Who Makes Icon Tools and Where Are They Made? (Explained)

Icon tools brand was introduced by Harbor Freight, in 2018. Icon offers a full range of premium hand, storage, and automotive specialty tools.

However, since Icon is still a new brand for providing tools and storage lines, often people wonder who makes Icon Tools for Harbor Freight?

So, in today’s article, let’s find out the answer and other interesting facts related to Icon tools.

Who Makes Icon Tools For Harbor Freight?

All Icon tools are manufactured, marketed, and distributed exclusively by Harbor Freight company. 

The California-based company Harbor Freight initially introduced two ICON torque wrenches tools in 2018. 

After their initial success with that two Icon tools, Harbor widely launched the full range of Icon premium hand tools, storage, and automotive specialty tools or kits in 2019.

Where Are Icon Tools For Harbor Freight Made?

From raw to finished products, all Icon tools for harbor freight are manufactured in China. 

However, most people have a misconception about the tools or other products that manufacture in China and they think these products are not high-quality.

But currently, China is one of the top manufacturers of all electrical tools and other products according to international ranking.

Similarly, Icon tools are made by professionals with accurate craftsmanship for ensuring premium quality, precision, durability, and performance.

Are Icon Tools Any Good?

ICON tools and storage kits are the best solutions for professional mechanics since these tools are made from high-quality materials but available in an affordable range with a lifetime warranty.

One of the best facts about Icon tools is though these tools are specially made for professional users, these tools are also easy to handle and operate for beginners. 

Besides being not much old in this industry, Icon has already made an image, which proves that each of this brand’s products ensures quality, reliability, and durability. 

According to numerous customers’ opinions, the quality and performance Icon tools offer are worth the money, and not only that, Icon has the best warranty and return policy one can ask for as well.

About The Manufacturer:

Let’s have a brief idea of the background history of Harbor Freight:

Originally, Harbor Freight Tools Company started as the Harbor Freight and Salvage Company, a mail-order company specialized in returned and liquidated merchandise business in 1977 in California. 

At that time, the company was a small family-owned business, but as the business grew successfully, they changed the company name into the current name. 

The initial success of launching their first two Icon wrenches in 2018 led them to expand their tools business. 

As a result, in 2019, Harbor Freight started wide the production and distribution of a full range of Icon tools and storage kits premium to basic. 

The manufacturing facility of Icon tools and storage lines for Harbor Freight is in Taiwan, China. 

Harbor ensures quality products and services at affordable costing so that they can reach the mass consumer. Since they do not use a middle party between the production and reaching consumers, that is not a difficult task for them either. 

Also, Harbor offers the best warranty and easiest returning service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

What Are the Types Of Icon Tools Available?  

Harbor Freights Icon Tools have a wide range of hand, storage systems, and high specialty tools. So, let’s have a brief overview of Icon tools and kits:

Screwdriver Set:

Icon screwdrivers are one of the most common tools from the full line of Icon products. These screwdrivers feature an oversized ergonomic and mechanic grips to provide you with the ultimate grip and a perfect fit. 

Even each Icon screwdrivers also come with a screwdriver’s shaft bolster for ensuring more torque. 

The handles are made of chemical resistance and polished shank for easy operation and cleaning. 

Also, the Icon screwdriver set comes with a storage facility to keep the tools safely organized.


Icon ratchets are the to-go-to tools for professional mechanics because these tools are specially designed to endure a massive amount of torque and access difficult or tight spaces. 

These ratchets are also available in different sizes. The newest addition in Icon ratchets line is the gold-plated ratchet launched in 2020, which already gained enough popularity. 

This 24k gold plated ratchet has 3/8 inches in size and is built with a drive professional head design so that you can easily access the most cramped working areas with its help.


Icon sockets are built with premium chrome vanadium steel and a high polished finish, which makes them one of the best socket options available in the market. 

Besides the impressive external look of these sockets, they also have easy-to-read marking, better corrosion resistance and are easy to clean. 

Icon sockets have a 6-point design and a quick fastener engagement to offer maximum torque with easy operation. 

Also, each Icon sockets come with a premium storage tray and are available in different sizes.


Icon wrenches are built with premium chrome vanadium steel, durable and robust polished chrome finish to offer a non-slip grip with high resistance for superior corrosion and rust. 

The 12-point box ends of each Icon wrenches offer an easy fastener engagement, and the open-end help to access tight spaces. 

Icon wrenches are designed and built to ensure the utmost comfort for the users and 100% efficiency for the work. 

Also, the Icon wrench sets come with a premium storage tray for making the organizing task much more relaxing.

Torque Wrench:

Icon torque wrenches feature a 90-tooth gear mechanism to work smoothly in small arc swings and are also marketed pre-calibrated.  

These Icon tools also come with easy-to-read markings and have a clear click that prevents over-torquing. 

Also, Icon torque wrenches come packed in a high-quality storage case and are available in different sizes as well.

Storage Systems:

Icon storage system units have a modular design to offer maximum flexibility, and you can even modify these professional roller cabinets according to your need. 

These storage units are specially built with precision reinforced welds and double-wall steel frames, which means they have maximum strength and are ideal for enduring harsh environments of garages. 

These storage units from Icon are available in red, blue, green, and black.

Where To Buy Icon Tools?  

Icon tools for Harbor Freight are available in more than a thousand retail stores of Harbor Freight Company across the 48 states.

Icon premium quality tools and storage are also available in Harbor’s online platform, and you can even buy them from other local shops or popular online platforms like Amazon.

What Are The Best Icon Tools?  

Let’s have glance at some of the top rated and popular Icon Tools:

  • ICON 36 in. x 25 in. Professional Roll Cab, Blue
  • ICON Professional Hollow Shaft SAE Nut Drivers, 7 Pc.
  • ICON 1/2 in. Drive SAE Professional Deep Impact Socket Set, 13 Pc.
  • ICON Stubby Professional SAE Combination Wrench Set, 10 Pc.
  • ICON SAE Professional Flex Ratcheting Wrench Set, 8 Pc.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Icon Tools?  

Although Harbor freight Icon tools are the best options, you can also opt for other alternative brands like SNAP-ON or TEKTON.


Today’s article was aimed to clear the confusion about who makes Icon tools for Harbor Freight. Not only that, but I have also shared some interesting information related to Icon Tool and Harbor Freight company. Hopefully this article was informative enough to answer all queries.

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