How to Fix P0868 Code On Dodge Cummins? (Fully Explained)

Your Dodge Cummins will show diagnostic trouble codes[DTC] such as P0868 to make you aware of existing problems. Codes such as these alarm the driver about possible symptoms that will help you clarify what you need to fix.

P0868 is a code that usually indicates issues related to the transmission fluid lines. One of the many reasons that could cause this code to pop up is a leak in the fluid transmission line.

Ignoring this code for some time can expose you to potential safety hazards. However, this was just a snap of the detailed process we are going to discuss in this article. If you want to save yourself and your dodge truck, then keep reading below.

P0868 Code On Dodge Cummins

What Does Code P0868 Mean On Dodge Cummins?

Whenever you see the code P0868, that means your truck is going through malfunctions regarding transmission fluid pressure. Your Dodge Cummins has a powertrain control module[PCM]. The PCM’s job is to identify the current pressure of the transmission fluid.

If the transmission fluid pressure varies from low to high, your truck shows you this code. Here’s a breakdown of the code P0868:

  • P= Powertrain
  • 0= General number according to SAE standard
  • 8= Transmission [the transmission system of the truck]
  • 68= Specific fault index [as in faults linked to transmission fluid pressure]

How Serious Is P0868 Code On Dodge Cummins?

Seeing this code while driving is bad news. It is always wise to pull up somewhere safe and check for the problem during this situation.

A vehicle having symptoms of a faulty transmission fluid pressure is severe. It is important to pay significant attention to this code.

Not tending to the needs of your truck will increase the risk of greater damage, such as a damaged gearbox, leaking transmission line, etc. As a result, not paying attention will make your repairs expensive.

What Causes P0868 Code on Dodge Cummins?

A lot of reasons can force your truck to show you this code to ask for help. One of the common reasons that cause this code is a defective PCM.

When the PCM malfunctions, it gives the wrong reading of the pressure in the transmission fluid line. Which in turn triggers code P0868. Other possible causes include:

  • Leak in transmission fluid line
  • Damaged transmission fluid pump
  • Faulty transmission fluid temperature sensor
  • Defective wiring

How To Fix P0868 Code On Dodge Cummins?

Before starting fixing, make sure to have an OBD II trouble code scanner with you. It is must-have equipment that will aid you in fixing and spotting the problem bothering your vehicle. After you have this, now learn how to save your truck from harm by following these instructions below:

Step 1: Acquire the freeze frame data

Use your scanner and find out the freeze frame data. This data will tell you about the symptoms that are affecting your car. The scanner will also help you discover other DTC codes if they are present.

Step 2: Search for leaks

Check the transmission fluid levels. If the fluid level is low, then there is a leak. Find where the leaks are and repair them.

Step 3: Check if the temperature sensor is working properly or not

When you don’t find any leaks, it’s time to check the temperature sensor. If it is giving the wrong reading, then it is faulty. It is a minor issue; fixing it or replacing it will solve the situation.

Step 4: Examine the transmission fluid and Change it if necessary

If your temperature sensor gives you the right reading, then check the transmission fluid. Check the fluid carefully, and see if the fluid is burnt or not. Burnt transmission fluid always requires replacing. Replacing it will make your truck’s condition better.

Step 5: Fix the gearbox and replace it if you need to

Possibly the issues listed above might not affect your car. When that’s the case, inspect your gearbox. There’s a chance that the gearbox could be malfunctioning. If it is, repair or replaces it depending on the condition.

Step 6: Check the transmission fluid pump’s condition

The pump is an important part of the transmission system. Which is responsible for pumping fluid to the entire system. The gears may be in good shape. Thus, the next step is to check the transmission fluid pump. Depending on its condition, replace it or go for repairs.

Step 7: Repair the PCM if it is not functioning well

A power control module is responsible for showing you diagnostic trouble codes. If the PCM is not working well, it will show you incorrect codes. Due to that, you will be misled. When that’s the fault, repair the PCM.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0868 Code On Dodge Cummins

Knowing the symptoms will aid you during critical times. So after you see the code on your dodge, you know what to look for. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Engine getting overheated
  • Not having enough transmission fluid
  • Gearbox malfunction
  • The transmission system can overheat

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Dodge Cummins P0868 code?

On average, your cost will be lower than 100$ when you put effort into fixing the issue by yourself. Whereas paying a mechanic at an hourly rate will usually cost you between 75$-100$.

Repairing and replacing expenses of parts such as gearbox, PCM, etc., vary on their market price. All these parts usually cost over 100$.

Can You Drive Your Dodge Cummins With Code P0868?

Yes, It is possible to drive while ignoring code P0868. But it is not wise. The problems code P0868 tells you about could both be minor or major. If it is a normal sensor problem, then you can keep driving.

And during the major critical issues, you will notice the symptoms. It is smart to stop driving when you see this code. After stopping the truck, check inside the hood to identify the problem.


Doing regular maintenance of your truck will keep your vehicle in tiptop shape. The more you take care of your truck, the better it will prevent further problems from arising.

Address the issues of code P0868 at the right time, which will increase your truck’s reliability and durability. Fixing the P0868 code-related problems will ensure that your truck performs well during critical moments.

It is natural to have less time on hand to do repairs by yourself. When this sort of matter arises, feel free to go to your local auto repair shop for assistance.

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