4 Reasons Why Car Jumper Cables Smokes and Melts

Why jumper cables smoke and melt? Well, the most common reason is connecting them to the wrong battery terminal. There can be other reasons as well such as using damaged jumper cables, if the jumper cables aren’t connected properly etc.

Sometimes we need to use jumper cables to jump-start a car battery. But it is a common scenario when our jumper cables smoke & melt. So, why do the jumper cables smoke? Why do they start melting? How can we prevent it from happening?

Don’t Worry, We Got You Covered! In this article we will talk about 4 common reasons why the jumper cables smoke & melt. We will show you ways to prevent them. Not only that, we will also tell you how to properly jump start a car

Why Jumper Cables Smoke and Melt

Why Jumper Cables Smoke and Melt? Reasons:

There can be many reasons. So knowing the exact reason and then fixing it is really necessary. Here are the reasons why the jumper cables smoke & melt:

1. Wrong Connection

This is one of the most common reasons. Our jumper cables start to smoke and melt when there is misalignment in the connection. We must connect the cable clamps exactly with the proper terminals in the battery. 

If the cable clamps are not connected with the correct posts, the cables will smoke and melt. In fact, if you are unlucky, it might even leave your car damaged. Because by connecting them to the wrong posts, the current might flow in the wrong direction. As a result, the cables will then face heating problems.

Thus, the cable clamps need to be connected properly. Connect the black & red cable clamps to the negative & positive posts respectively. Check if you have “plus & minus” symbols. It will help you to match them up easily & connect properly. Always remember to double check them after connecting.

2. Not connecting the Cables Properly

It is often seen that you have connected the cables at the right end, but you have connected it poorly. Because of having a loose connection the heat will build up & the cables will face problems. 

What causes loose connection? Lack of concentration from us. Also if there is too much dirt or corrosion, the cables can get loose from the battery & cause problems.

But, if you are unlucky, you might even face short circuiting. Because, a large amount of current transfers from one battery to another in this period. So, if you don’t want the cables to excessively heat up, then smoke and melt, you should consider connecting them tightly & properly. 

To avoid this, check them many times. Keep an eye on the connection points. Check the clamps again & again, if you feel they are even a bit loose consider re-connecting them. Try to use jumper cables which have good quality & are in good shape.

3. Using Damaged Jumper Cables

 This is another common problem. Excessive heat, physical damages, and water can cause damage to the jumper cables. 

If we use damaged or improper jumper cables, the current won’t flow properly. As a result, the cables, which are already damaged, might start to melt. 

So, to get the best usage from the cables, they should be kept in good shape. Try to avoid cables with thin wires & comes with aluminum materials. Thin wires have the tendency of getting melted easily.

 If your cables are already damaged, try to get new good ones. We suggest you take the ones that have good quality coppers. Also you should get a good storage bag to keep them in the best possible condition.

4. High Amperage Issue

Another reason  is the high amperage issue. Imagine you do not have a good jump starter box or use poor jumper cables.What will happen? You might get melted jumper cables while transferring too much high amperage.

So, know how much you need & how much to transfer. Although if you are using good cables, it will take less time to charge. But if you are using high amperage, then take some time & let them cool down. 

How to Prevent Jumper Cables from Smoke & Melt

Now you know the causes, you should know how to prevent it. We have talked about the solutions in a brief manner earlier. But if you keep some common things in mind, your jumper cables will be fine & remain as good as new. 

Our suggestion would be that you take a good jump starter box. Take good jumper cables. It won’t get damaged & will connect properly too.  You already know that a wrong connection of cables is the prime reason. We hope you’ll know how to connect which cable clamps properly with the terminal. 

Also, most of the time we have to use our jumper cables in case of an emergency. So, while you do not use them that much, make sure to store them properly. Take an extra storage bag or container if needed. Connect them properly & make sure they are stored properly as well. 

Most of the time the jumper cables smoke & melt because of our errors. That is why, we should keep the information stated above in mind. Also use the tips properly & be extra attentive to get the best usage. Why jumper cables smoke and melt? We hope that you know the reasons & will be able to prevent it.

How To Properly Jump-Start a Car

We hope you do not come into a situation where you have to jumpstart your car. But hey, what’s wrong knowing what to do in an emergency? Follow these simple easy steps  & you’ll know how to properly jumpstart a car. 

  1. Firstly, you have to put the two cars into neutral.
  1. Turn off the ignition.
  1. Next up, engage the parking brakes. 
  1. Get the jumper cables. Check if they are in good condition. If they are even a bit damaged, do not use them & get the new ones.
  1. Connect one of the red cable clamps to the positive terminals.
  1.  Now it’s the other red clip’s turn.do the exact same thing with the other car.
  1. Now take one of the black cable clamps & connect it with the negative terminal of the other car.
  1. Another black one left? Near the battery, you should find an unpainted metal surface. Attach them.
  1. Not in a hurry. Check everything again. Check if the cables are connected at the proper ends. Check if they are attached tightly & won’t get loose. Double check everything to avoid any problems.
  1. That’s it. Start the car & you are good to go.


Why jumper cables smoke and melt? We assume you got your answer. The main thing is that you have good jumper cables & know how to use them properly. Even if you have to use the jumper cables, we believe you’ll be able to keep that safe & sound.

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