Where Is The Location Of camshaft position sensor bank 1?

You are here because you are getting a warning light showing error codes like P0340 related to the camshaft position sensor. After researching online, you might know the code is related to the camshaft position sensor A bank 1. Now, you might want to know the purpose of the sensor and its location.

If the above statement is correct for you, then you are in the right place. I will explain to you what the camshaft position sensor bank 1 is and where it is located. You will also know what the sensor A and B means on Bank 1. 

Where Is The Location Of camshaft position sensor bank 1?

What is the camshaft position sensor bank 1?

The word “Bank” refers to the location of the camshaft position sensor. Generally, there are banks 1 and 2 available in the camshaft position sensor. Both banks 1 and 2 are doing a similar task but in a different place.

The bank 1 and 2 camshaft position sensors provide information about the camshaft’s rotation speed and position by combining working with the crankshaft. Generally, the bank helps to determine the location of the exact camshaft position sensor you are looking for.

For example, if cylinder 1 is in the exhaust stroke, then a correctly-timed camshaft known as Bank 1 will open the exhaust valves to allow the exhaust gases to escape. However, if it fails to properly operate, it will go through the error codes which mention the bank.

Camshaft position sensor bank 1 location

Here the bank is used to identify a specific side of the engine, a row of cylinders. You will find the location of Bank 1 to the side of the engine in cylinder 1. Cylinder 1 is located at the front of the most forward cylinder in the engine. On the other side of bank 1, Bank 2 is located.

So, you will find the camshaft position sensor bank 1 near cylinder 1. However, before you know the location of the bank 1 sensor, you need to know the engine type of your vehicle. If your vehicle has an inline engine, it means your vehicle has only one cylinder bank. So, you don’t need to determine the bank individually. 

However, if your vehicle engine is V-configuration, it comes with bank one and two cylinders. You will get the Bank 1 camshaft position sensor near cylinder number 1, depending on the car’s make and mode.

The location of the Bank 1 camshaft position sensor is manufacturers specific. Bank 1 can locate either the right or left side of the engine. The best way to check the location of the camshaft position sensor bank 1 is by checking the vehicle service manual.

For a perfect example, you can take the Ford v9 and chevy v8. Both have banks 1 and 2 CMP sensors, but the location varies according to the manufacturer. The Ford V9 CMP sensor cylinder 1 is located on the passenger side, whereas cylinder number 1 is on the driver’s side of the chevy v8s.

What does sensor A and B mean on Bank 1?

You already know that Bank 1 refers to the location of the CMP sensors. But, you might also notice some error codes mentioning sensors A and B. It means your vehicle has two sensors on each engine bank.

The reason for this dual sensor is DOHC technology. The two camshafts work for different purposes; one is for intake valves, and the other is for exhaust valves. For proper functionality, the dual camshafts engine needs a double camshafts position sensor. 

If you notice the “A” sensor on the error code, it means your vehicle has a problem with the camshaft sensor for the intake valves and the sensor located on the intake side of the cylinder.

 On the other hand, the B sensor refers to the exhaust valve camshaft sensor and is located on the exhaust side of the cylinder one head. And bank 1 refers to the cylinder number.

Are Bank 1 and Bank 2 camshaft sensors the same?

Most of the time, the camshaft sensors on banks 1 and 2 are the same. Bank 1 and 2 only refer to where the sensors are located. The sensors can locate to either side of the engine. You need to check the repair manual or ask a dealer the exact location of your vehicle bank 1 and 2.

Is Bank One an exhaust or intake?

If your vehicle comes with an exhaust and intake camshaft, it means it has two sensors in both banks. So, it doesn’t depend on whether it’s exhaust or intake. In Bank 1 and Bank 2, you will get both the exhaust and intake camshaft position sensors.

Is the bank one driver or passenger side?

It depends on the vehicle model and makes. Bank 1 refers to the sensor location with cylinder 1. It might be located on the driver’s or passenger’s sides. Most of the time, you will get it on the driver’s side. But don’t believe it blindly.


The camshaft position sensor is must-have equipment for proper vehicle functionality. If it gets defective, you need to scan it to fix the issue, and at that time, you might introduce it with sensor A, B and bank 1. 

I hope now you know what it means when it indicates you have a problem with bank 1 CMP sensor and where it is located.

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