How to Fix the P0148 DTC Code on Cummins (Expert Guidance)

Diesel-run engines often detect various error codes due to malfunctioning components. In particular, the PCM prompts these detections immediately when there is an anomaly.

The code P0148 on the Cummins engine means the fuel pressure sensor identifies fuel pressure inconsistency. PCM (Powertrain control module) mainly detects this code when the pressure is either too high or too low.

But you can mitigate this problem before it turns into something severe. In this article, we will discuss this code comprehensively and talk about the possible fixes. Therefore, let us dive right into the article without wasting a second.

How to Fix the P0148 DTC Code on Cummins

What Does P0148 Code Mean On Cummins Engine?

Diesel engines are attributed to high degrees of fuel pressure. Whenever the PCM detects that the existing fuel pressure isn’t matching the desired fuel pressure, the P0148 code is set.

This code is identified when the fuel isn’t reaching all other engine components. Due to this, the target pressure rail can’t be fulfilled when the engine is under heavy loads.

In addition, the detection of this code can also result from faulty signals from a malfunctioning fuel pressure sensor. That said, the breakdown of the code here will give you a good view:

  • P = Powertrain
  • 0 = Generic Problem, the issue didn’t arise from the engine manufacturer’s side 
  • 1 = Fuel and air metering; means the problem is associated with the fuel delivery system
  • 48 = Specific Fault Index (Fuel delivery error)

How Serious Is the P0148 Code On the Cummins Engine?

The fuel delivery error might lead to reduced engine performance for the Cummins engine. Initially, you can figure out this error through the fuel rail pressure sensor.

Any car with a Cummins engine won’t have serious driving problems while the P0148 error code is displayed. But not removing the code can damage the engine in the long run.

It will result in the engine potential being drastically reduced. And the worst-case scenario could result in the engine misfiring.

What Causes the P0148 Code On Cummins Engine?

No single reason might result in the detection of the P0148 error code. Some of the prominent reasons for the P0148 code on Cummins engine are listed below:

  • Damaged fuel pump
  • High-pressure leakage in the fuel system
  • Damaged wiring 
  • Faulty PCM
  • Faulty fuel pressure sensor
  • Malfunctioning fuel control actuator
  • Vacuum leaks in the engine compartment
  • Restricted fuel filter
  • Low system voltage

How To Fix the P0148 Code On the Cummins Engine?

The fixes for the error code vary depending on the cause of the code detection. For that reason, there are several fixes that you might have to try to remove the code from your engine. Here are some of the notable fixes that you might try:

Step-1: Scan and Remove the code

The first thing to try out is to remove the code, which involves a few simple steps.

  • Connect the OBD scanner to the vehicle diagnostic connector
  • Retrieve all the codes and freeze the frame data.
  • Clear all the codes
  • Do a test drive and check if the code is persistent or not.

Step-2: Check and repair leaks

The leaks in the engine components can also be one reason the code gets detected. To repair them, follow the steps below:

  • Visually inspect the parts and check the presence of leaks
  • Use adhesives and apply them to small leaks to repair.
  • If leaks are bigger, have a mechanic consultation.

Step-3: Test the fuel pressure sensor

If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, test the fuel pressure sensor. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Take out the sensor from the engine
  • Start the engine and take a multimeter 
  • Connect the red probes of the multimeter to the positive wire and black probes to the negative ones
  • Inspect the readings
  • After inspection, if the readings differ from the optimum range, the pressure sensor needs a change.

Step-4: Replace the Fuel Injectors

Again, if all the above steps fail, the issue may have arisen from faulty injectors.

Faulty or damaged fuel injectors may give rise to the P0148 code in the Cummins engine. The best ploy would be to replace them by yourself or have a mechanic consultation.

Other Symptoms of Getting a P0148 Code On Cummins Engine

Some other notable symptoms that can lead to the P0148 error code are listed below:

  • Poor acceleration 
  • Bad fuel odor 
  • Black smoke emission 
  • Increased fuel consumption 
  • Engine stalling 
  • No start during cold weather 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Cummins P0148 Code?

The cost of fixing the Cummins P0148 code is two types. Either it is the mechanic cost or its parts cost. You’ll incur the mechanic fee when you don’t opt for fixing the code by yourself.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the costs that might be associated with fixing the Cummins P0148 code:

Parts Cost:

Since the error code doesn’t arise from a single engine component, the costs might vary regarding parts. If it appears from damaged fuel injectors, buying a new one may cost around $150-$600.

As a faulty fuel pressure sensor is one reason for this code, buying a new one might cost $150-170. Besides, for repairing the leaks in the engine components, the seals or adhesives will cost around $10-30.

Mechanic Cost:

If you don’t opt to fix the error code by yourself, there will be labor costs that you will incur. That said, the labor costs for replacing the fuel injectors would be between $200 and $ 300.

On the other hand, the labor cost for replacing fuel sensors and sealing engine leaks is around $150 and $70-120, respectively.

Can You Drive Your Cummins With P0148 Code?

Driving the vehicle with a Cummins engine that has detected the P0148 error code won’t be a major issue at first. But over time, it will result in poor fuel economy and a bad fuel smell from the engine oil.

The worst-case scenario could be the engine getting stalled or the emission of excessive black fumes. That is why driving the vehicle without removing code P0148 won’t be an ideal scenario.


When attempting to remove the code, the first attempts should be made using the scanner. Then, you should move forward and consecutively solve other issues and fix the code.

Solving the issue by following a DIY ( do it yourself) approach can be challenging. It is best to call someone who is a professional in this field. We hope that after reading this blog, you will be able to get the desired fix and have a durable Cummins engine.

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