How to Fix P0234 Code On Cummins? (Everything Explained)

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) indicate the problem in a car. These codes help find the problem faster and resolve it quickly. But have you ever wondered what code P0234 means on Cummins?

The code P0234 on the Cummins means the car’s turbocharger is in ‘A’ over boost condition. Sticky wastegate, wastegate failure, broken boost controller, and jammed supply hose are responsible for this code.

You’ll notice symptoms when the code comes on your car’s control panel. It’s a bad idea to drive a vehicle with the P0234 code. Black smoke coming out of the exhaust pollutes the air.

But don’t worry! We’ll discuss how you can identify these crucial signs. This P0234 code has pretty unique solutions. Take a look at the discussion below to find them.

What Is P0234 Code On Cummins?

P0234 is generally a DTC code that identifies the problem with the turbocharger or supercharger’s over-boost condition. You’ll better understand this code if it is broken down into a simple version.

  • P = Powertrain, elements of the system to move the car forward ( in this scenario, the turbocharger)
  • 0 = A generic code according to SAE
  • 2 = Fuel or air in the vehicle’s engine component
  • 34 = Indicates the turbocharger or supercharger’s ‘A’ overboost condition.

An over-boosted turbocharger can’t maintain engine temperature. A superheated engine consumes more fuel and delivers less power. This DTC code will pop up on the car’s control panel if there is an issue with engine connections.

How Serious Is P0234 Code On Cummins?

P0234 is a pretty severe problem on Cummins. This code hampers the overall engine performance of the car. It can even change the engine’s shape if the problem isn’t solved fast.

The inter boost pressure provides power to the engine to work at an optimum level. In an over-boost condition, the machine can’t handle more power than its capability.

But before the engine fails, the P0234 code sends signals to the driver. If the driver cannot notice them, then the real problem begins. The P0234 code can appear depending on any type of issue.

A damaged turbocharger is the most crucial problem. This affects the overall car’s performance. The engine consumes more fuel to generate more power.

 What Causes The P0234 Code On Cummins?

Several reasons are behind the P0234 code on Cummins. You can find out the problem quickly if you know the causes behind the Cummins P0234 code.

Sweaty Wastegate

Air particulates make a wastegate sticky. The wastegate valve is the real culprit behind the P0234 code. A damaged air filter is unable to clear the air. Hence, it triggers this code.

Wastegate Failure

A faulty solenoid of the wastegate valve is the real reason behind wastegate failure. Car engine failure occurs if the issue isn’t resolved early.

Defective Boost Controller

An imbalanced boost controller pressure issue comes up because of the solenoid. A defective boost controller can’t read the pressure correctly.

Jammed Supply Hose

The boost controller of a car is connected to the supply hose. The turbocharger spins higher than usual, resulting in over-boosting.

How To Fix P0234 Code On Cummins?

Fixing the P0234 code on Cummins is a tough job. It’s better to inspect the car before driving. There are some common solutions to fix this error code.

1. Scan The Code

Use an On-board Diagnostics OBD (On-board Diagnostics)-II scanner to confirm the P0234 code. Recheck the code once you’ve diagnosed it with the scanner.

2. Restoring Wastegate

It’s tough to restore the wastegate. Replacing the old one with a new wastegate solves the problem faster.

3. Replace The Wastegate Valve

The actuator of the wastegate valve must be replaced. Inspect the actuator before you return it. Replace the valve fast if the result differs on a remarkable level.

4. Clean Jammed Supply Hose

Vacuum cleaning is the best solution for jammed supply hoses. Connect the vacuum cleaner’s pipe to the supply hose for a perfect clean.

5. Replace Wastegate Control Hose

There’s no alternative to replacing the wastegate control hose. A leaking hose has to be replaced with a new one.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0234 Code On Cummins

Your car will display some symptoms if the P0234 Code occurs. These indications are physically visible. Here are the additional symptoms of the Cummins P0234 Code.

Black Smoke

A sticky wastegate can’t filter out the air particulates properly. As a result, black smoke comes out of the car’s exhaust.

Less Engine Power

Wastegate failure occurs due to a sweaty wastegate and defective solenoid valve. It takes high power to run the engine.

Engine Light Detection

The engine light will pop on since the boost controller can’t operate accurately. An incorrect pressure reading is an actual reason that makes the light glow up.

Super Hot Engine

A Jammed supply hose won’t be able to deliver genuine power to the engine. Your car has a P0234 issue if the engine temperature is higher than the average.

 How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Cummins P0234 Code?

The fixing cost varies on the car’s model type and the seriousness of the problem.

It’ll cost you less if the wastegate hose is broken or leakage is present. But fixing a wastegate valve takes a significant sum. Be prepared to spend between 100 to 300 bucks for a broken wastegate valve.

Cleaning the turbo is more costly than cleaning other parts. The labor cost varies depending on the shop’s reputation and service. The average cost of cleaning the turbo is around 300 to 600 bucks.

It’s better to do regular maintenance of the engine than to suffer later. Keeping the car on a routine check will help you find problems faster.

 Can You Drive With Your Cummins With Code P0234?

Driving with the P0234 code on the Cummins is not a good idea. However, you can drive your car with this code if you love to take risks. But this code directly indicates a problem in the engine section.

While driving, the P0234 code on the control panel means the engine is overheated. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to re-ignite the power source.

Your car will generate black smoke because of a broken machine. Black smoke will cost you a hefty fine because of environmental pollution.

Hose connection leakage increases the fuel cost. Plus, it can be a reason for explosions when exposed. So, consider it before you drive your car with code P0234!


The Cummins code P0234 is terrible news for your car. You must know the symptoms so that you can fix the problem fast. It’ll save you a fat sum in the long run. Replacing the booster sensor after scanning is the best solution.

We hope the analysis of what code P0234 means on Cummins has given you a better view of the code. A test drive is a better option to find out the code P0234. Good luck with fixing your car’s turbocharger!

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