How to Fix P0336 Code On Dodge Cummins? (Fully Explained)

Your Dodge Cummins vehicle may face various issues. And these issues can be shown with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). And the code will help you to determine the issue. Besides, the code will let you know what you should do to resolve the issue.

The code p0336 on a Dodge Cummins means an improper voltage and malfunction of the crankshaft position sensor. While the dodge Cummins vehicle faces this issue, the ECM shows the performance error of the A circuit of the crankshaft position sensor and can’t get the proper signal.

This article will inform you about the symptoms, causes, fixing process, fixing cost, and other crucial information about the code p0336. Keep reading to find out more.

P0336 Code On Dodge Cummins

What Does Code P0336 Mean On Dodge Cummins?

Tracking the crankshaft’s speed is the primary duty of the position sensor. And the trouble code p0336  indicates the performance error of the crankshaft position sensor. Whenever the Cummins vehicle faces this issue, the code can be stored in the Engine Control Module (ECM).

The ECM and position sensors help to control the emission performance of the Dodge Cummins vehicles. A signal is sent to the ECM through the voltage, ground, and signal wires of the sensor.

Now, let’s look at the breakdown of the code p0336 to get a clear concept.

  • P= It refers to the powertrain trouble code for the engine.
  • 0= It represents the common issue of intake valve control solenoid circuit.
  • 3= Means lower voltage of A circuit
  • 36= indicates a specific fault index (In our case, it means Malfunction with ignition coil A circuit)

How Serious Is The P0336 Code on Dodge Cummins?

The code p0336 is extremely serious. After noticing this code, you should have reasonable concern about your Dodge Cummins vehicle.

Undoubtedly, you will face difficulties in starting the vehicle. Even sometimes, the automobile will not get started. And your car will be unreliable for you.

Other engine components in your Dodge Cummins vehicle, in particular, can be damaged if you don’t address the code p0336 right away. And random misfiring can take place as well.

On the other hand, the vehicle’s engine can make a loud noise while driving.  As a result, driving your Dodge Cummins vehicle will make you uncomfortable. In addition, rough running can be noticed in your car. So, you must take the necessary steps immediately against the code.

What Causes The P0336 Code On Dodge Cummins?

Many reasons are responsible for the code p0336 on the Dodge Cummins vehicle. The crankshaft sensor is primarily accountable for this code. However, the following possible causes can’t be ignored.

  • Fault with crankshaft position sensor
  • Damaged signal plate
  • Burned or broken wires and circuits
  • Faulty Reluctor ring
  • Poor connection to the connector
  • Fault with the starter motor
  • Bad ECM
  • Problem with starting system circuit
  • Improperly installed Reluctor ring
  • Problem with the battery
  • Engine misfire

How To Fix P0336 Code On Dodge Cummins?

After noticing the code p0336 on your Dodge Cummins vehicle, you have to consult with an expert mechanic to fix the issue. In this case, the first work is to diagnose the exact problem. Here are the steps for fixing the code p0336 on Dodge Cummins.

Step 1: Diagnose The Issue

Diagnosing is a very crucial step. You have to accomplish this step with proper concentration. Otherwise, you will not be able to address the exact issue.

To scan the code p0336, you have to use the OBD-II scanner. You are then overlooking the crankshaft by using the scanner. Determine any breaks, burns, or damage to the wiring.

Then, inspect the position sensor and other parts visually. Now, you have to observe the Reluctor wheel closely. And measure the gap between the Reluctor wheel and the crankshaft sensor.

Step 2: Repair The Crank Sensor

If you find the issue associated with the crank sensor issue, you have to repair it. Repair the wires of the sensor if they get broken or burned. Moreover, you may need to repair the circuits of the sensor. So, never hesitate to do that.

At the same time, the connectors of the crankshaft sensor can be damaged. So take steps to repair them.

Importantly, if you find any component fully damaged, replace it. Then, take a new part and install that with the necessary care.

Step 3: Replace Reluctor Wheel

The Reluctor wheel is a crucial component. The main work of the wheel is to provide reading to the ECM. But it will not do that properly if it gets damaged.

So, you must replace a new one in case of a damaged Reluctor ring. But how can you trigger the problem associated with the Reluctor ring? You can determine it by hearing the rattling sound caused by the damaged Reluctor ring.

Step 4: Repair Engine Misfire Issue

The engine misfire problem is also responsible for the code p0336. So if you find the engine misfire problem, you must take the necessary steps immediately.

Step 5: Replace ECM

ECM is a primary component of any vehicle. But sometimes, it may get at fault for numerous reasons. In this circumstance, you have to reprogram the ECM system.

Alternatively, you can get a new ECM for your old Cummins vehicle. It will be a good measure if you don’t wish to face further issues.

Step 6: Replace Other Engine Parts

Because of the code p0336, many engine parts can be damaged. You have to replace these engine parts to get the vehicle’s speed.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0336 Code On Dodge Cummins

You will identify some common symptoms in your Dodge Cummins vehicle after taking the code p0336.

  • Hard to start the vehicle
  • Engine misfire
  • Check engine light
  • Loss the fuel
  • Rough running motor
  • Engine stalling
  • Bad performance of the engine
  • The vibration of the engine

How Much Does It Cost To Fix P0336 Code On Dodge Cummins?

The overall cost depends on the required parts. If you need to replace the Crankshaft, it will cost around 190$ to 250$. On the contrary, wiring and circuit replacement may cost a minimum of $100. And it may go up to 1000$ based on the number of wires damaged.

Besides, you should pay 65$ to a maximum of 800$ for repairing and replacing of Reluctor ring.

And the diagnosis cost will be around $150. So, you may need to cost a minimum of 500$ t2,500 dollars ix the code p0336.

Can You Drive Your Dodge Cummins With Code P0336?

Experts never suggest driving a Dodge Cummins vehicle with the code p0336. You will face serious issues such as engine misfiring, sudden stop, and many more.

So, the best way to avoid the hazardous situation is not to drive the dodge Cummins vehicle while showing the code p0336.


Your Dodge Cummins vehicle will not be started regularly because of the code p0336. Even if you don’t take immediate steps, the other parts of the engine can be damaged.

We recommend you read the diagnosing and repairing steps again to understand the fixing process. and take the necessary steps immediately to resolve the issue.

However, all the described solutions will work well to fix the code p0336 on dodge Cummins vehicles. You just need to follow the steps with proper concentration.

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