Flowmaster Super 40 vs Super 44: What Is The Difference?

There is no doubt that both Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44 are remarkable muffles available in the market right now. Both are great choices if you want to upgrade your muffler or resonator. These muffles will not only upgrade the sound that your vehicle produces but also enhance the entire exhaust system.

However, the inquiry arises when it comes to the comparison between Flowmaster Super 40 vs Super 44. In this article, we are going to represent Flowmaster Super 40 vs Super 44 in an ethical way, including the features of these mufflers, their benefits, and drawbacks. Everything will be wrapped up with a comparison chart at the end. So, don’t go anywhere.        

Flowmaster Super 40

The Flowmaster Super 40 is a chambered muffler, which is a superior model of the Original 40 series and the older generation of the Flowmaster Super 44. An exclusive feature of the Flowmaster Super 40 is the Delta Flow® technology. Along with low interior resonance and improved performance, this technology has blessed this muffler with a deeper and more powerful sound than the original 40 series.

This muffler is constructed with 16 gauge aluminized steel. A full MIG welding offers this muffler maximum durability. On top of that, a larger case profile makes this muffler the best in both worlds of performance and sound. 

Features of Flowmaster Super 40 – 

  • A deep and aggressive sound extraction is noticeable.
  • Offering excellent performance in high horsepower vehicles.
  • It has a noticeable internal resonance.
  • Delta Flow technology has proven worthy of racing.

Pros and Cons of Flowmaster Super 40:


  • This OEM muffler enhances the sound of your vehicle.Considering the performance, it is reasonable in price.It has a simple installation.It has a durable construction.In addition, it will give a boost in horsepower.


  • Even the Delta Flow® technology can’t resist some internal noise.There is a risk of rust for the aluminized steel construction.Offers a limited warranty.

Flowmaster Super 44

The Flowmaster Super 44 is the later version of the Flowmaster Super 40. As a result, it uses the same Delta Flow® technology that is found in all the large Super 40 series mufflers. Compared to the Flowmaster Super 40, it offers a more powerful and rich tone. It is made from  16 gauge stainless steel and a full MIG welding makes it incredibly durable. Flowmaster says it is the most aggressive and highest performing four-inch case street muffler they have ever built.

Features of Flowmaster Super 44 –

  • During extraction, it provides a deep and aggressive sound
  • Internal resonance is noticeable
  • Recent improvements in the two chambers
  • Delta Flow technology is excellent for racing

Pros and Cons of Flowmaster Super 44:


  • Offers a more aggressive and deeper sound to your vehicle.Has higher durability for its stainless steel construction.It has a more compact design than the Super 40.Installation is fairly simple.Offers a lifetime warranty.


  • Not the best option if you are looking for the loudest muffler.The Delta Flow Technology can’t diminish all inner noise.

Flowmaster Super 40 vs Super 44: A Back to Back Comparison

You have elevated to the next stage if you have read the features, pros, and cons of both Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44. Now, let’s get down to business by revealing the main differences between them.

  • A mentionable difference between Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44 is the construction type. The Flowmaster Super 40 has an aluminized steel construction, whereas Flowmaster Super 44 has a stainless steel construction.
  • The Flowmaster Super 44 has a more compact design compared to Flowmaster Super 40. This allows it to fit into a greater number of vehicles.
  • Although the Super 40 has a thicker case, the Super 44 has a relatively thinner one.
  • If you want your vehicle to emit a deeper and more aggressive sound, then you should go for the Super 44. Otherwise, the Super 40 would be better for you if you want a more subdued sound.   

Exploring The Difference In The Features of Flowmaster Super 40 vs Super 44

We have only talked about the difference between Flowmaster Super 40 vs Super 44 in terms of their qualities, construction, and performance. There are more to compare when we are talking about their unique features, installation, and prices. So, let’s jump into it. 


Installing or upgrading any part of an automotive vehicle is not easy. It becomes more tricky when you hardly know anything about automotive and you might need to hire an auto mechanic.

Talking about the installation, either Flowmaster Super 40 or Super 44 will fit your vehicle without any hassle. Both mufflers have a fairly simple installation. However, a little experience is required. It is better to take them to a mechanic when you have absolutely no experience.

And if you are confident enough to install a muffler all by yourself, you don’t need any special tools for it. The home toolkit at your home is more than enough for this job. A half an hour time is enough to install either Flowmaster Super 40 or Super 44. And if you face any trouble, you can always ask your neighbor’s help or someone who knows about automotive.

Delta Flow Technology

Although we have talked about this earlier in this article, it is worth expanding with more details. The Delta Flow® technology is available in both Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44. 

Without this technology, the noise inside your vehicle would be a lot louder on both Super 40 and Super 44. The mufflers having such technology are designed with precise deflectors in two chambers that basically keep the sound out of your car.

The Delta Flow® technology works to its extent to completely diminish the interior resonance, but it is still there. However, the stereo system inside your car will be loud and clear. With that being said, many people actually like the inside noise, while producing exterior decibels at the same time.


Comparing Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44, we didn’t find a big difference. Both of these mufflers cost the same across the board. As the Super 44 is the upgraded version, people may think it is pricier than the Super 40. But it is not, which is quite surprising. 

We guess the popularity of these mufflers determines their prices. The price of the Super 40 is close to Super 44 because of its greater number of loyal followers. It’s still appealing to people who want the same sound as the original Flowmaster 40.

In terms of sound enhancement, the Super 40 and the Super 44 don’t cost much. Both of them are well worth the price.

Unique Features

The Flowmaster 40 has some features that are unique to the Flowmaster 44. For instance, the Flowmaster 40 is made of aluminized steel instead of stainless steel. Like it or not, it does a great job of resisting corrosion and increasing durability. 

Aluminized steel is a common material for crafting mufflers. However, the construction of the modern mufflers has shifted to stainless steel as it offers more durability and longevity. This is where the Super 44 stands out. It is more durable for its modern stainless steel construction. Also, there is no risk of getting rust on it. 

Considering the thickness of the case, the Super 40 is quite thicker than the Super 44. Some people, especially the ones with real muscle cars admire a thicker case as it echos the noise directly from the car. However, a thicker case will have compatibility issues in adjustment when the vehicle doesn’t have much room to fit a new muffler.

This is where you may need the Super 44. The design of the Super 44 is compact and it requires less space to fit in. As a result, the Super 44 is compatible with a greater number of vehicles. 

Last but not least is the warranty. Unlike the Super 40 which offers a limited warranty, Flowmaster has decided to provide a lifetime warranty with the Super 44. This can be a major consideration when buying a Flowmaster Super 40 or Super 44.


C’mon, we can’t leave you hanging without discussing how the Super 40 and Super 44 differ in terms of sound quality. Perhaps, it is the main reason behind the installation of a muffler on your exhaust system. 

Both Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44 are designed in a way to enhance the sound emitted from the exhaust of the combustion engine. The original Super 40 propelled Flowmaster into the mainstream with its classic muscle car sound. The Super 40 almost provides the same level of sound. Although the Super 40 is equipped with Delta Flow technology, you will hear a certain amount of noise inside your car.

Talking about the noise level, the Super 44 can be a bit louder. The Super 40 offers a more subdued sound though the Super 44 is made for producing a more aggressive and deeper noise. 

And the effect of Delta Flow technology is also the same for the newer Super 44. The technology is designed to keep noise outside. But it still lacks to drown out a certain amount of interior resonance.          


In general, mufflers might lower the overall performance of the vehicle a little, but it is not a massive decrease either. Mufflers are essentially designed to enhance the sound level, not performance. 

  But is it the same for the Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44?

When you install either the Flowmaster Super 40 or Super 44, you will get a temporary boost in the horsepower. However, it will eventually decrease the low-end power of your vehicle. The Super 44 will also give your vehicle a slight boost in horsepower, but the impact on performance is not as noticeable as the Super 40. 

The Flowmaster 44 is also focused on the noise level, much like the Super 40. All in all, both of these mufflers are designed to regulate noise and you don’t have to worry about the performance.                               

Wrapping Up With A Super 40 vs Super 44 Comparison Table

You might be distracted. That’s why we have drawn this Flowmaster Super 40 vs Super 44 comparison table to put things together. This will also help you to get an overview when you are short on time.

Fact or FeatureFlowmaster Super 40Flowmaster Super 44
Construction MaterialThe Super 40 is made of aluminized steelThe Super 44 is made of stainless steel
Durability and LongevityThe construction material made the Super 40 less durable than the Super 44Due to stainless steel construction, the Super 44 is more durable than the Super 40 
Level of ThicknessThe Flowmaster Super 40 has a thick case profileThe Flowmaster Super 44 has a thinner case profile than the Super 40
SizeThe thick case profile makes it wideThe thinner case profile offers a compact design
Compatibility with VehiclesIt is compatible with a limited number of vehiclesThe compact design makes it compatible with a lot of vehicles
Sound QualityIt offers a more subdued sound It offers a deeper and more aggressive sound
PriceThe price can be a bit higher than the Super 44The price is pretty close to Super 40

Final Words

We distinguished the Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44 in every possible way with descriptions of features, durability, performance, sound quality, technology, installation method, and even price. This brings us to the end of this discussion. Again, we would say that both of these mufflers are great. They will serve you for a long time and they are a great value for money.

But it’s up to you whether you want a more aggressive sound or the same kind of sound quality as the original Flowmaster 40. Depending on your perspective, you can go for either Super 40 or Super 44.

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