Raptor Liner vs. LineX: Detailed Bed Liner Comparison

Bed lining for your truck, jeep or car is a must to keep the bed fine and to work. You can go for drop-in bed lining, which is a plastic bed liner. But, the plastic bed liners are not made of very durable material. So, the spray–in bed lining becomes a necessity.

Talking about spray-in bed lining, the two standard and most useful bed liners come in – Raptor Liner and Line-X bed liner. Both Raptor Liner and Line-X are highly durable. Besides protecting your truck bed from stains, dents and abrasion, these liners would give a premium finish and longevity. 

So, without further delay, let’s get into Raptor Liner and Line-X bed liner details.

Comparison Chart – Raptor Liner vs. LineX

Raptor LinerLine-X Bed Liner
It comes in a kit with coating cans, hardener and sprayIt comes in a kit with coating cans, hardener and spray
Resists scratch and stainsDurable with dents and scratches
It doesn’t offer much sound filled up with cargoHas sound deadening technology
Protects the bed in different weatherProtects the bed with UV protection
Adheres firmly with the bedAdheres with the bed and offers a factory finish look
Less costly than Line-X More expensive than Raptor Liner
You can bed line with Raptor Liner by yourselfYou need to go to the professionals of Line-X to bed line with Line-X.

In-depth Discussion – Raptor Liner vs. Line-X Bed Liner

From the comparison chart above, we can get a quick view of both of the bed liners. Let’s figure out the detailed features of each one here.

Coating, Grip and Smoothness

Raptor Liner coating gives you a shiny black finish. The dried-out layer is smooth and provides a good grip as well. So, you don’t need to worry about the cargo shifting here and there in your truck bed while driving.

The coating finish of Line-X is more durable and professional. It holds a good grip and looks smooth and shiny. It is thicker than Raptor Liner, and the texture is different as well.

You can get a tint color bed line according to your need in Raptor Liner. Spraying the coating from a different distance and different textures can give you other textures and smoothness.

Scratch and Stain resistance

Both of the bed liners are scratch and stain-resistant. Where Raptor is suitable for regular bed line usage, Line-X is more durable for heavy-duty use. 

If you shift many heavy loads of wood or other heavy material, Line-X is the best suit for you. It is capable of preventing the bed from heavy scratches and stains. Also, Line-X can cope with different chemical liquids. 

If you want a durable bed lining but not for heavy-duty purposes, Raptor is the best suit for you. You can shift regular materials and stuff in the Raptor-coated bed without worrying about scratches and stains.

Soundproof technology

Raptor Liner and Line-X are both made with soundproof technology. When you drive the vehicle filled up with stuff on the bed, the bed liner prevents excessive abrasion. Thus, it controls noise and sound. 

As Line-X’s lining or coating layer is thicker, it works better in sound deadening than Raptor Liner.

Protection in different weather conditions

In sun or rain, in hot weather or cold weather, Raptor Liner and Line-X both work excellently in protecting the bed of your vehicle. With UV protection and Polyurea, Line-X is ahead in this race.

Raptor Liner can also give protection in a different climate. The coating material doesn’t melt in excessive heat or doesn’t shrink in extreme cold. So, you don’t need to worry about any climate change. No worries about sticking the coating with the stuff on the bed.

Adhesion and Removal

If you have applied the bed lining earlier and now want to change it, you need to remove the previous one. The bed liners are so solid and rigid. So, you may face some difficulties removing it. 

If you have put on the Raptor Liner, you can remove it at home with the help of some tools. You can use cutters and screwdrivers to peel off the coating. 

To remove Line-X bed lining, you may need to go to the professionals to remove it. 

Costing and Availability

Raptor Liner costs are cheaper than Line-X. A four-quart pack comes at $130 to $250. If you DIY the bed line with Raptor Liner, it won’t cost you more than $300-$400. It saves a lot.

On the other hand, Line-X bed lining is costly. You need to spend $600-0$700 for the package. And as you can not spray it at home, you need to add the service fee, which can cost a total of a thousand dollars. 

But, you will get a factory finish look and strong bed lining for sure. 


Applying Raptor Liner is relatively easy. You can do it by yourself from the comfort of your garage. A whole kit of four bottles is enough to bed line an entire truck. 

Before putting in the spray, you need to take off all the shiny materials over the bed. You can do it with sandpaper. Use a sander with a sanding pad at 60-80 grade. It will make the working process faster and easier. 

After sanding the whole bed, cover the non-spraying areas with plastics and tape. Make sure you don’t miss out on any spots uncovered. Otherwise, you will spray the coating that would adhere to the place and cause you trouble.

After covering the excess areas, attach the can with the spray nozzle and spray the coating around. Before that, add 8 ounces of hardener to each can of coating. While streaming, make sure you use personal protective equipment like a mask, eye protection and gloves. 

After spraying the whole four bottles of the kit, wait for it to dry out. It usually takes 1 hour or a little more to dry the coating. For a better result, wait for a day to dry it. You can apply another kit that means another four bottles of the layer. It will give you super rigid bed line protection. And you are good to go free of tension for years.

To apply Line-X bed lining, you have to go to their workshop or store. You can not do it at home by yourself. The professional will take your car or truck in and bed line with Line-X. It can cost you the extra fees for the service. 

Raptor Liner or Line-X Bed Liner – Which one to choose?

Choosing between Raptor Liner and Line-X bed liner depends on the purpose of usage. Raptor is a lighter bed liner with satisfactory protection and looks. 

If you want a bed liner that can better replace the plastic ones, you can choose Raptor Liner. For regular usage and more minor heavy-duty purposes, Raptor will work perfectly for you. 

If you want a heavy-duty bed liner to load and shift heavy solid materials regularly, you need some more strong stuff like Line-X. 

Cost is a matter as well. Line-X bed lining installation costs way more than Raptor Liner. So, if you are not ready to do that kind of an investment right now, you can go for the Raptor Liner. It will also give you satisfactory results.


Is The Raptor Liner The Best?

In terms of low-duty operational purposes, Raptor Liner is the best. It is a suitable bed liner for regular usage truck/car bed protection. With minimal cost, this bed liner works excellent for wheeler owners.

Can You Get A Smooth Finish With The Raptor Liner?

The finish is kind of a gripping one in Raptor Liner. But smoothness is also there in it. It means Raptor Liner will give you a smooth bed ground and a good grip on the products you are carrying along.

Is The Raptor Liner Bulletproof?

Raptor Liner is not bulletproof. No bed liner is so. To become a bulletproof material, it needs to be a rigid material. Raptor Liner is durable enough for UV resistance and other climate conditions. But, not as vital to be bulletproof.

Can You Brush The Raptor Liner?

Yes. You can brush the Raptor Liner. You can spray or use a roller as well. Although spraying is the most common and effective method, different application methods can bring you different texture results.

Final Words

Now, we have come across the “Raptor Liner vs. Line-X” controversy. Both of the bed liners are professional in use. You can DIY one, and the other needs to get installed by the company. 

Whichever bed liner you use, be careful you get the thing done appropriately. If you are not confident enough to do it yourself, you can seek professional help with Raptor. Spending a little more service charge will give you a professional finish.

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