EBC Redstuff Pad Vs Yellowstuff Pad – Know the Difference

Brakes are a great matter of concern among four-wheelers owners. For better and safer brakes, your vehicle requires quality brake pads. Brake pads have a significant offering in providing good brakes. 

In the brake pad industry, EBC achieved a rank, sustaining in the market for a real long time. They are well known for all of their quality brake pads. Their different color-coated brake pads offer additional privileges in several aspects. In recent times EBC Redstuff Pad vs. Yellowstuff Pad has created hype.

Both of the EBC brake pads sold a million sets. Let’s get into the detailed comparison of these two market-leading brake pads.

Redstuff vs. Yellowstuff Brake Pad: Comparison Table

Redstuff Brake PadYellowstuff Brake Pad
Preferred for street vehicles.Preferred for trackpad vehicles
Almost quiet pad with a limited noiseQuiet but a minimal amount of squick available
NRS mechanical attachment implemented for friction material bondingNRS mechanical attachment implemented for friction material bonding
Easy bedding-in and installationEasy bedding-in and installation
Redstuff is a low-dust regular usage street brake padYellowstuff is a high-performance track brake pad 

An Overview about Redstuff and Yellowstuff brake Pads

About Redstuff  

The EBC Redstuff is a road-legal no dust ceramic brake pad. This brake pad is specially designed for vehicles where dust could be an issue in the wheels. Besides, general users have liked the Redstuff brake pad from all over the wheel world.

About Yellowstuff

The EBC Yellowstuff is more like a trackpad. It has a high heat-resistant formula. It also works great in hot temperatures as well as lower temperatures. This brake pad is thermally stable and has a high friction compound.

Redstuff vs. Yellowstuff Brake Pad: In-depth Comparison

Here, the in-depth comparison of the Redstuff and Yellowstuff brake pads will give you a more clear vision of what benefit they actually offer to you.

Redstuff vs. Yellowstuff Brake Pad: Check the Vehicle Compatibility

In terms of vehicle compatibility, EBC has stated everything clearly. The Redstuff is compatible with street vehicles and prestige vehicles. And all the cars that have 200-250bhp. This brake pad surely does not overtake OEM brake pads. But, it is highly comparable to the OEMs. 

Yellowstuff is similar to OEMs in comparison with friction. This brake pad is out there for a period. It has evolved over time and upgraded. As it is a thermally stable race pad or trackpad, it is more suitable for racing vehicles or high-performing vehicles like an SUV.

Redstuff and Yellowstuff: Are They Trackpad?

Mainly the viewers consider it as a trackpad as it is red. But, it definitely is not the case. Although Redstuff is built with graded components in the compound, it is not claimed as a trackpad. 

Redstuff is a street pad with a high heat resistant formula applied. And works great with regular street driving as well.

Yellowstuff is a trackpad that is highly durable. Processed in high-temperature surface treatment. The secret suspension items in the blending compound make this brake pad the perfect one for racing tracks.

Which one is a quiet pad: Redstuff or Yellowstuff?

Both of the EBC brake pads here mentioned are constructed with piston insert noise insulators. These insulators clips in the piston of your caliper of the car wheel. The highly advanced break compounds dampen the vibration at the utmost level. 

But, still, you can be sure of quietness or noise reduction to a certain level. A little noise will always be there, whichever EBC or any other brand brake pad you choose.

It concludes that both of the Redstuff and Yellowstuff brake pads are quiet with a minimal amount of squick.

Redstuff or Yellowstuff Brake Pad: Which One Provides More Confidence While Braking?

Both of the brake pads from EBC are confident and do what it says in braking. You can indeed say that they are not overpromising anything or lagging behind each brake pad. 

The Red Stuff is more efficient in braking into street vehicles as it is designed for the purpose. Hard brakes and unexpected ones don’t really hurt the brake pads. It offers a quick operation with minimal damage or no damage at all.

Yellowstuff is made for high performance. So, it is undoubtedly excellent for sudden brakes and turns. After bedding in, you will experience fading 3-4 times. After 5-7 times, you will get to see the actual expert performance of the Yellowstuff.

Which One Is More Durable: Redstuff or Yellowstuff Pad?

Durability is measured by the number of miles running using the brake pads. Besides, the driving style matters a lot. 

In the whole brake pad industry, nobody can claim a very long period of durability in this case. But, the Redstuff brake pad can actually last longer than the other similar range brake pads available in the market.

Then again, galvanized, heat resistant, and the strong attachment doesn’t let the pads get off the backplates.

As the Yellowstuff is also made with almost the same features, it also provides durability with high-end performance. 

What is used to stop friction material coming away from the backplates– Redstuff vs. Yellowstuff:

Here comes the special upgrade used in EBC brake pads. In the Redstuff, they have used NRS, which is, “NUCAP retention system,” in elaboration. In today’s time, only a handful of great companies and EBC is using this technology in their brake pads.

As the friction material is the most crucial component of a brake pad, it needs to be installed with optimum strength. When the friction material comes off the brake plate, the brake remains of no use. 

The NRS is a processed mechanical attachment where metal hooks are drawn on the brakes. Then using a coat of adhesive on the top of the pins, the friction material is attached to the breaks by force pressure. So, the attachment is bounded and rarely has chances to separate off. 

Also, specialized technology is used to attach the whole pad with the brake plates. So, the pads become stronger and prepared for heavy-duty breaks.

EBC has used the NUCAP retention system technology in the Yellowstuff as well. It works the same way that it works for the Redstuff. 

Bedding-in process – Redstuff vs. Yellowstuff?

In the case of the Redstuff, there is a thin layer of material painted in the front of the brake pad. This layer ensures the pads help to bed in quickly. Also, it is suitable to install with old or rusty rotors or discs. So, you do not need to install new rotors or discs to install bedding in the Redstuff brake pads. 

The bedding process is not anything strictly mentioned anywhere. But, with every piece of a box of the Redstuff, there comes a bedding-in process guide. You can follow that. The general bedding process can be considered with standard drives for the first 200 miles at least. 

You will get bedding in instruction also with the Yellowstuff. Follow that to bedding. General advice would ask to run the vehicle at its average speed for the first 500 miles at least. After that, you can test the brake fading 4-5 times. Calm down the brakes and then again start to bed. 

Installation Process Difference between Redstuff and Yellowstuff pad?

There is no considerable installation process difference between the Redstuff and Yellowstuff brake pads. Undo the caliper of your car and take out the old brake pads. Install the new ones. You can use some lubes to clean the space up in the first place. 

Be careful about the dust while installing. Make sure the pads are clean, the caliper surface is clean, and the rotors are clean. It will lead you to a better installation and service.

What Are EBC Redstuff vs Yellowstuff Pad Suitable for?

Redstuff is suitable for regular driving. On the streets and ideal for hard brakes. Not ideal as a tracking pad for harsh driving.

Yellowstuff is suitable for racing tracks and regular driving streets as well. Because of being a heavy-duty brake pad, you can be free of the tension of it to work on-street driving accurately.

Redstuff Is A Low-dust Pad

The blend mixture components in the compound are the secret of making Redstuff the low-dust brake pad. This is a trading secret that still does not prevail. 

Yellowstuff is a good all-rounder Pad

Yellowstuff is a good all-rounder pad because it has all the features of the Redstuff along with a more heat-resistant formula. With the material coating in the front of the friction material, this brake pad becomes good to go with installation in any rusty or used rotors and discs.

So, Redstuff or Yellowstuff Brake Pad Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing one between the Redstuff and the Yellowstuff is a matter of thought. Both of the brake pads serve with excellent performance. 

The Redstuff is the perfect suit if you are willing to replace your OEMs with great brake pads that serve the regular street driving purpose.

On the other hand, if you are someone who likes track racing and often goes for it, then you can stick around with the Yellowstuff.

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