How to Fix P0513 Code On Cummins? (Complete Solutions)

Cummins trucks are one of the most popular options for workers and companies worldwide. The vehicles have tons of the latest and smartest features, including showing Diagnostic Trouble Codes, or DTC, right when the car is malfunctioning. With the help of this feature, you can know what issue your car’s engine is having.

One of the DTC is P0513. Now, what does P0513 mean on Cummins? It means the Cummins PCM isn’t recognizing the immobilizer key ID and forcing the car not to start correctly. Sometimes, the correct key input can also show the P0513 code on the screen due to malfunction.

Anti-theft facilities have become smarter and prevent car hijacking incidents, a huge number. But no system is completely perfect. At some point, the anti-theft function can also go wrong and trouble the actual owner.

P0513 Code On Cummins

What Does P0513 Code Mean For Cummins?

The code P0513 solely indicates the malfunction of the immobilizer key. The immobilizer system is divided into two primary sections—one with the car keys and another with the car engine.

In short, p0513 is a warning of theft possibility. It is one of the problem codes sent directly from the vehicle security maintenance to warn the owner about the car’s security being corrupted. Now, let’s break down the code to clarify the matter.

  • P = Powertrain,
  • 0 = Standard OBD 2,
  • 5 = Idle & Vehicle Speed,
  • 13 = Numbering of the Possible Issue (Faulty Immobilizer).

How Serious is P0513 Code on Cummins?

Can you take the matter of hijacking your car by bypassing security management? Obviously no, right?

That’s why P0513 is a pretty serious issue that you can’t take so lightly. You need to know what’s causing the car’s computer to show this code and troubleshoot correctly. And most importantly, you can never enjoy driving your vehicle when the code is already shown once, and you haven’t done anything yet.

The car won’t start well when the code arrives on the computer screen. On serious occasions, the code can also idle the engine until you resolve the matter.

Ultimately, if you don’t do anything quickly about the problem, it might damage other circuits along with fob ones. As a result, the whole immobilizer system would be of no use.

What Causes P0513 Code On Cummins?

You won’t see P0513 on the car screen now and then. It’s a pretty rare code. And some specific things cause P0513 on Cummins trucks.

As said earlier, the main reason for the P0513 warning on Cummins is car hijacking by confusing or bypassing the immobilizer system. Other causes can make the car system show the code even if the matter is not actually about corrupting the security. Let’s point out those reasons now:

  • A programming error in the vehicle’s software (PCM programming)
  • Faulty or damaged immobilizer key
  • Damaged key fob circuit
  • Bad immobilizer unit

How to Fix P0513 Code on Cummins?

To fix the issue here’s an easy and clear method to troubleshoot.

1. Identification

First of all, you need to know whether the codes are warning about actual problems or not. To do so, connect the scanner with the car’s programming computer.

Step 2: Collecting Codes

Then, write down all the codes saved in a separate handbook.

Step 3: Resetting the Computer

After that, reset all the saved data on the computer. Each Cummins model has a unique way of resetting the computer. You can go through the manual or search the official website for the proper resetting process.

Step 4: Test Drive

Now, go for a test drive. While driving, if the computer shows some codes along with P0513, you can consider the matter true and severe.

Step 5: Replace Damaged Parts if Needed

Most of the time, damaged input, circuit, fob, or keys could cause the immobilizer to malfunction. You can correct them by replacing them with a new set. I think the best thing would be to contact the Cummins local dealership store when you’re not an expert in the automotive sector.

Other Symptoms of Cummins Getting P0513 Code

The code shows some symptoms you can follow to see whether your car is trying to tell you about the immobilizer being bypassed apart from the notification light on the computer screen.

Here are some noticeable common symptoms when a car is rapidly notifying about P0513:

  • Cars are hard to start
  • Check Engine light blinking or flashing consecutively
  • Ghost commands
  • Cars aren’t starting anymore

These are the common symptoms. But you can face some other issues, too, if the immobilizer malfunction is severe. Nevertheless, p0513 can also disable other vehicle systems in some cases, making driving that car very tough and risky.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix P0513 Code On Cummins ?

The problem isn’t widespread even though most cars and trucks have an immobilizer system. The cost of only diagnosing P0513 isn’t less than $100 when you contact the dealer or a garage.

But if you need to replace or fix a car immobilizer, you should at least set your mind to spend around 250-350 dollars.The cost can vary depending on the version of the car you’re driving and the location you’re in right now.

In addition, the price of damaged or burnt-out circuits can also put you in some trouble. That’s why you’ve to identify all the causes behind this issue and fix them together. Troubleshooting every cause separately would make your cost list bigger.

Can You Drive your Cummins with P0513 Code?

It’s not a good idea to drive a Cummins when it’s rapidly showing the p0513 code. Although, p0513 won’t lead to any serious accident. Still, waiting for your car to be repaired and then driving is the best thing here.

The worst-case scenario in p0513 is your car’s not starting suddenly. Suppose you’re going somewhere, and out of nowhere, your car stops and is not restarting.

By imagining it, you can understand what type of trouble you can get into in the middle of a road when P0513 hits the car very hard. The straight answer is you can’t drive your Cummins with P0513 displayed on the screen.

Final Thoughts

Today, I’ve tried to explain what P0513 code means on Cummins vehicles. This discussion told how to identify and troubleshoot the issue without wasting too much time and money.

According to some Cummins owners familiar with p0513, neglecting the trouble code can make your car engine dead.

That’s why you have no other way but to solve the problem as soon as possible. And let me remind you again, don’t try to do something on your own unless you’re a car expert.

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