How to Fix the P0471 DTC Code on a 6.7L Powerstroke (Solved)

In modern vehicles, diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) are designed to help the drivers to diagnose the issues that come with their vehicles. So, if you have a scan tool in your vehicle, you may often suspect a p0471 code on 6.7 Powerstroke. 

The p0471 code on 6.7 powerstroke means that the PCM has diagnosed a wrong voltage reading from the exhaust pressure sensor circuit “A”. It can happen due to electrical or mechanical issues or for a bad exhaust pressure sensor.  

In this case, you will face various performance issues with your car until you solve the code. But how to correct this code? Well, in this article, we’ll discuss what the code p0471 means and how you can fix it. 

How to Fix the P0471 DTC Code on a 6.7L Powerstroke

What Does p0471 Code Mean On 6.7 powerstroke?

P0471, a diagnostic trouble code on 6.7 Powerstroke stands for “Exhaust Pressure Sensor Range/Performance.” When the powertrain control module (PCM) detects an inaccurate signal from the exhaust system back pressure sensor circuit, this code becomes stored. 

The exhaust pressure sensor continuously monitors the pressure in the exhaust manifold and delivers the information to the PCM. If the PCM finds the information wrong, the code P0471 might be logged. 

In other words, the code P0471 will be set if an incorrect voltage range (high or low) from the exhaust pressure sensor circuit is detected by the PCM. An inaccurate pressure range can lead the car to a poor performance. 

Here’s the breakdown of the code P0471 on 6.7 Powerstroke:

  • P = Powertrain which includes engine and transmission
  • 0 = It is a standardized code or generic code for OBD-2 vehicles
  • 4 = This digit mentions auxiliary emission controls
  • 71 = Specific trouble indicator (in this case, improper voltage reading from the exhaust back pressure sensor circuit)

How Serious Is Code p0471 On 6.7 powerstroke?

When the code P0471 stores on a Powerstroke 6.7, the driver will face a poor engine performance. Literally, the vehicle won’t survive as well as before. 

The check engine light will turn on and there could be some other trouble codes related to the exhaust pressure sensor circuit. Moreover, you may experience unexpected power failure of the engine and unusual noises and smoke from the exhaust. 

It can also damage other parts of the vehicle. So, as it can damage the car in several ways, this code should be considered a serious issue when it appears on the car. 

What Causes Code p0471 On 6.7 powerstroke?

There are multiple reasons and factors that can cause P0471 code on 6.8 Powerstroke. Some of the most possible causes are:

  • Blockade in the pressure tube 
  • Leaks in the exhaust gas circulation system
  • Damaged exhaust back pressure sensor
  • Issues with the exhaust gas pressure sensor circuit such as poor electrical connections or damaged wiring
  • Faulty Powertrain Control Module

Other Symptoms Of Getting p0471 Code On 6.7 powerstroke

When the P0471 appears on Powerstroke 6.7, it could result in that the check engine light will flame-up. The other potential symptoms of getting this code on 6.7 Powerstroke will be the following:

  • Exhaust back pressure sensor may stop working
  • Engine performance can be diminished
  • Decreases power
  • Poor gas mileage 
  • Other DTC codes related to the exhaust pressure sensor can be triggered 

How To Fix p0471 Code On 6.7 powerstroke?

By now, we already know about the causes of getting the error code p0471 on 6.7 Powerstroke. So, if you want to fix the code, you have to identify the exact reason for the code and then go through the possible solutions. 

Here are some most common solutions for the code p0471 on Powerstroke 6.7:

1. Unclog the exhaust manifold

Exhaust manifold is a very important part of a vehicle that collects exhaust from the different cylinders and flows them out of the engine. As the time goes, it can build up carbon particles, dust or corrosion. 

It will clog the entire ports or tubes of the exhaust system and the code p0471 can become triggered on 6.7 Powerstroke. 

So, once you notice this code on your vehicle, the first thing to do is to unclog the exhaust manifold ports. Here are the steps to clean the exhaust manifolds on your own vehicle: 

  • Step 1: Locate the exhaust manifold 

The location for the exhaust pressure sensor is right at the front of the engine. To be more sure, you can get help from the owner’s manual.

  • Step 2: Remove the manifold

Once you locate the exhaust manifold, disconnect it from the place so that you get the full access to work with. To do so, remove all hoses and bolts from the exhaust manifold body. If you’re done, detach the exhaust manifold and place it in a well-ventilated area. 

Note: Before removing the manifold, make sure that the engine is completely cool. You should also wear safety goggles and gloves.   

  • Step 3: Unclog the exhaust manifold

Once the exhaust manifold is removed, it’s time to clean up all the dust and debris from the manifold body. So, soak the interior of the manifold with a lacquer thinner. Then scrub the coated spots using a steel wool and wire brush.

If you get any hard debris to break it up, use an electric grinder to break it up. Thus, wipe the whole interior and exterior of the manifold continuously until you get a fresh look of the metal. 

  • Step 4: Rejoint the manifold in place 

If you think the manifold is completely unclogged, reconnect it to the same place. Connect the hoses and bolts back and reattach it to the engine. 

2. Repair the leaks in the exhaust gas circulation system 

If there is any leakage in the exhaust gas circulation system, it can cause the code P0471 stores on 6.7 Powerstroke. You can solve this problem in many ways. Among them, the easiest one is to patch the leaks using exhaust tap or epoxy. 

Here’s the guideline to follow while patching leaks in the exhaust gas circulation system:

  • Step 1: Verify the leaks

First of all, you have to locate the leaks in the exhaust system. To do so, rev up the engine and stick your hand around the exhaust pipe. It will help you to identify the spot from where the air is leaking. You will feel the hot air coming down from the leaks.

  • Step 2: Repair the leaks

Once you have located the leak, get a wire brush to scrub and clean all the area out to get it shiny again.  Then get an exhaust tape and wrap the tape and cover the leak very well. 

Now usr a little metal tab that you can wrap around the outside of the tape. It helps hold the fiberglass part in place. Lastly, start your vehicle and let it run for maybe half an hour so the heat cures it and it makes a permanent fix.

3. Repair faulty electrical connections

If you find the tube and ports are all clear and there is no leakage in the system, visually inspect the electrical connectors and wiring. Diagnose if there is any broken wire, melted plastic or burn spots. 

If you find any broken wire, it’s better to solder that part of the wire or use a clamp connector.

Besides, you should also inspect the terminals inside the connectors of the sensor to see if they’re burned or corroded. If the terminals need cleaning, get some electrical contact cleaner and clean the terminals very well.

At the same time, make sure that the hoses and bolts are tightened enough. After that, clear the code and see if it sets back. If it still returns, go for the next inspection. 

4. Replace faulty exhaust pressure sensor 

If the exhaust pressure sensor is bad, it can trigger the code p0471 on Powerstroke and create various issues with the vehicle. So, if there is no leakage or blockage in the exhaust system, the next suspect could be the exhaust pressure sensor.

So, check the exhaust pressure sensor and replace it if it is faulty. In order to replace a bad exhaust pressure sensor, go through the following steps.

  • Locate the sensor. It is usually mounted in front of the engine. 
  • Disconnect the connectors on the ends of the sensor.
  • Once the connectors are disconnected,firmy  pull the old sensor up and remove it. 
  • After removing the old exh pressure sensor, compare it with the replacement one. 
  • Now install the new exhaust back pressure sensor and reconnect the connectors to attach the sensor to the place.  

5. Replace the bad PCM 

Once you find all the suspects discussed above are fine, the code p0471 may be a result of bad wiring from PCM to the harness or a faulty PCM. To be sure, test the 5V power supply circuit going to the exhaust sensor with a DVOM. 

If there is 12V instead of 5V, look for the wiring if it is damaged. So, if the wiring needs any repair, repair it as required and recheck the power supply if it is 5 volts. But if the power supply is still 12 volts, it’s probably a bad PCM. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix 6.7 Powerstroke p0471 Code?

When you get the code p0471 on your Powerstroke 6.7, the first thing to do is to diagnose the issues. The cost of diagnosing the code will be anywhere from 1.0 hour of labor.

In this case, the labor will be between $65 and $150 per hour. After diagnosing the code, if you need to repair or replace any part of the exhaust system, it will vary by your location. 

In general, the average replacement cost of a bad exhaust back pressure sensor is between $130 and $150. The labor cost will estimate between $40 and $65, while the parts will cost from $60 to $100. 

Can You Drive Your 6.7 Powerstroke With Code p0471?

When the P0471 code becomes stored on your 6.7 Powerstroke, you may still drive your car. But it won’t be safe for the vehicle. If you drive your vehicle with this code, it can break down the engine and other parts of the vehicle. 

Besides, you will face various types of driving issues while driving the vehicle with the code p0471. So, it’s a good idea that you shouldn’t drive your Powerstroke 6.7 until you fix the code. 


By now, we have discussed the solutions to fix the code P0471 on 6.7 Powerstroke and other essential factors related to the code. Here are some other potential questions with the answers related to the code p0471 on 6.7 Powerstroke: 

What Other DTC Codes Are Related To Exhaust Pressure Sensors? 

Other DTC codes related to exhaust pressure sensors are p0472, p0473 and p0474. Here the code p0472 stands for Exhaust Pressure Sensor “A” Circuit Low, p0473 for Exhaust Pressure Sensor “A” Circuit High and p0474 for Exhaust Pressure Sensor “A” Circuit intermittent. 

Can Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Damage The 6.7 Powerstroke Engine? 

When there is an abnormal exhaust back pressure level, it can hardly damage the overall engine performance. It could be increased fuel consumption, emissions or engine cranking. 

Where Is The Exhaust Pressure Sensor Located On 6.7 Powerstroke?  

The exhaust pressure sensor is mounted in the front section of the exhaust manifold. Exhaust manifold is located on the side or the bottom of the engine in a 6.7 Powerstroke. 

How Do You Check 6.7 Powerstroke’s Resistance Of The Exhaust Pressure Sensor?

At first, you have to disconnect the sensor and set a digital multimeter to test ohms. Set the multimeter’s negative ends against the sensor’s ground post, while the positive end will be set on the sensor’s signal post. 
Now, look at the display and see if the reading is showing an open line. If you get a ‘OL’ reading, replace the old sensor. 


We hope that you have found the article informative enough regarding the P0471 code on 6.7 Powerstroke. We’ve already discussed the symptoms, causes and their fixes about this code.

So, hopefully you can try to correct the code yourself. But having an assistant while working on your vehicle is always recommended. You can also handover the job to a professional mechanic, if you’re ready to pay a hectic labor cost.

One more important thing to mention is that don’t be so pathetic if you get any other error codes related to the exhaust pressure sensor “A” circuit. They will automatically disappear, once you solve the code p0471.

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