5 Best Tuner For 5.7 Hemi Challenger Review In 2022

Finding my review on the best tuner for 5.7 Hemi Challenger means that you want your car to perform beyond the factory-default settings.

That is why I have done in-depth research and found 5 models worth recommending. Those who have done some inquiry on their own must know that all tuners are not the same. In this article, I have described the reasons to choose those specific brands and what you can expect from them. I won’t waste any more time. Let’s begin.

Best Tuner For 5.7 Hemi Challenger Reviews:

Owning a 5.7 Hemi Challenger gas engine is the perfect symbol of showing the need for grit, power, and performance. And, you can take it to the next level by unlocking the true potential of the engine with the help of one of these tuners.

1. Tuners’ Dream Device: HP Tuners Standard


  • Compatibility: 2008-2021 Hemi Challenger
  • Screen Size: Not Applicable
  • Display Type: Not Applicable (Operable through a computer)
  • Weight: ‎0.5 pounds

HP Tuners offer a complete package that includes a computer module, VCM editor, and a scanner. The module connects to your truck and the other two work as software support. Together, they are capable of providing a wide range of adjustable features.

With the help of this tuner, you can modify the parameters of spark, fuel, RPM limit, fan speed, transmission shift point, pressure, and many more. Moreover, the list also includes controlling the exhaust valve and speedometer settings. The best part is that the tuner doesn’t cost a lot of money.

It is also possible to view, chart, and log the diagnostic data via your truck’s OBDII port and in real-time. Users review this model very conveniently because of its ability to show the Diagnostic Trouble Codes and help clear them for ensuring a smooth riding experience.

One can easily download the VCM editor and scanner from the official website of HP Tuners without spending anything. Now, unleashing the true performance of a 5.7L Hemi Challenger is no big deal with the help of MPVI2.

Lastly, I want to mention that the latest version of the hardware named MPVI2+ is now available on Amazon. Click here to check out the more advanced model which costs slightly more than its predecessor.


  • Included OBDII and USB cable in the package
  • Reliable and well-optimized tuner for improved performance
  • Very fast in applying the changes without giving you trouble
  • Convenient option of seeing the file and modifying in CSV format
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easier operation


  • Compatible with a very limited number of vehicles

2. Good for Loading Custom Tunes: SCT Performance – 40490


  • Compatibility: 2009-2010 Hemi Challenger
  • Screen Size: 5” (with buttons)
  • Display Type: Color LCD; Not Touch Responsive
  • Weight: ‎.97 pounds

There are not many tuners with the capability of holding up to 20 custom tunes at the same time. However, it is not the only reason for SCT Performance – 40490’s fame. The tuner is popular and widely trusted because of the necessary adjustable features and functionalities.

For example, it creates a backup of the existing settings and parameters before you start tuning the engine. As a result, you can restore the factory default settings if something goes wrong with your customizations. Therefore, one can do some experiments with their engine performance and find the right tuning.

SCT Performance 40490 is not only a performance-enhancing tool but also a diagnostic tool that allows you to read and clear DTCs. It is a cloud tuning device with an easy upgrading option through the internet. You can easily do that because of its WiFi connectivity feature.

On the front, you will see a large color screen with 5 buttons for easy navigation. But you should know that the screen is not touch responsive. Whether you are looking to increase the towing power of the truck or increasing fuel efficiency, you can rely on SCT Performance 40490 for your 5.7 Hemi Challenger.


  • WiFi capable cloud tuning and updates through the internet
  • Stable and reliable performance
  • Easy to monitor performance after applying the customizations
  • Supports reading and clearing DTCs for better performance
  • Good onboard memory size holding up to 20 custom tunes


  • A bit difficult for custom tuning compared to competitors

3. Wide Range of Compatibility: NEW SUPERCHIPS FLASHPAQ F5


  • Compatibility: 2003-2014 5.7L Hemi
  • Screen Size: 2.8”
  • Display Type: Color LCD; Not Touch Responsive
  • Weight: 0.66 ‎pounds

Here, I have got a tuner from New Superchips that has got the latest tuning technologies. Due to its legal permission for use on a wide range of engines including the 5.7 Hemi Challenger in all 50 states in America, truck owners like it a lot. The FLASHPAQ F5 is trusted all over the country along with many parts of the world.

The best part is that you can increase the HP of the engine without using any extra tool and pressing a few buttons. Plug it in your truck through the OBDII port and get the desired amount of power within seconds. A good-quality display with an intuitive navigation system is another reason for its popularity.

Besides power gain and fuel economy, the tuner is also capable of preventing troublesome downshifting problems. You may not like the user manual because of poorly described instructions. But it can be solved by seeing online videos, user experiences, and other resources.

Because of its compact size, it easily fits one’s hands making it perfect for quick adjustments. Moreover, the color display has a daytime running light option that lets you operate it under direct sunlight. A cool thing about the tuner is that it can adjust the speedometer by letting you adjust the aftermarket tire upgrades.


  • Very easy and straightforward installation without any tool
  • Capable of helping with the correction of the speedometer
  • Improves shift points and acceleration
  • Increases fuel economy and overall performance
  • Provides tuning with smoother and better shifting
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy operation
  • A legal tuner in all states


  • Poorly described instruction manual

4. Best Performance Tuner for the Money: Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum


  • Compatibility: 2008-2013 Hemi Challenger
  • Screen Size: 2.5”
  • Display Type: Color LCD (Not touch-responsive)
  • Weight: ‎1.2 pounds

In this price range, Bully Dog 40417 is the best tuner for 5.7 Hemi Challenger if you want a device for both tuning and performance monitoring. Another reason for its unprecedented popularity is a wide range of fitment that includes vehicles from Ford, Dodge, Nissan, and GM.

Using the tuner, you can easily increase the fuel economy, power of the engine, and clear DTCs. It is a complete package with convenient features for Dodge owners. You will love its heads-up display which is capable of showing up to 15 different performance parameters in real life.

One can easily do the adjustments from the intuitive menu navigation system and save up to 10 profiles. Moreover, those who are new in this league and want something ready-made can choose one of the pre-loaded tunes without worrying about anything. Bully Dog has done everything to prevent damage to your truck’s engine. But you should be careful making those adjustments too.

Mid-level tuners continue to amaze us with their features and capabilities. Getting Bully Dog 40417 GT Platinum, you will be able to get a wide range of vehicle compatibility and loads of adjustable parameters. Also, its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation system are admirable. You can seriously consider it for your 5.7L Hemi Challenger.


  • Maximizes HP and torque of the engine without any harm
  • Ensures smooth operation along with increasing mileage
  • A wide range of vehicle compatibility
  • Large display showing 15 different performance data
  • Comes with pre-loaded tunes
  • Allows saving custom tunes up to 10


  • Can’t work without an SD card

5. Great Affordable Tuner for Increasing Power: SCT Performance – 7215


  • Compatibility: 2011-2016 Hemi Challenger
  • Screen Size: 2.5”
  • Display Type: Color LCD (Not touch-responsive)
  • Weight: ‎1.05 pounds

Getting Dyno-proven pre-loaded tuning files in a tuner is surely a great thing. That is why lots of people consider buying 7215 than 40490 model from SCT Performance. Another benefit of this one is that you can adjust the engine parameters to enhance its performance and monitor real-time data.

Simply connect the programmer via your truck’s OBDII port, and get started right away. Installing and operating the device is very easy. Use the buttons to navigate through the options, and choose the necessary ones seeing them clearly on its large colorful LCD screen.

Among several other advantages of buying an SCT Performance 7215 tuner for the 5.7 Hemi Challenger, I am going to mention some notable ones. It is capable of enabling and disabling DoD functions of PCM. Also, you can adjust the parameters for different-sized fuel injectors.

The level of adjustments it supports is amazing. The list includes adjusting spark timing, grill shutter calibration, axle ratio, CMCV delete, speed limiter, and many more. With all of those features, you can increase towing power and fuel mileage up to 1 or 2. Lastly, the tuner has a wide range of compatibility; so, other Dodge Challenger models can be tuned too.


  • Increases Torque and HP as promised
  • Good memory capacity holding up to 10 custom tunes
  • Fast and convenient data logging and monitoring
  • Easy and quick installation with user-preferred parameter adjustments
  • Included USB interface cable in the package


  • Lack of proper or complete instructions on tuning

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Tuner For 5.7 Hemi Challenger

I’m sorry to disappoint you but this is not going to be a typical buying guide of a product that simply focuses on describing the features. Here, I will help you understand your needs so that you can choose the right product.

The first thing I want you to determine is the amount of power you are looking to get from your 5.7L Hemi Challenger engine after the tuning. Know the manufacturer recommended limits, match your expectation, and see which programmer can deliver that.

Some products offer less increase in power but more improvement in fuel economy and show real-time performance data. So, you should also decide whether you want a tuner with multiple mid-level abilities or singular top-tier tuning capabilities.

You will find all sorts of models on the list of top-rated tuners reviewed above. Now, don’t forget about setting your budget because some are very expensive. Besides, low-budget and high-budget options, you will find another category.

Some tuners are handheld and some are not. The large ones usually come with the ability to show different performance parameters while supporting several tuning features. On the other hand, handheld devices don’t have that luxury.

Lastly, check your truck’s computer system and make sure that it doesn’t have a locked PCM. Otherwise, any handheld device or dyno-proven tunes will be out of the question.


What’s The Best Tuner For A 5.7 Hemi?

According to the features, customer feedback, performance, and my review, Bully Dog can be the best tuner for a 5.7L Hemi engine. But that doesn’t mean that I am undermining other brands.

Can You Tune A 5.7 Hemi?

Yes, of course, you can tune a 5.7 Hemi. Choose any of the devices from my selected list and see their magic of turning your truck into a beast.

How Much HP Can A 5.7 L Hemi Handle?

According to some 5.7L Hemi engine-related forum discussions, it is capable of handling up to 650 HP for driving on roads.

Final Words

As you know that custom tuning is done in different matters. That is why choosing the best tuner for 5.7 Hemi Challenger is a bit tough because one can’t simply declare any brand or model as superior.

Different tuners have different abilities, pros, and cons. As I have told you earlier, one should set their priorities, and expectations before choosing a product. If you are not fully confident, getting the help of a mechanic will help you a lot.

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