What Is P1000 Code On 6.0 / 6.4 / 6.7 / 7.3 Powerstroke?

Error codes are an indicator that your Powerstroke is suffering from some sort of problem; among these codes, P1000 is one of the most commonly faced error codes by users. 

Even though this is not a fault with the engine, it is a sign that it isn’t entirely set up. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including sensor failures or a faulty ECC. But, there can be other reasons for this error code too.

So, if you get the P1000 code on your Powerstroke, then there is no need to panic because today, we will discuss everything you need to know about the P1000 code. We also discuss all the causes, symptoms, and fixes. 

P1000 Code On Powerstroke

What Does P1000 Code Mean On Powerstroke?

When an Obstacle detection diagnosis scanner fails to identify technical errors owing to a problem, the P1000 code is appear on your Powerstroke. When a automobile is brand new, or the Powertrain Control Module or batteries have been unplugged, the scanner will show up warning.

OBD II, on the other hand, performs a series of checks to ensure that there are no issues with the vehicle engine or even other parts. A few of these examinations are lengthy and require additional time to finish. As a result of these tests, sometimes P1000 may arise. 

This signal can also relate to a car’s built-in diagnostic program’s failure to obtain complete input through one or even more component sensors during a driving cycle.

What Causes P1000 Code On Powerstroke?

There are many reasons for the error code P1000 appearing on your Powerstroke. But, the main reason is associated with the engine computer control or ECC. When the ECC cannot complete OBD scanning tests due to some reasons, this code can occur.

You will need to find the main reasons for your ECC to cause trouble if you want to fix the P1000 code.

Causes for malfunctioning ECC

The most prevalent reason for the P1000 code on a Powerstroke is this. It can occur due to reasons like.

  1. The connection between the Engine Control Module and the PCM is lost.
  2. Battery voltage level drops throughout the self-check cycle
  3. The battery connection is loose

Other Reasons

Other than the problematic ECC, a few other minor reasons can cause the P1000 Error code to occur. They are as follows.

  1. Before the driving cycle is completed, an OBD-II monitoring malfunction is identified.
  2. All troubleshooting issue codes were recently removed using a scan tool or diagnostics equipment.

Symptoms Of Getting P1000 Code On Powerstroke

A Powerstroke with an ongoing P1000 code will usually have no symptoms. This makes sense because the error code isn’t aiming to highlight a certain components problem issue. 

Rather, this code indicates that the car’s OBD-II system failed to finish its preparation tests. However, this code can occasionally cause symptoms like-

1. Check Engine Light

The check engine light will usually illuminate when a P1000 fault code is present. Sometimes in some vehicles, this signal can also show as CEL or “SES- Service Engine Soon. 

2. Frozen Error Code

When the ECM identifies the P1000 error code, the code can stay frozen. This means the code and the framing information will also be kept in the ECM’s ROM storage and can remain there indefinitely.

How To Fix P1000 Code On Powerstroke?

By now, we already know the probable reasons and causes for the P1000 error code on Powerstroke. Now we will see how you can solve these causes. There are two simple ways that you can follow to solve this error code.

Fixing OBD 2

The first thing that you need to check is the battery connection itself. Sometimes the only reason for the P1000 error code on Powerstroke is a loose battery connection or uncharged battery. 

So, if the battery connection is loose, tighten the connection. After that check, the battery voltage; recharge the battery or even replace the battery if needed. 

Long Drive

This quick-fixing method might seem unreal to you. But it is as easy as giving a long drive between 100-200 miles. Start your car and drive for at least 100 to 200 miles, and you can expect the P1000 error code on Powerstroke to go away automatically.

However, even after trying these two methods, the code doesn’t go away. There might be some internal problems, and you will need to visit a professional repair shop.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix P1000 Code On Powerstroke?

One hour of your work is all it takes to analyze the code. This code’s analysis duration and service prices vary depending on your region, type of engine, and year. However, you can usually solve this error code on your own.

If you really need to repair the OBD 2 or ECC, the normal cost is roughly $60. Additionally, if you have to drive your vehicle for 100 kilometers or over, it may cost you some money.

Most vehicle repair companies charge between $70 and $160 each hr if you need to take it to a specialist. This is the most it will cost to fix the P1000 on a Powerstroke.

How Serious Code P1000 Is On Powerstroke? 

Even though most OBD error codes are serious for any car user, unlike those, the P1000 code on Powerstroke is not a serious issue, and there is no reason for you to get concerned about this. This code is highly related to the ECC and OBD II scanner.

But, despite that, there can be a few other issues that can cause this error code which we discuss in detail later in this guide.

Can You Drive Your Powerstroke With P1000 Code?

As previously stated, the diagnosis issue code P1000 is not recognized as a crucial error. But, despite that, the code must be identified and fixed as quickly as feasible. As a result, even if problem code P1000 is there, you can drive your vehicle.

Are Powerstroke P1000 DTC Code Universal For All Powerstroke Models?

The P1000 DTC code is unique to the company. It simply implies that the OBD-II monitoring for Ford cars is not finished. This code is typically the same across all Powerstroke models, with minor differences in alerts, but the base of the problem is the same.


Error codes are an indication of internal problems. But, when it comes to P1000 on Powerstroke, it simply means that the diagnosis is not made. This is nothing concerning for truck drivers. However, it would help if you tried to solve this code as early as possible.

If you get the P1000 code on Powerstroke, read this guide and follow the basic solutions we’ve discussed so far. If you still can’t solve it, we recommend consulting a professional technician because this error code can sometimes lead to other errors.

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