How to Fix P0483 Code On Cummins? (Complete Solutions)

The cooling fan in your Cummins engine is a crucial component. It ensures that the heat is driven away without being trapped, which prevents the engine from overheating.

However, error codes like P0483 can mess with the normal functioning of the fan on the Cummins engine if not fixed on time. The error code P0483 on Cummins means that there are issues with the fan control circuit, which prompts the fan to function differently than it is supposed to.

Such malfunctioning can lead to severity, but no worries. After reading this article, you’ll know the ins and outs of error code P0483 and its relevant fixes. So without wasting any more time, let’s check it out.

P0483 Code On Cummins

What does P0483 mean on a Cummins engine?

The P0483 code arises from the issue with the engine cooling fan. To be more specific, it means cooling fan rationality check malfunction. The code is detected when the PCM notices some irregularities with the current drawn by the control circuit.

That said, if the amount of current drawn is either too low or high, you will detect this code. For better understanding, below here is the complete breakdown of this code:

  • P – Powertrain, the issue is associated with the engine.
  • 0 – Generic Issue. There are no faults from the end of the manufacturer.
  • 4 – Auxiliary Emission Controls. This means that the error is related to one of the operating variables.
  • 83 – Specific Fault Index ( Cooling fan rationality malfunction)

How serious is error code P0483 on a Cummins engine?

The error code P0483 means that the cooling fan in your Cummins engine isn’t on the right track. In the engine, the cooling fan blows the hot trapped air through the radiator.

But when the cooling fan control module draws more or less current than required, that is where the problem lies. As a result, you detect the code P0483, which is quite harmful if not fixed on time.

Delaying the fix can lead to overheating your Cummins engine. Overheating often leads to engine malfunction or even failure.

Also, driving in hot weather can trigger a chain reaction in an already heated engine and result in fire.  Therefore, it won’t be a wise decision to delay the fixing of the error code P0483.

What causes error code P0483 on the Cummins engine?

The error code P0483 isn’t a result of a single issue on your Cummins engine. A good number of reasons can result in this problem and some of them are listed below:

  • Loose connectors connecting cooling fans
  • Defected Coolant temperature sensor
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Faulty PCM
  • Blown fuses
  • Damaged wiring
  • Defected power steering pump

How To Fix Error Code P0483 On Cummins Engine?

Fixing the error code P0483 on your Cummins engine might seem a challenging task. But in reality, it is just the detection and fixes of a few specific issues. Here are some of the major fixes that you should try out:

1. Replace the Coolant temperature sensor

Sometimes faulty temperature readings may prompt the detection of error code P0483 in your Cummins engine. And it happens due to a malfunctioning coolant temperature sensor.

It is better to replace the sensor when you see this issue. Here are the steps to do so:

Step-1: Locate Sensor

Start the process by locating the sensor when the engine is cooled down. You’ll find it either on the side of the radiator or thermostat housing.

Step-2: Disconnect Connector Cable

Detach the connector cable that builds a link between the sensor and ECU. After disconnecting, keep it aside.

Step-3: Remove faulty Sensor

Use a socket or ratchet to loosen the sensor, which requires some unscrewing. Once loosened, carefully remove the sensor from the position.

Step – 4: Install a new sensor

After removing the old one, clean the position of the sensor carefully. Then, after the cleanup, set up the new sensor and place it securely in that same position.

Step – 5: Reconnect the cable

Connect the cable that you disconnected earlier. But before the connection, make sure that the cable is clean, as any debris might impact the sensor’s performance.

2. Replace Blown Fuses

If the fuses are damaged or blown, the best way to fix them is to replace them. Here are the steps that you can follow to replace the blown fuses:

  • Navigate to the car fuse box and open the cover
  • Locate and identify the damaged or blown fuse3
  • Use a plier to take out the blown fuse
  • Insert the new fuse in the same position
  • Repeat the same process for all of the fuses
  • Cover the fuse box to end the process

3. Replace Faulty Thermostat

Bad thermostats always trigger the overheating of the engine. And that might also result in the detection of the P0483 Cummins code. The best way to overcome this problem is to replace the thermostat with a new one. Here are the steps to replace the thermostat:

  • Locate the thermostat and place a bucket to prevent fluid loss.
  • Remove the clamp and pull the hose on the radiator.
  • Take out all the bolts that hold the thermostat and then the thermostat itself.
  • Remove the gasket and lay the new one.
  • Install the new thermostat and tighten the bolts holding it.

With that being said, to get fixes for the rest of the possible reasons behind the error code, it is better to get expert consultation. Because not all the fixes are easy and result otherwise due to a slight error.

Other symptoms of P0483 on the Cummins Engine

The primary symptom of the error code P0483 is engine overheating. Apart from this, some other symptoms are listed below:

  • The Air Conditioning system is not functioning properly
  • Blown fuses
  • Check engine indicator turned on

How much does it cost to fix Cummins P0483 code?

Given that some of the fixes you can pull off by yourself and some fixes that need expert consultation, there will be both parts and labor costs.

Parts Cost:

The engine components like the thermostat, temperature coolant sensor, fuses, connector, and ECM are mostly damaged, resulting in error code P0483. Among them, the coolant sensor will cost around $ 65-80.

The thermostat prices vary mainly depending on the brand. A new one will cost you around $15-250. A new ECM will cost you about $800, whereas a new fuse will cost about $10-20.

Labor Cost:

If you cannot fix the issues by yourself, there will be additional labor costs. The cost of installing a new coolant sensor is around $70-80.

Whereas for the thermostat and the ECM, the costs are $140-300 and $100, respectively.

Can you drive your vehicle with a Cummins engine with code P0483?

It is not safe at all to drive with the P0483 code. Overheating the engine can lead to dangerous situations like fire in the engine. And the P0483 code is mainly detected when the engine gets super heated.

Therefore, it is better to clear the code and then drive.


Cooling fans not functioning properly can lead to a severe issue. Therefore, every malfunction associated with it should be taken seriously.

The P0483 error code is something that should be fixed without causing any delay. And for the fix, we have added all the necessary guidelines that would be highly helpful.

We hope that serves your purpose and believe that our directives will turn out to be successful in fixing the error code in your Cummins engine.

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