Are Ford 6.7 Intercooler Pipe Failure Expensive To Fix?

The ford motor company is one of the biggest auto manufacturing companies in the world. Even though they are so well known for their automatic vehicles, they can’t keep themselves from messing with the engine. We have heard complaints regarding the 6.7 Powerstroke intercooler pipe failure.

So, you must be wondering what causes your ford 6.7 intercooler pipe failure and what are the symptoms. Well, your ford intercooler pipe can get blown off due to heavy pressure and emission. It can also happen due to oils or particles clogging the pipe.

In this article, we will discuss the possible causes and symptoms of your Ford 6.7 intercooler pipe failure and how you can troubleshoot them.

Are Ford 6.7 Intercooler Pipe Failure Expensive To Fix?

Ford 6.7 Intercooler Pipe Failure Symptoms

If you are running on your ford 6.7 for a long time, your intercooler pipe can show some alarming symptoms. This mainly happens due to the old age of intercooler pipes. 

However, the intercooler pipe is made of plastic and will surely have tears and cracks someday. It is made of plastic because it has to expand and shrink with the pressure of your 6.7 Powerstroke engine.

Blowing airs

You need to start your ford 6.7 engine first in order to check this out. If there is any slightest gap or leak on that pipe, you could notice it on your own.

 Once you start that engine, you would see the intercooler pipe blowing all kinds of air, which is not a good sign for your engine.

Cracks and leaks

This is a common symptom that a lot of ford users often experience in their life. This mainly happens due to the old age of your intercooler pipe. It could wear out for use for a good time. 

You just need to do a routine check-up on your pipe to find the leaks and cracks in your intercooler pipe.

So, whatever you do, ensure you do it with the cold side of the intercooler pipe. You surely don’t want your hand burnt off.

Ford 6.7 Intercooler Pipe Failure Causes

Your ford 6.7 intercooler pipe can fail due to some common reasons. If your turbo ford 6.7 engine puts a lot of pressure on the intercooler pipe, it can get blown away by that pressure. 

Although, the most common reason for intercooler pipe failure is external damage. So, let’s break it down for you-

Clogged intercoolers

A clogged intercooler is a common issue for pipe failure. It mainly occurs when the turbo replacement isn’t done properly following the instructions. 

If the ford 6.7’s pipe gets blocked with oils and particles, it has to withstand more pressure than its capability. This will lead to the failure of the intercooler pipe. Things that can cause a clogged intercooler-

  • Wrong turbo replacement
  • Debris or external elements
  • Leaked oils

Leaked turbo Oils

Your ford 6.7’s intercooler pipe isn’t meant to have any oil in it. Using the ford 6.7 for a long period can damage the seals, and this will leak oils into the compressed air released by the turbo. So, things that can cause oil to accumulate in the intercooler pipe-

  • Wrong gasket
  • Blocked air filter
  • High oil pressure
  • Damaged turbo parts
  • Bad core

Excessive Pressure from engine

Although clogs and external damage are not the only reasons you need to deal, it can also happen because the system puts too much pressure on the intercooler pipe. 

Well, there is nothing you can do if this situation occurs. Let’s just say, this is the way modern engines are built. That is why you need to pay your utmost attention to the intercooler pipe regularly.

Solutions For Ford 6.7 Intercooler Pipe Failure?

If you are facing issues with your intercooler pipes, we got you covered in that case. Let’s take a look at how you can solve this issue on your own-

1. Cracked or leaked intercooler pipe: Replace

This is the most common reason for your faulty intercooler pipe. Most of the time, the intercooler pipe gets blown off because of a leaked or broken pipe. 

In this case, you must replace the intercooler pipe’s cold side. It won’t cost you that much to replace the intercooler pipe. You can check eBay or amazon for an intercooler pipe upgrade kit 2011-2016 for a 6.7 Ford Powerstroke engine. 

It will cost you around $285-$300. You can add another $40-$50 and get a metal version of the pipes. Whatever fits in your budget.

Make sure you are not touching the hot side of the pipe until it’s cooled down. You will need some basic tools to perform this task such as 7,10,11, and 13 MM sockets and drive ratchet and swivel extensions. It will take some time for you.

  • Step 1: Emptying the coolants

Empty the coolants out of the system and then separate the coolant hose from the reservoir tank. Next, detach the quick disconnect above the upper radiator hose.

  • Step 2: taking out the pipes

Next, remove the hot side pipe from the ford 6.7. After this, release both ends of the cold side pipe and remove it. Next, remove the air temperature sensor. Separate the smaller hose from the intercooler.

  • Step 3: Removing the intercooler

Pinch the tabs on the intercooler port to release the quick-disconnect. Next, you have to remove the battery. Once you are done with it, remove the bolts that secure the intercooler and then pull it out.

When you are done with this, replace the old intercooler with the new one and replace the cold-side plastic pipe with a more solid build pipe.

2. Clogged intercooler pipes: clean

The ford 6.7’s intercooler pipes can get clogged for so many reasons. Debris, external elements, or even oils. Most commonly, we see oils accumulate in the intercooler pipes. Thanks to the leak from the ford 6.7’s turbo oil seal.

In order to get it repaired/fixed, you have to ensure the following steps-

  • Step 1: Addressing the real problem

First of all, you need to make sure the pipe is only clogged or jammed, not broken or leaked. If it is broken, you must change it as we mentioned earlier. You can be fine only with cleaning if the pipe is clogged.

  • Step 2: Removing the pipes

You need to remove the intercooler pipe from your ford 6.7 first. Do this work in a ventilated environment and ensure you follow all safety protocols. Removing oil or any debris or external parts from a 6.7 intercooler pipe isn’t that tough if you know the right drills.

  • Step 3: Losing the Hose

Seal one part of the cold-side pipe to prevent the acetone from coming out. Place something under the intercooler pipe in order to collect the may come out. Next, lose the hose and use a screwdriver to remove the pipes from the intercooler.

  • Step 4: Using a degreaser

Next, spray the whole intercooler unit with a degreaser, and spray it on both sides of the cooler. This will remove all the dirt and oil in your intercooler pipes.


We’ve discussed the possible causes and symptoms of 6.7 Ford intercooler pipes and failure and talked about solutions. We will also answer some of your common questions regarding intercooler pipes.

Is It Common To Have Oil In The Ford 6.7 Intercooler?

It is not common to have oils in your intercooler pipes, and it is not a frequent occurrence. It can happen because of a leak from the turbo oil seals. 
The intercooler is placed between the turbos, so any type of leaks will end up accumulating in the intercooler pipes. The oil will gather at the bottom of the intercooler and will decrease your ford 6.7’s performance.

How To Know If The Ford 6.7 Intercooler Pipe Is Clogged?

You will notice a sudden drop in engine power and also the fuel consumption will increase drastically. You might experience smoke coming out of your engine’s exhaust system. So, if the engine is not getting enough air, it will affect the mileage and the horsepower.

What Happens If Your Ford 6.7 Intercooler Fails?

If the intercooler fails, the air supply will eventually be disturbed, affecting the engine’s air-fuel proportion. If the engine is running in a high condition, then the extra unused fuel will be removed along with the exhaust. If there is an inappropriate supply of air or no supply, this will result in overheating.

Is It Safe To Drive A Ford 6.7 With A Faulty Intercooler?

Although there isn’t any risk of driving the ford 6.7 with a faulty intercooler, we recommend fixing the intercooler just to stay on the safe side. However, driving with a faulty intercooler will cause a bypass, connecting the throttle body and the turbochargers instead of the intercooler.


Intercooler pipes need to be functioning properly if you want to have the best performance from your engine. So, any issues with the intercooler will eventually hamper your ford 6.7’s performance and capacity. It is necessary to do a routine check on your intercooler pipes.

We have talked about the causes and symptoms of intercooler failure and how you can troubleshoot it on your own. If you are not experienced or confident enough to do the job on your own, you can ask a professional to do the job for you. Never perform a blind repair.

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