Who Makes Powermore Engines? (Unveiling the Brand’s Origins)

Have you ever used a Powermore engine? They are quite good for the money. They show extremely well performance and durability.

Then who makes Powermore engines? Are they really good for the money? Can you go for other alternatives as well?

Let me first address your questions in mind and reveal the identity of the manufacturer of Powermore engines. MTD Products makes the Powermore engines. And they are pretty good and a reputed manufacturer in the USA. 

In this article, we will go through all the necessary information that you need to know about these engines. So, do not go anywhere now and keep reading.

Who Makes Powermore Engines?

Powermore is a brand whose engines are exclusively distributed and serviced by Troy-Bilt. These engines, however, are not made by Troy-bilt! MTD Products is the original manufacturer of Powermore engines.

Although some people will say they are made by China, the truth is they are made in China but made by MTD Products. And Troy Bilt is a part of MTD Products.

Troy-Bilt has formed a collaboration with a big Asian manufacturing company, in which the two firms will combine their engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise to create a high-end overhead valve (OHV) engine.

Under the Powermore engine brand, Troy-Bilt will be the exclusive supplier and maintainer of these engines. Powermore engines are high-performance small-block engines that outperform competitors in a variety of scenarios.

As a result, the quality is indisputable.

Where Are Powermore Engines Made?

It’s a little difficult to pinpoint where the engines are manufactured. There was no formal remark issued on that. We may, however, look into where MTD Products manufactures its engines.

MTD Products is based in Valley City, Ohio, and has manufacturing sites around the country, including in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Troy-Bilt is passionately committed to the communities of America, and they aim to provide the greatest products for the country’s citizens.

The joint venture with the Chinese business, on the other hand, has performed admirably. Because manufacturing costs are low in China, Troy Bilt is able to produce excellent Powermore engines while staying under budget.

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Are Powermore Engines Any Good?

The Chinese Powermore engines from Troy Bilt are excellent. They are quieter and more efficient and are significantly more trustworthy than previous versions. 

In today’s world, the single most important concern with any little engine is fuel. Even ethanol-free gasoline is no longer the same as it once was.

Powermore engines shine not only in terms of reliability but also in terms of fuel economy. A Powermore engine is made of high-quality elements and has a one-of-a-kind design that allows it to operate in any environment. A two-year warranty is also included with the Powermore engine.

Dual-element air cleaner:

A dual-element air filter is a self-cleaning air filtration designed to clean dirty air. As a result, your engine will be better, cleaner, and healthier.

Best Material for Durability:

These engines are long-lasting, and as long as you use them, they will continue to operate flawlessly without any outside difficulties. These are also composed of high-quality materials.

Sound Reduction:

When you get a Powermore engine fitted in your machine, you may use it and notice how quiet it is.

Everyone prefers to utilize devices that produce less noise and so people like the Powermore engine a lot.

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Fuel Economy:

Everyone may benefit from saving money by consuming less fuel. The Powermore engines are ready to aid you. These are fairly fuel-efficient and might help you save some extra money.

Excellent performance:

Powermore engines can deliver excellent results. They are designed to provide the best results possible from lawnmowers. You can rely on the engine’s smooth operation.

Two-year warranty:

The engines come with a two-year warranty, that relieves you of the burden of worrying about your equipment. You can go two years without feeling stressed. That doesn’t mean it will break after two years!

Low-cost engine:

The cost is very low since the engines are mostly produced in China. You can get one for a few dollars as compared to purchasing expensive lawnmower engines. One of the advantages of choosing less expensive items is that you may upgrade to a newer model when a new one is released.

Although there are many advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. You may not find the premium feel from Powermore. Some users have discovered issues with the engines. When the motor becomes a little older, some people have problems starting it.

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About The Manufacturer

MTD Products is a widespread outdoor mechanical equipment manufacturer based in the United States. The Valley City, Ohio-based company was formed in 1932 and is mostly a family-owned private enterprise, with Stanley Black & Decker controlling 20% of the company. It started as a tool and die company (Modern Tool and Die Company).

Grilles for Graham-Paige were the company’s first automobile stampings items in 1936. With the introduction of an 18″ power rotary mower in 1958, MTD entered the lawn and garden power equipment market.

Garden Way, along with the Troy-Bilt and Bolens brands, was bought by MTD in 2001. In 2007, it began manufacturing low-cost lawn and garden tractors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Types Of Powermore engines Available?

Different varieties of Powermore engines are compatible with various machines.

Engines for lawnmowers and snowthrowers are available. Engines are ranging in size from 79cc to 420cc or 547cc.

Where To Buy Powermore Engines?

You can purchase the engines in various retailers where they distribute MTD Products or Troy Bilt machinery. You may also acquire some from the internet.

What Are The Best Powermore Engines?

Powermore engines are pretty solid and great at giving excellent performance. However, Powermore’s 79cc, 140cc, 420cc, and 547cc engines are the most popular ones.

What Are Alternatives of Powermore Engines?

A Powermore engine is an affordable option with great service. Nevertheless, there are plenty of great engines out there as well. If money isn’t an issue, you might look at the Honda HRX217VKA 21, Briggs & Stratton 31R907-0007-G1, Kawasaki FJ180V-BM09 Engine.


Powermore engines are great at a low price. You can buy a Powermore engine-powered lawn mower if you need a good performance in a low-cost engine. 

But it is necessary to know who makes Powermore engines because it will help you decide between buying them or not. Thus, I have included all related information on Powermore engines.

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