What Are Equivalent To Subaru Super Coolant?

The coolant is a mixture of propylene or glycol, water, and some shielding additions. This special fluid is used to help keep your vehicle’s engine at the correct operating temperature.

An ideal coolant has high heat capacity, low consistency, low cost, is non-toxic, chemically stagnant, and it does not cause or promote the breakdown of the cooling system. In some cases, coolant is used as an electrical insulator.

In the market, you can buy different brands of coolants including Subaru Super Coolant. In this article, we will discuss in detail some of the alternatives of Subaru Super Coolant.

1. Pentofrost A3 Coolant

Pentofrost A3 is our first alternative to Subaru Super Coolant, which is a phosphate OAT, i.e. Organic Acid Technology. The coolant belongs to the Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) category. It costs $20 to $25 per gallon.

Pentofrost A3 coolant is suitable for almost all Asian vehicles that are compatible with blue coolant. It is a pre-diluted coolant. It contains organic salts and phosphates that protect all the components associated with those Asian vehicle cooling systems.

Pentofrost A3 coolant is suitable for blending with all phosphate OAT. However, this does not apply to vehicles with water-cooled engines. It contains a mixture of borate, amine, silicate or nitrite which can be harmful to vehicles with water-cooled engines. 

Pentofrost A3 coolant is a stand-alone liquid. So never mix it with other coolants, especially silicate. If mixed, then this mixture will turn into a gel and block the efficiency of the radiator.

2. Prestone Cor-guard Coolant

Prestone Cor-guard Coolant can be used on any type of diesel-powered vehicle that has a stationary engine with aluminium or other engine metal and on all vehicles that support OAT coolant. Prestone Cor-guard costs $15 to $18 per gallon.

Its advanced nitrite-free formula has been developed into a long-lasting inhibitor design based on a concentrated mixture. It is very effective against rust of your vehicle’s engine, corrosion of cavities, extremes of temperature, scale and premature water pump failure. 

The efficiency of Prestone Cor-guard coolant lasts up to one hundred thousand miles or twenty thousand hours. This maintains the efficiency of the engine’s water pump and protects you from vehicle downtime and expensive repairs or replacements. 

This helps the radiator maintain maximum efficiency by preventing corrosion of the radiator in your engine. Prestone Cor-guard coolant nicely reduces the cooling capacity of the radiator buildup system.

The buildup coolant engine feel difficult to enter the block cooling channel. Excessive pressure results in thinning of the fuel and considerable damage to the engine. Prestone Cor-guard coolant avoids this damage by preventing this obstruction.

Sometimes buildup occurs in the cooling hoses, resulting in slower coolant flow and reduced cooling. Prestone Cor-guard keeps the coolant flow moving by preventing the cooling hoses from interfering with the coolant buildup.

3. Valvoline ZEREX Asian Coolant

Valvoline ZEREX Asian Coolant is a silicate free HOAT formula that contains phosphate additives. It is made in the red and blue formula to meet the vehicle requirements of Asian manufacturers. Its price varies from $12 to $18 per gallon depending on the store.

The phosphate addition of Valvoline ZEREX Asian Coolant prevents corrosion of vehicle cooling systems and protects against rust. It is pre-mixed with demineralized water to ensure additional benefits and protection. 

It is compatible with almost all Asian vehicle coolants and cooling systems and it prevents all types of boilovers and freeze-ups. It has a long lifespan of 150,000 miles of silicate-free phosphate HOAT technology in five years. 

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of vehicles of various brands manufactured in Asia such as Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, KIA etc. need coolant of silicate free blue HOAT technology for fluid replacement which can meet Valvoline ZEREX Asian coolant. 

It contains 30-50 ppm of denatonium benzoate as a bittering agent. Valvoline ZEREX Asian coolant does not contain any kind of silicate or borate, and therefore this formula helps to avoid any kind of deposits and harmful scale in the cooling system and prevent corrosion and rust.

4. Recochem Extended OEM Life BLUE Coolant 

Recochem Extended OEM Life BLUE Coolant is formulated for light-duty trucks and new models of Asian cars. Simply put, all vehicles require a phosphate-based OAT engine coolant, which is a suitable liquid for them.

If you have a Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, or Suzuki type vehicle then Recochem Extended OEM Life BLUE coolant is the perfect match for you. This nicely protects your engine’s aluminium, which withstands high temperatures, from rust and corrosion. 

It ensures the high performance of the above-mentioned vehicle models when used for the first time and maintained properly as per the engine manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

Recochem Extended OEM Life BLUE Coolant not only provides your car with high performance, quality products and cooling system security, but it is also much cheaper than other coolants in the market. 

So if your budget is low and you want to choose a more efficient coolant then you can em Extended OEM Life BLUE.

Honestly you and your car depend on each other. Just as your car helps you save valuable time, you should choose quality products for your car so that there is no harm. 

OEM coolants are designed to meet all the requirements of your vehicle’s cooling system. It maintains an optimal level by protecting your engine from overheating or freezing.

5. Castrol Radicool Coolant

Castrol Radical Coolant is designed to reduce the environmental impact on your car engine. It does an excellent job of preventing corrosion of parts associated with the vehicle’s engine cooling system. The price of Castrol Radicool Coolant per litre is $3 to $5.

This coolant contains no phosphate which enhances the modern performance of your vehicle’s engine. It does not contain nitrite, amine or phosphate in a mixture of monoethylene glycol and selected chemical agents. As a result, this liquid provides effective engine cooling without boiling.

In addition, it significantly reduces the likelihood of wet cylinder liner pitting due to the use of the proposed level of antifreeze “cavity corrosion”.

If you dilute this coolant with pure water between 33% and 50%, it will give your engine cooling system the best corrosion protection and freezing protection between -18 ° C and -36 ° C.

Castrol Radicool provides improved protection against water pumps and hot spot cavitation, for example, behind the exhaust port, on the head of the coolant aluminium cylinder.

How Often Does a Vehicle Need a Coolant Flush?

The manufacturer’s manual for most modern vehicles states that the coolant needs to be replaced at least once every 150,000 miles. During this time, chronic coolant such as DEX-COOL breakdown begins to occur. 

On the other hand, if you use your car frequently and for a long time then this period will be further reduced. However, it is best to contact your car manufacturing company about how often you change the coolant.

Can Any Type of Coolant Be Used in a Vehicle?

The direct answer to this question would be “no”. This is because no car manufacturing company provides cooling systems in their engines that have no multiple types of coolant usability. 

If you forcibly use more than one type of coolant in your car, even using a coolant other than the one provided by the manufacturing company, the cooling system of your car’s engine can be severely damaged. Remember, the cooling system of its engine is a much needed part for a car.


Finally, it can be said that you can use the above-mentioned coolant as the equivalent of Subaru Super Coolant. You can easily buy these coolants on different online platforms. 

But always keep in mind to use the appropriate coolant in your car. Otherwise, the expensive car of your hobby will be an indescribable loss. And you never want to let that happen, right? So take proper care of your car like a friend.

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