. It is a large company based in Chongqing, China that distributes worldwide. In USA, it is known as Loncin Inc. Ru Dong Zhu is the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board (as of 2020).

Where Are Toro Engines Made?

The Toro engines are made in China. The corporation that produces these engines, the Loncin Corporation is based in Chongqing municipality of China.

The company supposedly has no records of making its own engine. They do make their gas engines though. These gas engines have been used in some of their mowers such as: one-reel and three-reel mowers, sickle-bar mowers and lawn rollers. They do make some of their mowers though.

To put it this way, the engines are branded by Toro. But a large portion of the engines is manufactured and assembled in Chinese factories. ‘

Are Toro Engines Any Good?

Toro engines, such as the TORO V-Twin is a top-tier engine. But the upside is that those are inexpensive. Somewhat similar quality engines can be found at a much expensive price. They also come with a long time warranty. 

Moreover, Toro engine owners swear by its reliability, performance, and more control of speed. The convenient features just add the cherry on the icing. 

As the company has expertise in outdoor experiences, the engines perform outstandingly. If you operate Toro decks, the engines will match just the torque curve you need. 

Moreover, Toro ensures that their product line matches exactly with the design they come up with. These are some good engines that customers can rely on.

About The Manufacturer

The Toro Company has completed its 100th year in 2014. They maintain a strong agenda for producing high-quality, reliable and sustainable engines. 

Toro invaded the push mower market in 1948 with them acquiring the Whirlwind Corp. They continued selling those mowers under Whirlwind’s name for few years, until 1952.

They started becoming a full-blown garden equipment support company since 1970. Toro’s Chairman David Lily and president Al Conover (of that time) conceptualized the two-stage snow thrower line.

This broke the stereotype of mower companies being just mower companies. All are the blessings of those two heads of the company. They further bagged many patentable achievements in Toro’s reign. 

The Toro Company is widely known for its knowledge of outdoor equipment. They took under them the American Motor Corporations’ Wheel Horse Products Division in 1986. This further consolidated their market. 

Toro acquired many products and companies that only added a feather to their hat. This lead to 70% of their sales attributing from professional markets. This is a huge jump from what they were getting from professional markets back in 1990. 

As of 2019, they announced the acquisition of The Charles Machine Works for $700 million. It is the parent company of Ditch Witch and MTI Equipment and other brands.

What Are the Types Of Toro Engines Available?

The Toro Engines are available for

  1. Zero Turn Mowers
  2. Walk Mowers 
  3. Snow Blowers

There are ‘Single Cylinder’ engines and ‘V-Twin’ engines. The engines are available in 87cc, 99cc, 163cc, 212cc, 265cc and 302cc.

Where To Buy Toro Engines?

Online, Toro engines can be found on eBay. Many websites sell Toro engines. One of the reliable websites is this one.  

Moreover, Toro dealers can supply you with the engines. Just contact your local dealer. Use your search engine to look for dealers nearby. 

Your local sports shop, or equipment shop may also know a dealer such as this. 

What Are The Best Toro Engines?

The ZX engine is the most used engine by customers. It belongs to the Z lineup that Toro released back in 2015.

Over 1400 pieces of equipment were powered by this engine and sold by B T south back in 2020. 

ZX comes in 3 versions. The 22.5HP version, the 24.5HP version, and the 24.5HP version. The 24.5HP one comes with a canister air filtration system. The difference between these versions is their carburetors and air filter components.

What Are the Alternatives Of Toro Engines?

Toro engines are the most affordable engines close to a top-tier. However, you can consider the following engines to be the alternatives for Toro. 

Briggs & Stratton Vanguard:

This is a good engine. If you don’t want anything too fancy you can consider this one. 

Kawasaki FX:

This is their best series and amply produced too. 

The FR  series is their high-end residential engine. It can be considered as a muted-down version of the FS. However, it still has a solid engine. 

KOHLER Command Pro:

The Command series is the best of KOHLER. The hydraulic lifters of many of these models have discarded the need for any valve adjustment. 25% of the fuel can be saved with their closed-loop fuel injection system.


The Toro engines can be surprisingly well-performing! So it is obvious that we want to know more about the Toro brand. Their designs satisfy people with special requirements. 

In my opinion, they are a reliable, swift, and performing engine that you can get at a reasonable price.

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