How to Fix the P0750 DTC Code on Dodge Ram (Pro Solutions)

The P0750 code is a pretty common DTC to flash on your engine. However, if you are unaware of the symptoms, you cannot verify them; without knowing the solution, you cannot fix them. Hence, a couple of minutes of reading through this article will be a big help.

So, the P0750 code on your Dodge Ram indicates ‘Shift Solenoid ‘A’ Malfunction.’ The Powertrain Control Module monitors the shift solenoids, which maneuver the fluid movement between hydraulic circuits. If the shift solenoid starts malfunctioning, the PCM detects it and sets the P0750 code.

Besides the basic information about the code P0750, you need to know about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, solutions to fix it, and, of course, the cost of the fix. Without further ado, we’ll get into them.

How to Fix the P0750 DTC Code on Dodge Ram

What Does Code P0750 Mean On A Dodge Ram?

There are 6 solenoids in the Transmission Control System (TCS) that control fluid pressure between different transmission friction elements like clutch packs and bands.

PCM checks and tests the solenoids to see if they are running correctly. In these tests, each solenoid is turned on by the Powertrain Control Module and turned off in a few milliseconds.

The TCS directs for this test, and if a solenoid fails the test thrice, a P0750 code is set by the PCM. After this, a ‘limp in’ mode is set in the transmission, so it cannot shift past the 1st or 2nd gear.

The TCS repeatedly conducts the test at start-up and after 10-second intervals from that point. The repeated tests prevent a damaged transmission. Here is a breakdown of code p0750 on dodge ram.

  • P = OBD-II Diagnostic Powertrain
  • 0 =Intake Valve Control Solenoid Circuit Low
  • 7 = Malfunction of the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit
  • 50 = Performance Downfall of Shift Solenoid ‘A.’

How Serious Is P0750 Code On Dodge Ram?

The code P0750 is likely to be the beginning of severe damage in transmission. The solenoids can malfunction if there is extremely filthy fluid in the transmission.

It can also occur if metal particles block the shift solenoid or valve body, which eventually sets up the P0750 code. The mechanical parts inside the transmission may be dispersed, creating a blockage.

So, what happens if you ignore the code P0750 and keep running your vehicle as usual? The primary issue would be a failure in shifting out of gear. And the next stage would be to limit your Dodge Ram’s speed to only 35 mph.

And if you still keep running your Dodge in this condition, there will undoubtedly be permanent transmission damage, along with the engine.

What Causes P0750 Code On Dodge Ram?

If we look at the causes, the issue will be more evident to you. The primary reason is a defective Solenoid A. There are plenty of other evil forces working behind it-

  • Shallow transmission fluid level
  • Debris and excessive dirt accumulate in the transmission fluid.
  • Poor or shorted cables or connectors of Solenoid A
  • Faulty changeover solenoid A
  • Blocked transmission filter
  • A defective valve body assembly

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0750 Code On Dodge Ram?

With any DTC code set up on your Dodge Ram, the primary symptom would be the illumination of the check engine light. But the particular symptoms for the code P0750 include-

  • The inability of the Dodge Ram to shift from first to second gear
  • Rough or time-consuming shifting of the gear
  • The engine misfires frequently.
  • Limp mode is turned on in your Dodge Ram
  • Limiting the speed to 35 mph
  • Dodge Ram not moving in gear
  • Low fuel economy
  • An increase in fuel usage
  • Transmission reheating

How To Fix The P0750 Code On A Dodge Ram?

The main reason your transmission component is damaged is probably because of the dirty transmission fluid due to a lack of maintenance. Low fluid levels can also trigger the code P0750. However, a refill of the transmission fluid cannot save the damage.

So, let’s start with the diagnosis steps and then carry on to the solutions.

Step 1: Diagnosis

  • Use a scan tool to scan the PCM or ECM.
  • Look for stored codes in the scanner readings and check for freeze frame data for each code.
  • Take your Dodge Ram to a test drive with the scanner attached while slowly speeding up to 35 mph.
  • Observe the scanner readings to see if a makeshift from first to second gear command has been provided to solenoid A by the PCM.
  • If the shift fails, there you go, a defect with the solenoid A generating code P0750

Step 2: Change Transmission Fluid

Check the level of transmission fluid and also if there is any contamination. Suppose the fluid seems like the issue; change it along with the filter.

Step 3: Repair Faulty Cables or Connectors

The next step is to inspect all the cables and their connectors. If you find worn-out connectors or cables, you need to repair them or replace them if necessary.

Step 4: Replace Transmission Valve Body

If everything seems ok, the problem is probably the transmission valve body. Replace it.

Step 5: Shift Solenoid Repair

If the transmission is fine too, the defect is in the shift solenoid itself. Hence, you need to repair it or even replace it if necessary.

That should wrap up the P0750 code situation with your Dodge Ram.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Dodge Ram P0750 Code?

Let’s start with the labor cost for diagnosis, which would be about $75 to 150 dollars for an hour. Luckily, the whole diagnosis and repair process will take about an hour.

If there is a shorted cable or connector, that wouldn’t add to your costs. However, if you need to replace the transmission valve body, it will cost you about $550.

And if you need to replace a shift solenoid, the cost will be around $50 to $70.

Can You Drive Your Dodge Ram With Code P0750?

A code P0750 on your Dodge Ram means that there is a shift solenoid malfunctioning, which controls the automatic transmission fluid. And hence, the defect restricts the shift from first to second gear.

The shift points are controlled by a powertrain module, as mentioned earlier. So, a P0750 implies a certain RPM is out of range and not recognizable by the PCM. The P0750 can also generate other codes associated with transmission.

In this way, there would be increased difficulty in gear shifting. Eventually, it would lead to limiting the speed. And if you keep driving, the engine would lose its fuel economy, resulting in a performance downfall.

Hence, even though it does not immediately create severe problems with your Dodge Ram, driving it with the code on would only result in permanent transmission or even engine damage.


Issues with the shift solenoid should not be ignored. Instead, you should be alarmed if you can diagnose the code P0750 on your Dodge Ram.

The best thing to do in this situation is to quickly take it to a professional mechanic or a reputed automobile shop. Even if you are an automobile enthusiast, we suggest you not work on the transmission yourself because transmissions are very complex parts associated with the PCM.

So, if you damage them with inappropriate disassembly or repair steps, it will also damage the PCM. Hence, that’s a big no-no.

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