Who Makes Masterforce Tool boxes? (Answer Explained)

If you have one or want to buy a Masterforce tool box then you should be curious about who makes Masterforce tool boxes. Are they made by the same brand? Do you think they are good products? Should you buy any other toolboxes?

Well, Masterforce is owned by the Menards brand. But it does not make the toolboxes! It buys from another manufacturer with its own customization and sells these under the Masterforce brand name.

People pass positive comments after using this toolbox. And it has become quite popular over time. Are you going to buy this one too?

Who Makes Masterforce Tool boxes

Who Makes Masterforce Tool Boxes?

If I were to tell you exactly who makes Masterforce tools then that’d be quite impossible. There were no official data on that.

But don’t worry I have searched and studied many articles and forums and other mediums to find the answer. 

There was not only one manufacturer it seems.

Quality craft is one of the makers of Masterforce toolboxes. Some other sources say Chervon which is a toolmaker company also works to make Masterforce toolbox.

There are other rumors about some other companies being the manufacturer of Masterforce but not much evidence was found about those rumors.

So, we can safely say that Quality Craft and Chervon are the two manufacturers of the Masterforce toolbox. 

Where Are Masterforce Tool boxes Made?

If you want to know where Masterforce toolboxes are made you need to know more about Quality craft and Chervon. 

Most of the products are made by Quality craft in the US. The headquarter of this company is in Surrey, BC, Canada. But it has also a manufacturing facility in Illinois.

It can be assumed that Masterforce toolboxes are made in the USA facility for convenience.

Chervon is a power tool manufacturer located in China with factories all around the world. They have production facilities in Nanjing, China, and Stuttgart, Germany. 

They also have branches in the United States, Europe, Australia, Germany, and China for marketing and sales.

Are Masterforce tool boxes Any Good?

Masterforce toolboxes are quite renowned. People who have used this liked the toolbox a lot.

Better build quality:

The build quality is better than any other cheap toolboxes. It can be compared with another premium toolbox!

The build quality is quite impressive for what the price is. It has a solid build with a strong structure.


The Masterforce toolbox can withstand rough use. The materials used in this toolbox are stronger than any other cheap or medium-range toolboxes.

That’s why this toolbox is dependable and durable. You can buy this one for long-time use.

Drawer system is better:

The drawer system is better than many conventional toolboxes. You can open them smoothly and there is less possibility of frictions that can cause any damage. 

More space:

You will have more space to put the tools in the Masterforce toolbox. No item will be left out. Hence, this one is excellent for keeping your tools in one place.

Low Price:

For a cheap price, you will get a great toolbox for your tools. This may not be the premium type of product, but it can still provide you the best you can get for the money.

There are some negative sides as well. You may not get a lot of customization or other special features or a very long-lasting product. Nevertheless, you will get something that is good enough for your need.

About The Manufacturer

To know more about the products, we should learn about the manufacturers. Thus, if you want to know who makes Masterforce tool boxes then you need to know about the Quality craft and Chervon.

Quality Craft has been serving the requirements of consumers and retail partners since 1984, offering high-quality items at affordable rates. With over three decades of expertise in over 100 different product lines, it has developed long-term connections with a diverse group of manufacturers. 

Quality Craft has established functional knowledge in order to be flexible, adapt to market changes, and produce creative product solutions that are manufactured and certified effectively.

There’s a lot of ambiguity regarding production in China, and where there’s ambiguity, there’s also room for doubt. So, let’s clear that for you.

Chervon is a power tool manufacturer established in China with locations all around the world. They also have offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, Germany, and China for sales and marketing.

Chervon started making tools in 1997 despite lots of drawbacks.

By the year 2000, the corporation had developed several of its own goods and outperformed numerous competitors. 

Chervon is presently ranked among the top ten power tool producers in the world. Over 30,000 retailers in 65 countries sell their products.

What Are the Types of Masterforce Tool Boxes Available?

There are different styles that you can find in the market. There is a deep toolbox, rolling toolbox, suitcase toolbox. 

All of these are different in size and price. 

Where To Buy Masterforce Toolboxes?

If you want to buy a Masterforce toolbox you can always check online shops. You can also visit the Menards website. Or you can go to Amazon or other online shops.

If there is any toolbox selling shops around you should be able to find Masterforce in those shops. 

What Are The Best Masterforce Tool Boxes?

There are some top-picked Masterforce toolboxes you can check.

Masterforce 22″ Rolling Tool Box – 3 Piece

The Masterforce mobile toolbox is made of impact-resistant polymers to withstand the roughest conditions and wear and tear. The huge rolling toolbox has a 165-pound weight limit and a telescopic extension handle to make it easy to transfer anywhere you need it.

Masterforce 21″ Deep Tool Box

The Masterforce deep toolbox is made of impact-resistant materials to withstand the harshest conditions. It has a 100-pound weight capacity. The interlocking modular design allows for stable stacking with a variety of toolboxes.

What Are the Alternative Of Masterforce Tool Boxes?

If price is not an issue for you, there are some premium quality toolboxes that you can pick instead of Masterforce. Here are some names that you can check-

– Milwaukee Packout System

– DeWalt Toughsystem 2.0 Rolling Tool Box

– Gearwrench 239 Pc Mechanics Tool Set

– DeWalt ToughSystem


If you have read this article, you now know who makes Masterforce tool boxes. This is crucial for anyone who wants to buy a budget toolbox that is operational and shows a great performance.

There are other options available for you as well. Some premium and costly toolboxes can also fill up your need if cost is not an issue for you. 

So, buy the best one that fits your choice!

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