How To Reset MAP Sensor? (2 Ways To Do)

If you replace your vehicle map sensor, the vehicle ECU will automatically detect and relearn the sensor. 

But, if the engine check light is still on, the vehicle cannot detect the new map sensor. The ECU gets the last saved data. 

Also, sometimes you get error codes regarding the map sensor. It might occur due to an electrical glitch. In this case, you need to reset your vehicle map sensor to fix the issue. 

How To Reset MAP Sensor?

Can You Reset a Map Sensor Yourself?

The resetting process is straightforward. So, you can easily reset a map sensor at home. But, if you replace the existing map sensor with the higher values sensor, the ECU will get the wrong reading. 

For this, proper tuning is needed to putting the correct values into the ECU. You need to contact a professional turner to do this task for you.

How to Reset MAP Sensor? 2 Ways To DO

If you get the manifold absolute pressure sensor error code even after changing the sensor, here are a few easy methods to reset the ECU, which eventually reset the map sensor. But, the method below will not work if the map sensor is faulty.

By disconnecting the battery

  1. Open the vehicle hood and locate the battery. Then, remove the battery’s positive and negative terminals.
  2. Then, you must wait around 30 minutes to drain the electronic power left on the vehicle. 
  3. Then, put back the negative and positive terminals. In this way, the computer will be able to relearn itself, and the check engine light will go out.

Using scanner tool

Step 1: Connect an OBD2 scanner tool to the vehicle. You will get the port below the dashboard. Then, turn on the scanner tool and the car.  

Step 2: Go to the “Diagnose” option and select your vehicle’s make and model. Then, go to the “Read Fault Codes”. If you get the map sensor-related codes, you need to check whether the map sensor is working or properly.

If you are sure that the sensor hasn’t any problem, go to the next step. Otherwise, you need to fix it first. 

Step 3: Then, go back to the menu and go to the “Clear Fault Codes” option and clear the codes. If there are no issues, the check engine light will turn off.


Do You Have To Reset ECU After Changing Map Sensor?

Most of the time, you don’t need to reset, calibrate, or reprogram the vehicle after replacing a map sensor. The reason is vehicle ECU automatically relearn everything eventually, like proper air or fuel ratio. 
But you should check the vehicle user manual to see whether manufacturers recommend reprogramming the vehicle or not. But if you still get the same error code, you should reset the car. 

Can You Bypass A MAP Sensor?

Yes, you can disable the map sensor. For this, you need to separate the sensor from the manifold. Then, insert a t-connector to the manifold hole to bypass the map sensor.

How Long Does It Take The Check Engine Light To Go Off After Replacing The Map Sensor?

If you don’t want to reset the map sensor and want to do the relearn process automatically, then you need to wait for around 30 minutes. During that time, the ECU will detect the new sensor and set up the values. 
If a sensor is replaced, the ECU will automatically self-compensate again. You can speed up the process by resetting the ECU.

Final words

You already know that resetting the map sensor isn’t necessary after replacing the sensor. But you still find the error code due to an electronic glitch or save data. 

For this, you need to reset the ECU, which works as a map sensor reset you already know from the above guide. 

I hope the article will help you to know how to reset the map sensor.

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