How to Fix an Oil Extractor Pump That Is Not Working?

The function of an oil extractor pump is very useful to change the oil from vehicles and drain oil from any other drums. When an oil extractor pump malfunctions, it’s important to take some steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem as soon as possible. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common issues that can occur with an oil extractor pump and how to fix them. 

So, if you’re having problems with your oil extractor pump. The solution is going to be very easy and step by step. So, you have to read them carefully to understand everything.

Why Oil Extractor Pump Does Not Working?

There are a number of possible reasons behind this problem. These problems cause the Oil Extractor Pump not to work. If you can find the main cause then the fixing process will be easier and faster. That’s why mechanics suggest a long troubleshooting session before starting the fixing process.

If you research this and talk with the users of the Oil Extractor Pump, you will find some very common reasons that affect the Oil Extractor Pump. And for these reasons Oil Extractor Pump stop working. 

The reasons behind a not working Oil Extractor Pump are:

  • The Pipes May Jam
  • A Faulty Pump
  • Leak in Tube or Pipe
  • Faulty Vacuum Pressure Release Valve

These are some technical and invisible problems that may reduce and stop the workability of the Oil Extractor Pump. There may be some other causes but that will be visible to you and the solution will be easy. Now let’s see how to fix the Oil Extractor Pump that is not working.

How to Fix an Oil Extractor Pump That Is Not Working?

These are the possible causes behind a not working oil extractor pump. If you want to fix the not working oil extractor pump, then you have to find the exact cause that happens in the case of your pump. Here we bring a process of 4 steps that will show everything.

Step 1: Find the cause that happens to your Oil Extractor Pump

First of all, we have to find the reason behind the Oil Extractor Pump not working. This is the first and most important part of this process. To find the cause, you may use the pump with water. And check for all the causes that we show in the above section.

Step 2: Remove the Trouble Parts

After you find the cause behind the Oil Extractor Pump not working, you have to remove the troubled parts from the original pump. Suppose the problem is in the Tube or Pipe or in the Vacuum Pressure Release Valve then you have to remove that part from the pump body.

If you work on the problem when the whole Oil Extractor Pump is combined then some more serious damage may be done accidentally. That’s why try to remove the faulty parts from the whole body then prepare to work on that.

Step 3: Work on the Problem

When troubleshooting is done and you find the exact cause behind the Oil Extractor Pump not working then you have to work on the problem now. Based on the problem type, you have to work on that problem.

If Vacuum Pressure Release Valve is Faulty

If the problem is in the Vacuum Pressure Release Valve then you have to remove that and buy a new one to replace the old one. Usually, there is no possible option to fix this part except changing this.

If there is a Leak in Pipe or Tube

Another possible cause of this pump not working is pipe or tube leak. You know that the Oil Extractor Pump works creating a vacuum inside it. So, if there is any leak then on the pump or the time then the vacuum will be created. In that case, the pump will stop working.

If you also find any problem like this then you may change the old one or use glue to fix the leak. In most cases, replacement is recommended. Because the glue will lose its workability after a certain period of time.

If the Pump is Faulty

We have seen that a faulty pump also becomes the cause of the oil extractor pump not working problem. If that is true for your pump, then you have to work on the pump only. In that case, the inside part of the pump gets the issue. You have to remove the pump handle and check for any problem there and take a step based on those problems.

If the Pipe or Filter is Jam

After a long session of working hours, the pipe may become jam with rust and other small ingredients that are stuck at the bottom of the oil tank. In that case, the filter or pipe may jam, and the vacuum system will stop working. This is another possible cause of the problem we are talking about.

If that is true in the case of your pump then you have to take a wire and put it inside the pipe. This will help to remove all those small particles. Remember, before you work on this, you have to remove the pipe from the pump itself.

Step 4: Reinstall Everything

After the problem solving is done, we have to reinstall or set up everything that we removed from the main body. This will make our while extractor pump ready to provide service for the next session.

The Cost of Fixing Oil Extractor Pump That Not Working

You have seen the possible causes behind this problem and the solution also. We hope you get an idea what are the scopes of cost while fixing the oil extractor pump. Based on your problem, the cost will vary.

But on average, oil extractor pump problems and its fixing process cost are around $50 to $85 if you can do this at home. But the cost will increase if you take it to a mechanic. As the process is very easy, we think you will be able to fix it at home.


If you are having trouble with your oil extractor pump, don’t hesitate. Follow all these steps that we present here. I hope you will be able to fix them at home. Be careful while working with fire or any risky pieces of equipment. This will keep you safe.

Always spend more time on troubleshooting to reduce the cost and time. We encourage you to spend time finding problems, not on solutions. Thanks for reading from us.

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