How to Make a 6.4 Powerstroke Bulletproof? (Full Guide)

Heading to South, a 150 miles ride straight down the line. Barely passed 50 miles, and engine smoke made you pull over. Probably last time when you had the chance to fix it, you didn’t. Now you aren’t even halfway, but miserably looking for a rescuing hand.  

A typical scenario that often leaves you thinking, “I should have bulletproofed it”. Whether you’ve been into this person’s shoes or you didn’t, this scenario is quite relatable every time your car breaks down. 

And your last 6.4 breakdown leads you to the internet searching for how to make a 6.4 Powerstroke bulletproof. Well, you just peeped into the right place. Let’s drive you through every detail on bulletproofing your 6.4.

What does Bulletproof Powerstroke Mean?

“Bulletproof” is almost a buzzword in the car owners’ community, especially if you have a Powerstroke. To be more precise, Powerstroke 6.0 & 6.4. The iconic term was coined in 2009. Bulletproof meant having uncompromised reliability in engine performance.  

In 2009 coincidentally, a bulletproof diesel company was founded and fixed many crucial flaws of the 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel V-8 engine of Ford 2003-07 models. 

Since then, the company never had to look back. And bulletproof Powerstroke became the highest benchmark of performance and reliability of any Powerstroke engine. 

Bulletproof diesel offers some aftermarket parts and kits to fix some issues of the Powerstroke engine; in addition to that, it adds reliability to its engine’s performance. 

How to Make a 6.4 Powerstroke Bulletproof?

A Powerstroke 6.4L engine can be stated bulletproof only if it has covered at least four of five core problems. The five core problem areas are the EGR cooler, Oil cooler, head studs, fuel injection control module (FICM), and water pump. 

Fundamentals of bulletproofing Powerstroke 6.4 engine usually are fixing problems related to EGR and oil cooler. Through many years or miles of service by the car, its built-in oil cooler gets clogged with gunk. 

Later the gunk limits the fluid flow to the EGR cooler, which results in a burst by raising the fluid’s temperature alarmingly high. 

This allows exhaust gases to gush into the cooling system and ends up damaging the gasket. Bulletproof diesel has developed an oil cooler and EGR cooler that replaces the built-in coolers. 

These parts are far superior in performance and durability compared to the built-in components of the engine. 

In addition, it also requires changing to high-end head studs, upgraded FICM, water pump, etc. Changing all these, you can claim your engine to be bulletproofed.

We have listed down a proven blueprint for making your bulletproofing work easier:

  • Tearing up the engine
  • Identifying the problem
  • Change the parts
  • Reassemble the engine

Tearing up

You start working by tearing up the engine in the first place. Remove the parts that are probably faulty or just remove parts just to measure their performances. 

The task can be started by removing the oil cooler, fuel filter, valve cover, etc. 

Identifying the problem

A thorough inspection is to be made to determine the condition of the removed parts. Carefully analyze the issues with the oil cooler, head gaskets, injectors, EGR cooler. 

If necessary, you can look into other parts of the engine and make sure it is well operational. You may gauge the general condition of these removed parts and decide on a change.

Change the parts

Change the parts removed with bulletproof products. You can change both in prevention measures or if you find a problem with that. Try to have all the parts that are removed have a decent wash. 

Among many parts, the crucial changemakers could be:

  • EGR cooler
  • Oil cooler
  • Head studs
  • Fuel injection control module
  • Water pump

Besides these parts, a range of other parts could be changed for additional performance boost up. The list includes radiators, intercoolers, exhaust systems, exhaust brakes, performance monitors, etc.

Reassemble the engine

Now, you can call your engine bulletproofed. You just need to drive it. So, assemble the engine. Properly fit the parts, and there you go.  

Test drive

Have a test drive to assess the performance changes and modifications.

Ford 6.4 Bulletproof Upgrades

Let’s talk about what ford 6.4 bulletproof upgrades brings in

  • Performance Monitors & Digital Gauges

Ensure your vehicle is performing as it should have been by installing performance monitors and digital gauges. It aids you in checking out temperature and other performance parameters to dictate how your car is doing. Tune your vehicle accordingly and get the best experience. 

  • Aftermarket Radiators

You can make the engine cooling system more efficient and durable with aftermarket radiators designed for 6.4 Powerstroke. If you want to stop draining your coolant and make a feasible change, an aftermarket radiator is a thing.

  • Engine Coolant Filtration Systems

Contaminants have a terrible effect on the cooling system causing frequent engine problems. Regular OEM system doesn’t filtrate the contaminants, sands, or metal shavings. 

Bulletproof Engine Coolant Filtration System makes sure it filters away small contaminants and sands to make the internal parts safe from damages. 

  • Cold Air Intakes

Cold Air Intakes make sure smooth airflow, resisting high temperature. In return, you get faster throttle response and turbo spool-up, making your drive perfect for race, tow, or haul. The ride becomes more enjoyable and engaging. 

  • Tuners & Programmers

Tuners and programmers upgrade of 6.4 helps you to improve the performance of your vehicle. It comes in handy, adding a bit extra power to the engine, increasing fuel efficiency with improved performances. 

  • Replacement Up-Pipes

In the 6.4 version,  Replacement Up-Pipes has firmer inbuilt quality, with precise construction and design. Additionally, it offers extended performance in the long run. It Lasts much longer without having any crack or damage. 

  • Performance Lift Pumps

High-performance lift pumps ensure adjustable fuel pressure to offer you the next level of performance by the  Powerstroke 6.4 engine. Its precise mechanism levels the appropriate pressure right for all instances. 

  • Aftermarket Intercoolers

The amount of heat generated inside the engine parts, if not cooled down, hampers the overall performance. Intercoolers in 6.4 upgrade make sure the cool air is flowing into the components for reduced temperature. 

It intakes the air, cools it down by increasing oxygen density, and sends it to the engine for better combustion. 

  • Aftermarket Oil Coolers

The aftermarket oil cooler is an additional engine oil cooler that works to assist or in conjunction with the existing oil cooler. 6.4 Powerstroke upgrade made it more reliable with its air filtration system and effectiveness of the cooling process. 

  • Exhaust Systems

An improved technology allowing increased exhaust gas flow comes in the 6.4 bulletproof upgrades. This exhaust system incorporates the latest technologies to get improved mileage, passing power, and acceleration.

  • Aftermarket “BulletProof” EGR Systems

Bulletproof EGR is a long-lasting tough component built to offer superior functionalities with more heat and stress resistance. Improved gas circulation makes sure an uplifting performance without much hassle to repair and change anytime soon. 

  • Head Studs

Bade a long goodbye to head gasket failures. The heavy-duty head studs firmly keep the cylinder heads in place against higher combustion pressure.

  • Exhaust Brakes

The emission system of 6.4 Powerstrokes makes it harder for traditional exhaust breaks to work without any complication. But several companies went ahead with a different approach. 

They came up with a variable vane exhaust brake, an electronic device that works perfectly with the 6.4 Powerstroke. 


Can 6.4 Powerstroke Be Bulletproofed?

Yes, it can be bulletproofed. Bring the required changes mentioned above, and here you go. 

Is A BulletProof 6.4 Reliable?

Although there’s a lot of criticism regarding Powerstroke 6.4, bulletproofing offers a fair amount of reliability. But keep in mind, it has to be well maintained.

How Many Miles Will A Bulletproofed Engine Last?

Your bulletproof engine can effortlessly go beyond 500,000 miles without any issues. But no certain statement can be made. It can vary from model to model and engine to engine. Usually, you can expect a good long service by the bulletproofed engine. 


The multitude of usage makes everyone select the ford. But frequent breaking down makes it worse. Stock engines and their parts don’t always offer the best performances. 

Also, If you bought a used car, no wonder there are some fixations to be done. And what better way there is rather than bulletproofing your Powerstroke 6.4? Perhaps you got your answer on how to make a 6.4 Powerstroke bulletproof through this article.

Although bulletproofing requires a considerable sum of money, it’ll eventually turn out to be a fairly good deal in the days to come.

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