Where Is The MAF Sensor Located? (Find Now)

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The right information about essential vehicle parts is necessary for properly inspecting any fault. So, if you witness a problem that might be caused due to the MAF sensor, the first thing you should do is identify the sensor’s location. Then, inspect it for further steps.

Generally, the MAF sensor is located near the air filter and the engine’s intake manifold. But, it will vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle. 

So, I will help you to know the exact location of the MAF sensor depending on the vehicle’s make and model.

Where Is The MAF Sensor Located?

You will not get the MAF sensor in yall vehicles. Instead, you will get the map sensor. So, below are some popular vehicle brands and the mass air flow sensor location of these vehicles. 


If you own a BMW with an N52 engine or other, most of the time, you will find the MAF sensor on the intake pipe directly downstream from the air filter box. Also, you will get the sensor in the same place in BMWs 2004-2013 X1, X3, X5, and Z4 models and the BMW F series.


You will get the MAF sensor on your vehicle’s air filter housing area. You need to locate the area and find a connector, which is the actual mass air flow sensor.


First, locate the air cleaner and throttle body in your honda. You need to start checking the sensor from the air cleaner and throttle body, and you will get the sensor between them. Most of the time, the MAF sensor is located right after the air cleaner in honda vehicles. 


Most jeep vehicles don’t come with a mass air flow sensor. Instead, you will get a map sensor. However, if your jeep has a MAF sensor, you will find it near the air filter housing and intake manifold.


The Subaru vehicle uses the MAF sensor on Subaru Forester USDM 98-99, 2004 XT and all 2005+ models. You will locate the mass air flow sensor close to the front of the air filter box.


You will get Toyota’s mass air flow sensor just after the airbox filter. You will get the sensor in the same place in all Toyota models.

Can You Replace the MAF Sensor Yourself?

The mass air flow sensor is installed on no moving parts, so it does not require regular replacement. But if needed, you can replace your vehicle’s mass air flow sensor with minimum effort. 

It only takes a few minutes to replace the sensor if you already have the new sensor on your hand. Screwdrivers, work gloves, and a wrench will also be needed to perform the task properly.

How Much Does Replacing the Mass Air Flow Sensor Cost?

Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, the new MAF sensor will cost between $100 to $400. However, if you have a budget issue, you can get a reconditioned MAF sensor from $50 to $80. 

Also, if you do this task from an auto repair shop, the labor cost will be around $60. It will depend on your location.


Are All MAF Sensors The Same?

The mass air sensor differs according to vehicle make and model. Several mass air flow sensors are used in vehicles; the most common are the vane meter and the hot wire.

Does Every Car Have A MAF Sensor?

You will not find the MAF sensor in all vehicles. But, if your car doesn’t have any MAF sensor, you will find a Map sensor on your car, which is a manifold absolute pressure sensor. For this, check your vehicle user manual to know whether the car has a MAF sensor or not. 

Where Is The Map Sensor Located On A Ford F150?

Based on the MAF sensor’s principle, the MAF sensor is located near the air filter box. You will get the mass air flow sensor on a ford f150 side of the air intake housing. 


Knowing the location of the mass air flow sensor is necessary if you want to replace the sensor on your own if it defected.

So, the article will help you know where the MAF sensor is located in your vehicle.

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