How to Fix the U1403 DTC Code on Dodge with Expert Insights

U1403 is one of the most frequent engine trouble codes. This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) represents an implausible fuel level signal on Dodge.

The Fuel Level Sensor transmits the fuel level information to the BDM, which transfers this information to the PCM. If this sent message is implausible, this code is set. Most likely, a faulty fuel pump is responsible for this trouble code.

So when the check engine light is ON, and you link your car up to a code reader, it may often show a DTC code U1403. So what do you do then?

Read the full article below to learn about the diagnostic trouble code u1403 and how to fix it.

How to Fix the U1403 DTC Code on Dodge

What Does The U1403 Code Mean For Dodge?

The definition of engine trouble code U1403 is “implausible fuel level signal received.” This code represents a kind of network problem.

The instrument cluster module reads the fuel level and sends this info to the Body Control Module (BDM). The BDM transmits this message to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) over the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus.

When the fuel level message that the Powertrain Control Module has received is implausible, this U1403 code is stored on the vehicle. A brief description of this code is given below.

  • U = OBD 2 diagnostic network trouble code for the engine.
  • 1 = Fuel and Air Metering
  • 4 = 02 sensor circuit malfunction
  • 03 = Transmission problem (In this case, exhaust gas recirculation sensor B circuits high malfunctions).

How Serious Is The U1403 Code On Dodge?

U1403 is an engine trouble code that can create many serious problems for your car. This code indicates that your vehicle has a broken MAF sensor or a faulty Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

Due to this trouble code, the engine’s performance becomes hampered. The car seems harder to start and may fail to start. The vehicle can also begin to stall because of a broken MAF sensor. So, detecting this code on your Dodge must be considered an acute condition, and the car should be taken to a repair center.

What Causes U1403 Code on Dodge?

The main reason for getting this U1403 engine trouble code is the 02 sensor heater circuit malfunction. Besides, this error code can be set when an emissions-related problem is found in the exhaust.

Some other potential causes can be responsible for this code, which include:

  • A leaky or faulty fuel pump
  • Defective Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
  • CAN bus circuit is open or shorted.
  • Defective Body Control Module (BDM)
  • Faulty electrical ground connection.
  • A bad fuel level sensor
  • Integrated Power Module (TIPM)

How To Fix The U1403 Code on Dodge?

Fixing U1403 on Dodge could be tricky, as diagnosing the main reason behind this code is difficult enough. So it’s better to take the car to an auto mechanic.

But, if you’re confident enough and want to save money, you can try it on yourself by following the steps and procedures discussed below:

Step-1: Repair the disconnected or corroded wiring harness.

Start by checking the wiring harness and connectors. If you notice any disconnected, bent, or corroded wiring or connectors, repair those by following this guideline:

First, locate the damaged area and cut and remove the damaged wire. If you need to replace a length of wire, be sure to match the gauge size of the original one. Never use a smaller gauge replacement wire.

Now bend the wire ends at 90 degrees. Then overlap the two wires. Twist the ends in opposite directions to wrap around the wire. You must have a clean connection before soldering.

Use Rosin-Core Solder for all your cleaning and electrical repairs. The solder should melt between the wire strands. Once you have enough solder on the joint, remove the heat and let the solder cool.

Now clear the code and see if it comes back. If the code returns, check out the next step.

Step-2: Clean the dirty spark plugs

Dirty or fouled spark plugs are undoubtedly responsible for this code. Diagnose if there are any dirty spark plugs.

Use a wire brush and give the spark plugs a bit of a scrub. You can also use a sturdy knife to remove tough deposits.

After cleaning the plugs, clear the code and recheck it. If your car still shows this code, go to check the MAF sensor.

Step-3: Repair the broken MAF sensor

A broken MAF sensor must be checked and repaired as required. Repairing a mass airflow (MAF) sensor shouldn’t be so difficult.

First, shake out the dust by unscrewing some bolts and using a MAF sensor-specific cleaner. If this procedure doesn’t work, replacing the MAF sensor is usually straightforward.

Step-4: Replace the PCM.

If neither of these steps is efficient, replacing the PCM is seemingly a possible way to eliminate this trouble code. If you’re not confident enough to replace it yourself, go to a mechanic and replace the bad one.

Other Symptoms Of Getting U1403 Code On Dodge?

Turning on the check engine light is one of the most frequent symptoms of setting this code on Dodge. Other symptoms of getting this code may include:

  • Poor engine performance
  • Engine stalling or misfiring
  • Harder to start or not start the car
  • The engine light is ON

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Dodge U1403 Code?

The cost of fixing the trouble code U1403 may vary by the location, engine type, make, and model of the vehicle. In most cases, the diagnostic cost of this code is one hour of labor.

In most auto repair shops, the technicians demand around $75 to $150 per hour. The replacement cost depends on the type of component you need to replace. The replacement cost is between $240 and $400, depending on the problem.

Can You Drive Your Dodge With the U1403 Code?

Typically, you can drive your Dodge with this code for a few weeks or even months. But after some time, your car will begin stalling because of the lack of gas mileage. Eventually, your car’s engine starts.

So, you’re recommended not to drive your car until the code is resolved. Otherwise, the problem will worsen, and the cost of fixing it will increase.


U1403 is a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) common for most vehicles, including Dodge. Detecting this code on Dodge reveals an implausible fuel level signal received by your car’s Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

As we mentioned above, this code creates a severe condition for your car. So, whenever you notice any symptoms of this code, check the code using a code reader. If the code is found, go for the repairing process by yourself or with the help of a technician.

Whether you were looking for information and knew about this U1403 code on Dodge, we hope you’ve got everything you searched for through this article.

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