Why Car Vent Selector/ Controller Not Working? (Cause & Fix)

Car vents help flow the air freely in and out of your car and provide a pleasant environment. To control the car vent, It comes with a selector that allows choosing different modes according to your need. But, Sometimes you’ll find few problems in selectors like any other component of vehicles. 

That might made you worried, and you may want to know why the car vent controller is not working or any possible solution for this? Yes, There have! In this dedicated article, I’ll explain to you what are the leading causes of this problem and some possible solutions.

What is the purpose of Car Vent Selector/ Controller?

The purpose of the car vent selector is simple. The car vent selector allows you to select different modes of car vent as fresh air mode or recirculation mode.

Generally, Recirculation mode use in hot summer. It ensures that the vehicle gets as cool as possible when you turn on the A/C.

How will I know Car Vent Controller Not Working?

You don’t need to be an expert mechanic to know whether your car vent selector is working or not. 

When you press the button of the vent controller, if it doesn’t change, that means your car vent selector has a problem.

Why Is My Car Vent Selector/ Controller Not Working?

In this section, You might know some common reasons why the problem arises. But, Before you do any mechanical task, wear a pair of protective gloves for safety reasons.

Jammed Issue:

This is the most common issue you’ll face with a car vent selector. Generally, The selector jammed one place for dust and debris. 

Vacuum line Issue:

Sometimes, The vacuum line causes this problem. The vacuum line doesn’t connect with the selector valve properly, which raises the problem. Also, It’ll happen due to broken or wrong cables. The temperature control doors and air vent always bind up, which creates this situation. 

In addition, If the vent is always blowing on the front vents and windscreen only when you press the selector button. This indicates that it has an issue in the vacuum line and might be a break in the line.

Mode Actuator Issue: 

The mode actuator control the car air vent system. This system indicates that the positions of the air vent and determine where the air blows out.

If any fault happens in the mode, you’ll notice that it is stuck in one place and can’t change the position. For this, the vent selector won’t work.

Fan selector issue:

Another cause that your car vent selector has a problem is that sometimes the fan speed selector works but the vent selector work just like a temperature selector.

Sometimes it’ll work fine, and sometimes it stuck into a position, and you need to cut off the fan to change it. In addition, You can hear that it is blowing hard, but the air is coming out very poorly.

How To Fix A Car Vent Selector/ Controller That’s Not Working?

Here you’ll get some easy fixes of the car vent selector, which I mentioned above.

Fix For Jammed Issue:

Yes, The easy solution is to clean the car vent. In most cases, it’ll solve this problem. In the future, To avoid this problem, you can use a cabin filter to prevent such stuck issues.

Fix For Vacuum Line Issue:

If it’s only a connection issue, just reconnect the valve with the vacuum line, which will solve the problem.

But, You’ll get in trouble if the cable broke. For this, You need to change the cord and replace it with the new one. Always Lube the cable contacts correctly will reduce the binding problem.

Fix For Mode Actuator Issue:

You can use a mode controller to diagnose the problem precisely. For this, you can get a “mode control servo motor” or other servo motors that allow you to check the issue.

First, You need to check manually whether the actuator is defective or not. For this, Manually move the diverter and take off the mode control servo.

If it moves when you change the mode, that means you need to change the faulty mode actuator.

Also, take help from the diagram to reassemble the vent selector actuator.

Fix For Fan Selector Issue:

You need to pull the dash to fix this issue. First, Removed the three screws that are used to holds the fan blower.

After removing those, you reached up through the door/diverter and the housing.  The airflow might be stuck due to the door has broken off the peg attached with it and fell down onto the top of the blower, which is the cause of airflow restriction. 

Now, You need to pull the door out from the bottom carefully and then put 3M 100% silicon on the side, which makes an obstacle to entering the air from the entering.

Then, Reassemble everything carefully and wait for 20 minutes. This might fix the issue.

Final Words

Car vent selectors allow you to control the airflow through the interior of your vehicle. If it faces any trouble, it doesn’t cause any severe problem of the vehicle but hampers the comfortable and pleasant drive. For this, You need to fix this as soon as possible.

I hope the article might help you to know some causes why the car selector is not working and how you can tackle such a situation.

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