How to Fix the U1412 DTC Code on Dodge (Expert Insights)

If you have driven Dodge vehicles before, you should know how prone to internal damage they can be. Luckily, DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) can save the day. DTC notifies the issue of your vehicle.

The U1412 is one such DTC code that can pop up on your dash. The code indicates that the Cylinder 2 Fuel Injection Circuit Electrical Malfunction on dodge. It is stored in the system when it detects failures or input failures in the Controller Area Network (CAN) rationally. 

So you want to know exactly how to resolve the issue? Well, we have got you covered because this article is about exactly that. Keep reading to find out more! 

How to Fix the U1412 DTC Code on Dodge

What Does The U1412 Code Mean For Dodge Engines?

As we just explained, the U141 code is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC). The input and output speed sensor signals in the CAN are connected to its use in identifying reasoning problems.

Some multi-sensors have a reference value for the three signals of input, wheel speed, and output. There is a double failure” monitoring that detects situations where the three signals fall below the threshold of the reference values. 

It is then that the DTC is flashed in the engine. The U1412 is, in essence, activated when the output speed gradient falls below a threshold for a calibrated period of time.

Below, we have broken down the code completely in each of its alphabets. You can take a glance at it for a more technical clearance. 

  • U = It refers to the chassis which is involved in the issue of this article
  • 1 = A generic manufacturing code
  • 4 = Additions System For Emission Reduction
  • 12 = Specific Fault Index (In here, it refers to Cylinder 2 Fuel Injection Circuit Electrical Malfunction)

How Serious Is The U1412 Code On Dodge?

The U1412 code is typically associated with the speed of the vehicle. As such, once triggered, the code is indeed very serious. The trigger code is responsible for the health of the CAN bus. 

This will, in turn, also affect the ABS since they are both closely related. With the ABS under fault, it is not safe to drive the car as there is a high probability of the breaks failing at any time. 

Hence, we advise you to stop your car as soon as possible when the code is stored in your engine. Once you are free to do so, resolve the problem lest you suffer from any probable danger later on. After all, it is your safety that is in question.  

What Causes Code U1412 On Dodge?

There could be several root reasons that can cause the U1412 code to be triggered on your engine. Some of the more common causes have been listed below as follows:

  • The faulty transmission control module
  • The harness used inside is open
  • The circuits have short-circuited
  • Faulty sensors in the CAN bus
  • Poor electrical connection with the ECM and CAN
  • Damaged CAN or nearby wires

How To Fix U1412 Code On Dodge?

If you want to fix the U1412 issue on your engine, you will require a few power tools and extra parts. Once you have acquired all the equipment and accessories as needed you can get on with the procedure. 

Step 1: Check For Damages

Open up the insides of the engine and brake system. Then run an OBD-II scanner to identify if there are any potential issues with the various wires and gears. 

Then run a visual inspection to find out any signs of wear and tear between the wires, connectors, etc. Make sure that all pins appear to be straight and under working condition. 

Step 2: Fix The Wires And Connector

If the wires or any of the gears appear to be damaged, you will need to patch them up.  Use a voltmeter to check whether the voltage of the wires is at the standard at which they are supposed to work. 

Step 3: Replace The Faulty Sensors

The entire U1412 code is highly dependent on data that is gathered by sensors built around the CAN bus. If they are broken or faulty, they will provide the wrong data that might cause the code to be triggered. 

You will be required to have extra sensors beforehand so that you can use them to replace the old damaged ones.

Step 4: Replace Damaged TCM

The most important module that keeps the CAN bus from functioning normally is the transmission control module. Unfortunately, if it breaks down, there are no ways to salvage the damage. 

Instead, you will be required to buy a new one and then replace the old one with the new one that works. 

Other Symptoms Of Getting U1412 On Dodge

If you ever get the U1214 code stored on your engine, you might suffer from one or more symptoms. Some of these common ones have been listed below so that you can take a reference from them. 

  • Engine lights are constantly flashing.
  • The car is not starting even when you keep turning the keys
  • The performance of the vehicle will be degraded heavily, if not completely
  • Low fuel economy when compared to standard times
  • The engine will keep stalling or misfiring
  • High levels reduce efficiency in fuel conversion

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Dodge U1412 Code?

To replace a car’s TCM, you will be required to spend as much as 500 to 900 USD. Additionally, the related sensors and components might set you back by around 10 to 50 USD. 

Aside from this cost of parts, you will be spending an extra 100 to 150 USD on labor if you decide to hire a mechanic to do the work. Of course, this is optional and is not applicable if you are the one fixing the code. 

Can You Drive Your Dodge With Code U1412?

Yes, you can still drive your car even when the U1412 code is actively triggered in your engine. This is because the problems that the code is referring to don’t halt the driving functions completely. 

However, that doesn’t mean that we would advise you to keep driving your car. This is because prolonged driving with the issue will cause problems in the ABS in the long run. 

In addition, it is never worth the long drive with such degraded performance that the car will show. Furthermore, it will also have a very bad fuel economy.


Now that we are at the end of this article, we are hoping that this article will be able to help you in your endeavor. Of course, if you can’t solve the U1412 code on your own, you can still hire mechanics. 

However, there is nothing as best as resolving problems with your own two hands. Not only will it save a lot of money, but you will also be able to learn and improve your own skills. 

If you are still skeptical and against the risk of endangering your dodge engine, you are more than welcome to hire professional help. We understand that not everyone is up for the task.

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