How to Fix P0230 Code On Dodge Cummins? (Fully Explained)

The P0230 DTC code has a significant meaning. Like other DTC codes, this DTC code also sums up the crucial problem under a car’s hood. Have you ever wondered what the P0230 code means on Dodge Cummins?

P0230 DTC code indicates a faulty fuel pump circuit when trying to operate the car. The real reasons behind this code are an open fuel control circuit, short voltage delivery, damaged PCM, and faulty pump relay.

According to the experts, driving with this code is a bad idea. The fixing cost increases if the situation gets worse. Knowing the symptoms helps a lot to solve the P0230 code.

P0230 Code On Dodge Cummins

What Does Dodge Cummins P0230 Mean?

The Dodge Cummins P0230 is a noticeable DTC code. It reflects the problem with the fuel pump circuit of the fuel pump relay. The ECM does the vital job of inspecting the required voltage. If the voltage is lower than the required amount, it triggers the code.

Knowing the meaning of the letters and numbers in the code will help you understand the problem and solve it quickly.

  • P = Powertrain, parts of the structure to move the car onward. ( in this case, the fuel pump circuit)
  • 0 = A generic code according to SAE
  • 2 = indicates the fuel and air metering (in this case, it means fuel metering)
  • 30 = particular fault index (in this scenario, a faulty fuel pump circuit, and its components)

How Serious Is P0230 On Cummins?

The P0230 code on Cummins is a terrible DTC code. It indicates the issues in the fuel pump relay, control, and PCM. You can’t imagine driving without a fuel pump relay!

An uncontrolled pump relay fails to maintain the proper flow of fuel. So, overflow or underflow of fuels causes a severe problem. You can’t go a long way with a faulty PCM system with the car.

A leaking fuel pump can’t hold the fuel for a long time. Lastly, the P0230 code indicates a damaged engine. A car with a damaged engine is nothing more than a burden.

What Causes P0230 Code On Cummins?

The Cummins P0230 code occurs due to some critical problem in the fuel pump circuit. You can identify some of these reasons with little concentration.

Here are the prime reasons behind Cummins code P0230:

1. Exposed Fuel Pump Control Circuit

An exposed fuel pump control circuit can get defected with liquids like water. A damped circuit panel isn’t handy.

2. Short Battery Voltage On Control Circuit

The control circuit can’t operate properly if the battery cannot provide the required voltage.

3. Detrition Of Harness

Corroded harness connections are another reason behind the P230 code. A loose connection can’t deliver a perfect electric signal.

4. Broken Power Control Module (PCM)

Unupdated PCM software plays a vital role in the P0230 code. The fuel pump circuit works slowly if the software is old. Sometimes a broken PCM is responsible for this code.

5. Defective Fuel Pump Relay

This part in the car’s fuse box controls fuel pumping flow. A dirty fuel pump relay with some broken joints with the vehicle makes the P0230 code appear on the car’s control panel.

How To Fix Cummins P0230 Code?

There’s no easy fix available for this problem. But inspecting the reasons behind the P0230 code helps find some secure solutions. It’s best to consult an expert on this issue.

Here are the steps a mechanic follows to fix the P0230 Cummins code.

Step-1: Code Scanning

An expert mechanic scans the code with an OBD-II scanner to confirm the P0230 code. Freezing the data is a must before scanning the code.

Step-2: Clearing The Code

Once the code is confirmed, he clears the code. It’s done to see if the issue is solved or returns.

Step-3: Inspection Of Blown Fuse

Then he looks for broken fuse links or fuses. Fixing them helps to restore the code faster.

Step-4: Resistance Testing

After resolving these issues, a voltage is applied to check if the ECM can detect the lower voltage. The problem is fixed if it can’t identify the lower voltage supply.

There are some potential solutions for this P0230 code. Here’s a quick view of them.

Changing Fuel Pump Relay

Change the pump relay if you’ve been using it for a long time. It’ll control the fuel flow faster than the old one.

Replacing The Fuel Pump

Replacing the fuel pump is one of the final solutions of the P0230 code. A new fuel pump can quickly deliver the fuel to the engine for a smooth start.

Restoring The Battery

It’s better to replace it with a new one. Replacing the car’s battery might seem costly. But it saves a chunk of money in the long run.

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0230 Code On Cummins

The DTC P0230 code shows similar symptoms to P1740, P01F0, and other DTC codes. So, you must inspect thoroughly for a better understanding of this code.

Here are some of the signs of the P0230 code.

  • The illuminated engine light indicates the P0230 DTC code.
  • A Faulty Fuel Pump lowers the engine’s efficiency, making loud noises.
  • A broken engine won’t even start that identifies the P0230 code.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Cummins P0230 Code?

Some variables influence the fixing cost of the P0230 code. Most of the repair shops charge on an hourly basis. Location of the repair shop, engine model, car model, structure, car’s brand, and most importantly, your budget impacts the total fixing cost.

Generally, the average automotive repair shop charges 75 to 150 bucks per hour to fix the code. These shops will charge more if the relay pump or the PCM is damaged. The cost even goes higher for a battery replacement.

You’ve to pay more if you own a modded car. These cars have a complex structure that makes them tough to fix.

Can You Drive Your Cummins With Code P0230?          

Experts don’t recommend driving if the P0230 code is visible on the car’s dashboard. With a critical fault in the fuel pump circuits, the vehicle will stop at any moment. So, even if you have an important meeting, forget to attend it!

An almost dead battery won’t deliver a significant amount of power. If you want to drive with a broken fuel pump, there’s a chance of fuel leakage through the loose connections.

The P0230 code also indicates a severe problem in the car’s PCM. Your vehicle won’t run optimally if the PCM is outdated. There’s a possibility that the PCM is broken.


Do not waste any time when the P0230 code pops on your dashboard. Amateurs can’t solve the P0230 code quickly. So, better ask for help from a professional to fix the issue.

Hopefully, this discourse on what the P0230 code means on dodge Cummins has provided all the answers regarding this issue. Cleaning the fuel pump and pump relay prevents this code. Stop driving immediately once you notice the P0230 code!

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