How to Fix P0471 Code On Cummins? (Everything Explained)

A diagnostic trouble code (DTC) help a Cummins vehicle owner determine the exact issue his vehicle is facing. So, if you are a Cummins automotive owner, you may notice the code p0471. Now, the question is, what does the code means?

The code p0471 on Cummins engine means the performance of exhaust system back pressure sensor is out of normal range.In this case, the powertrain control module (PCM) can detect an abnormal range of voltage readings from the exhaust pressure sensor circuit.

This article will inform you of the responsible reasons, common symptoms, resolving process, fixing cost, and other related information about the code p0471.

So, without wasting any time, let’s start to learn.

P0471 Code On Cummins

What Does Code P0471 Mean On Cummins?

The PCM can set the code p0471 with the engine of your Cummins vehicle. The code represents the higher pressure of the exhaust system back pressure circuit than its normal range.

A linear analog voltage signal can be produced from the exhaust back pressure sensor to define pressure. And it shows that the voltage is higher.  Then, you will not be able to drive your vehicle unless you take the necessary action to resolve the issue.

Now, let’s look at the breakdown of the code p0471 to get a clear concept about the issue of your Cummins automotive.

  • P= Powertrain trouble code for the engine of your vehicle
  • 0= It represents the intake valve control solenoid circuit low
  • 4= Malfunction of the sensor heater circuit
  • 71= Fault with cylinder 10 (In our case, it means the crankshaft position sensor A circuit low input and inaccurate voltage)

How Serious Is P0471 Code on Cummins?

You will be able to drive your Cummins vehicle whenever the PCM shows the code. But it is not that the code is not severe at all. So, you must take steps to overcome the issue.

Most importantly, you may face further problems if you leave this code without fixing it. After a certain period, other codes can appear related to exhaust on your dashboard. And the turbocharger of the engine can be damaged.

And the Cummins vehicle will not run in its regular manner. You may notice several malfunctions in your vehicle. So, think how serious the code is!

What Causes The P0471 Code On Cummins?

A number of reasons are responsible for the appearance of the code p0471 on your Cummins vehicle. The damaged exhaust back pressure sensor is mainly at fault in this case. But aside from this reason, many more potential causes can take place. To know them, look at the following list.

  • Damaged exhaust back pressure sensor
  • Faulty gas pressure sensor
  • An issue with the gas recirculation system
  • Blockage of the tube of a pressure sensor and exhaust manifold
  • Bad electrical connection with exhaust back pressure sensor circuit
  • Open or shorted back pressure sensor

How To Fix The P0471 Code On Cummins?

While fixing the code p0471, you must have proper concentration. Remember that the first step of resolving the problem is diagnosing. Hence, you must diagnose the code properly before going to fix it.

Diagnose the code

Without diagnosing the code, you can’t know the issue that your Cummins vehicle is facing. Now, you may ask, how can you diagnose the code p0471? Well, here is a step-by-step process for diagnosing the code.

Step 1: Scan with OBD-II

You must scan the error code at the very beginning of the process. In this case, you can use the OBD-II scanner. Then, connect the scanner with the dashboard of your car’s computer.

After that, the scanner will illustrate the stored data of the vehicles. And you can get a row idea about the issue of your vehicle.

Step 2: A test drive

After getting the row idea about the code, you can drive your Cummins vehicle to understand its overall condition. The code can be vanished after running a test drive whenever your vehicle has a minor issue.

If you don’t see the code after a test drive, start to test the sensor and associated circuits. ,

Step 3: Check back pressure sensor tube

Now, you have to check the exhaust back pressure sensor. Detach the tube and make sure that it is free from error. You can use an air pressure system to check the tube.

Step 4: Test wiring and connection

After that, you must look for any issues with the wiring and connectors. Investigate the wiring and find any damage that can take place. Then, thoroughly check the electrical connectors. You can use a Digital Volt Ohm Meter in this step.

Step 5: Investigate the power supply circuit

Finally, you have to check the power supply circuit of your Cummins vehicle. You may find an issue with it in most cases.

Fix the code

After diagnosing, the issue is now known to you. So you must take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Step 1: Replace wires and connectors

If you find broken wires or damaged connectors, you have to change them immediately. After replacing new ones, the issue can be resolved.

Step 2: Change the gas recirculation valve

You may find that the exhaust gas recirculation valve is damaged. Then, you have to change it. Get a new one and adjust it firmly.

Step 3: Get a new tube

If you identify a blocked tube, you can repair it. Alternatively, you can get a new tube instead of the old one.

Step 4: Repair or replace the exhaust pressure sensor

We know that the exhaust pressure sensor is mainly responsible for this code. So, you can repair the exhaust pressure sensor. But experts recommend replacing a new one instead of repairing the old one.

Step 5: Replace PCM

After replacing the exhaust pressure sensor, you can still face the code p0471 on your Cummins vehicle. In this case, you have to replace the powertrain control module of your vehicle.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0471 Code On Cummins

  • Check engine light comes on
  • Not starting the car
  • The issue with engine performance
  • Engine misfiring
  • Lack of power from the engine
  • Disable the exhaust back pressure sensor

How Much Does It Cost To Fix P0471 Code On Cummins?

At first, you have to think about the diagnosing cost of the code p0471. To diagnose the code, you may need to pay the mechanic around 135$. The labor cost is included there.

On the other hand, it may need to cost around 320$ to replace the tube. And to get a new exhaust pressure sensor, you need to pay around 450$. Wiring and connectors may require around 50$.

So the overall cost can be 500$ to 1000$ to fix the code p0471 on your Cummins vehicle.

Can You Drive Your Cummins With Code P0471?

Experts never suggest driving the Cummins vehicle while the p0471 is present. It is because you may face many unwanted situations such as engine misfire, sudden stopping, and many more.

So, try to send your Cummins vehicle to a servicing center after noticing the code p0471.


The error code p0471 can be presented primarily for the problem with your vehicle’s exhaust pressure sensor circuit. So, you have to investigate it with proper concentration.

However, we hope you are no longer confused about the code p0471 on your Cummins vehicle. And we recommend you diagnose the code properly. Then, take the initiatives to resolve the problem.

Reread the fixing steps and know what you are doing.

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