How to Fix the U0001 DTC Code on Dodge (Expert Insights)

According to a Federal act, all cars released after 2008 should be equipped with CAN Bus. The CAN communication bus system helps every electronic component inside a vehicle to maintain communication and data sharing with each other directly without any central complex mechanism.

The U0001 code in Dodge cars indicates the failure of a High-speed CAN communication bus. It means the core of the controller or any essential connector has got some damage that disrupts any part of the bus system. 

However, nothing to worry about because the issue is not hardware-related. There are simple ways to identify the causes of the code and fix them. Let’s focus on the code U0001 in more detail. 

How to Fix the U0001 DTC Code on Dodge

What Does Code U0001 Mean On Dodge?

To reiterate, diagnostic trouble code (DTC) U0001 indicates a CAN system of a vehicle fails to communicate with various modules in a vehicle. When ECM detects this issue, it sets the code

Generally, CAN Bus has two network wires, high(+) and low(-). Each has its own data transmission speed to let any of the system’s control modules or computers both send and receive data with other modules. It is a part of the combined performance. 

When interruptions or the absence of a few modules break the smooth data share in the CAN high bus, your screen shows U0001. It warns that the car may start showing inconsistency in small functions like air conditioning and lighting, and end up with bad ignition and other major performance drops. 

If we break down the code, we get the following:

  • U = Network, the common data connectivity among modules
  • 0 = Indicates a generic number derived from the SAE standard.
  • 0 = Specific component; in our case, it is CAN BUS
  • 01 = Specified issue, High speed CAN Bus 

How Serious Is the U0001 Code in Dodge?

Slow poisoning doesn’t kill a man instantly. The poison takes time to degrade the health and pushes the man towards death after a certain time. Similarly, U0001 is a kind of slow poison for your Dodge car. 

U0001 means the communication among modules is either unstable or incomplete. At first, small features like interior lights or AC won’t work properly, but you can continue driving. 

However, letting the problem stay for weeks can do some permanent damage, such as less mileage, the smart braking system being irregular, etc. Actually, U0001 is a warning about other issues that might appear shortly. 

For instance, U0002 (less acceleration and poor mileage) and U0004 (signal drop in high line) can appear at any time after U0001. 

Anyway, the unsolved U0001 Dodge code would surely downgrade the driving experience within a month or so. The nature of harvesting other relevant problems and seeding them into the system is something you need to watch out for. 

Thus, you are allowed to drive with U0001, but the repair of the problem needs to be done soon. 

What Causes U0001 Code on Dodge?

If you try to sort things that would cause the CAN bus failure code, you’d find not too many reasons. Our research says these things may be the reasons behind your car showing U0001. 

  • Weaker battery
  • Damaged or dead control module
  • Interruption in the CAN bus network
  • Faulty TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module)

How to Fix the U0001 Code on Dodge?

Fixing Code U0001 mainly requires a thorough and deep scan of the modules using a scanner. The manual check is a test of patience for any technical expert, however. The following part describes how one can diagnose and fix the U0001 in a Dodge car.

  1. Reset the Computer

Save all the activated codes first and reset the computer to see if U0001 reappears or not.  

  1. Check Batteries and Modules

If the code still exists, check the battery status. When the battery is okay and well-connected, take a close look at the modules and their circuits, wirings, etc. 

  1. Replace Dead Components

Fix or replace any component you find damaged or burnt. 

  1. Scan and Fix At Last

But when everything seems okay at the inspection, it’s time to use a scanner and scan each module separately. Only then, the real problem can be identified and fixed. 

Other Symptoms Of Getting The U0001 Code On Dodge

There can be many symptoms of the code U0001. Here are some of the common symptoms:

  • Poor response to computer commands
  • Check engine light blinking
  • Other codes (U0002, U0003, etc.) pop up after U0001
  • Slow start and acceleration
  • Lights and windshield wipers turn off suddenly
  • Less mileage
  • AC, radio, and other features are not working smoothly

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Dodge U0001 Code?

Generally, fixing OBD II U0001 may cost an owner 80$-150$ depending on the car model and the complexity of the issue. 

You may assume the estimated cost of fixing the U0001 code in Dodge Ram or Nitro is pretty cost-efficient as the problem is related to the internal networking system of the computers. 

But in reality, troubleshooting Dodge U0001 is a troublesome thing. As there’s not only one electric module integrated, it’s hard to find which of the modules is failing to transmit data and popping the code. 

Diagnosing and solving the network OBD II code is tedious indeed. That’s why technicians often charge around $100 to fix U0001 in a Dodge sedan or SUV. 

Can You Drive Your Dodge With Code U0001?

We don’t think there’s anything to worry about when the car is only showing the U0001 code. Most of the time, the code appears because of a low battery or loose wiring in the modules. 

You won’t compromise your safety by driving a Dodge Avenger or another SUV with U0001 blinking on the screen. As said earlier, the worst possible thing that can happen is a lack of fuel economy and ignition due to the problem. 

But yes, the car won’t perform smoothly with any OBD II code blinking. Using a four-wheeler with one or two OBD II warnings can slowly kill the performance. So, if you care about your car, you need to fix the issue as soon as possible. Yet, you can have a few rides, neglecting the code if necessary. 


The CAN Bus helps to keep the work of modules well-synced to protect data and accept commands simultaneously. So, any issue holding back networking is a thing that you must eliminate at any cost. 

However, diagnosing and fixing U0001 is tricky when the computer doesn’t show any other code that might specify the key reason. Most of the time, owners go to nearby auto shops to let them handle the matter. 

However, with the right instruments and guides, you can try fixing U0001 on your own. We believe our effort was worthwhile and hope you succeed in identifying and solving the network error with ease.

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