How to Fix P0107 Code On Cummins? (Complete Solutions)

As the owner of a Cummins vehicle, you may face diagnostic trouble codes on your vehicle. And, once you’ve discovered the code, you’ll need to act quickly to rectify the situation. The best way to act is by asking What does the code p0107 mean on Cummins?”

The code p0107 means the MAP circuit sensor of your Cummins vehicle has a lower voltage to the engine control unit (ECU). Because of the issue, the engine may not be operated properly.

This article will describe the code p0107, including its causes, symptoms, steps to fix, cost to fix, and all other necessary information. So, let’s start to explore.

P0107 Code On Cummins

What Does Code P0107 Mean On Cummins?

The code p0107 on your Cummins vehicle means that the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor circuit has a lower voltage than its normal parameters. The MAP sensor is used to measure the pressure of the intake manifold.

The ECM of your Cummins vehicle, in particular, monitors the MAP sensor. When the ECM detects a lower voltage from the MAP sensor, it stores the code. Now, let’s look at the breakdown of the code p0107.

  • P=Powertrain trouble code for the engine
  • 0= It refers to the intake valve control solenoid circuit low
  • 1= Fuel system pressure is very high
  • 07= indicates a specific fault index (In our case, it means MAP sensor circuit malfunction)

How Serious Is Cummins P0107 Code?

Undoubtedly, the code p0107 is extremely serious for your Cummins vehicle. The overall engine speed of your vehicle will be decreased because of this code.

Besides, you will face issues with starting your Cummins automotive. And excessive fuel will be consumed in this situation. And you may notice the rough operation of your vehicle after showing the code p0107.

So, in this case, you will not be allowed to carry on your driving. Even if you don’t take the necessary measures immediately, other engine parts can be damaged.

What Causes The P0107 Code On Cummins?

Many causes are responsible for the code p0107 on your Cummins vehicle. Among them, the faulty manifold absolute pressure sensor is the most common.

Here is a list that contains several other causes of MAP circuit low voltage problems. Let’s have a look at the reasons.

  • Bad wiring
  • Damaged or broken connectors
  • Faulty manifold absolute pressure sensor
  • Open or shorted MAP sensor
  • Issues with the electrical connection of the MAP sensor
  • Problem with engine control module (ECM)
  • Shorted fan clutch
  • An issue with the signal circuit

How To Fix P0107 Code On Cummins?

Resolving the code p0107 is not a difficult task as well. But you have to move through strategically. Remember that to accomplish the fixing process, you must follow the process with some basic steps.

Here is the ultimate process with some crucial steps.


Before you fix the code, you must diagnose it with the necessary equipment. Let’s learn how to diagnose the code p0107 on your Cummins vehicle.

Step 1: Scan The Code

After noticing the code, you have to scan it. By scanning the code, you will clearly understand your vehicle’s issue.

For this purpose, you can use an OBD-II scanner. It will let you know the exact issue.

Step 2: Visually Inspect

Now, you need to inspect the MAP sensor visually. This is a practical step for triggering the exact problem of your Cummins vehicle.

Step 3: Check The Electrical Connection

After that, you should check the electrical connection of the sensor. Ensure that the connectors are not damaged or corroded.

Step 4: Loot At The Reference Voltage

Measure the voltage of the sensor. Remember that the accurate voltage is about 5 volts. You may notice the voltage is lower than usual.

Step 5: Check The Map Sensor

At the end of the diagnosis process, you have to check the MAP sensor. Keep in mind that it is a vital step.

Necessary Repair and Replacement:

After diagnosing the code, you must take the necessary steps to fix the code. Never forget to follow the steps.

Step 1: Replace The Map Sensor

If you find issues with the manifold absolute pressure sensor, you need to replace it. You can accomplish this step with OEM equivalent parts.

Step 2: Replace The Wires And Connectors

You can get issues with the wires and connections of the MAP sensor. In this case, you must replace the broken cables and damaged connectors.

Notably, find new compatible wires and connectors and adjust them firmly.

Step 3: Change Bent Connector Pins

On the contrary, you can find bent or broken connector pins. You must replace them with the necessary care.

Step 4: Repair Electrical Connection

In this step, you have to repair the electrical connection. We already know that the poor electrical connection of the MAP sensor circuit is responsible for this code.

So, repair the poor connection.

Step 5:  Repair Boost Pressure Sensor Signal Circuit

At the same time, the issue can be shown with your vehicle’s boost pressure sensor signal circuit. Then, you must repair the shortness of this with the ground circuit.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0107 Code On Cummins

There are many symptoms you may notice on your Cummins vehicle. Among them, some common symptoms are as follows.

  • Coming on the check engine light on your Cummins vehicle’s dashboard
  • Engine misfiring
  • Late to start
  • Issues with engine performance
  • Don’t run the vehicle in a regular manner
  • Excessive fuel consumption

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The P0107 Code On Cummins?

The overall cost to fix the code p0107 depends on the needed components and the labor cost. However, to diagnose the code, you may need to cost around $135.

On the other hand, to replace broken wires and connectors, you may need to pay around $100. you need to replace a new MAP sensor, it may cost 150$ to 250$.

So, the cost to fix the code will be around $500 to $700.

Can You Drive Your Cummins With Code P0107?

You wish not to face an accident, right? Then, it is not suggested to drive a Cummins vehicle whenever it is showing the code p0107. But if you do, you can face many difficulties.

But you may need to drive your vehicle in an emergency. In that case, you must be aware and prepared to face any issues.

However, we recommend not driving your Cummins vehicle whenever you notice the code p0107. And we encourage you to send your car to a service center immediately.


Each error code has some unique characteristics. Similarly, the code p0107 appears on your Cummins vehicle for some basic reasons.  So, never be worried. You can fix the code by following the step-by-step process mentioned here.

However, we hope you can now fully diagnose the code p0107. And we believe you can take the necessary steps after noticing the code on your automobile.

Importantly, never forget the worst side of this code. And keep in mind that if you do late to resolve the code, your Cummins vehicle will face many severe issues.

Good luck! 

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