How To Clean And Lube Motorcycle Chain – The Easiest Way

how to clean motorcycle chain

Chains get really dirty. Along with changing your motorcycle oilOpens in a new tab., learning how to clean motorcycle chain is also very important. It is a very simple process. If you keep your chain clean the life and performance of your motorcycle chain will be extended.

A dirty chain and sprockets will reduce the efficiency of your motorcycle engine. Therefore it will reduce the ability of your motorcycle engine to efficiently transfer drive power to your rear wheel, sapping the power you love so much.

The durability of your chain and sprockets mainly depends on the size and configuration of your motor and the quality of the chain. So you can greatly increase the durability of your chain and sprocket with regular cleaning and lubrication. This article will provide you step-by-step procedure to clean and lube a motorcycle chain. You can do it without using the stand.

  • How Often You Need To Clean And Lube Chain?

If your chain gets dirty it is necessary to clean and lube the chain. You have to clean it every time it gets dirty. Don’t be lazy. It is the perfect answer.  It is good to clean and lubricate the chain after filling up the tank for the second time.  You can also do it after every 250 miles. I hope you know that the efficiency of your engine is directly connected to the perfect chain. So you should take care of your chain more often.


  • Chain Cleaner

You need chain cleaner to remove the grime from the chain. Instead of using different chain cleaners you can use kerosene. So kerosene will also work fine enough to dissolve the existing lubricant and dirt particles on the chain.

But you need to be very careful to use something suitable for an O-RING chain. Kerosene is cheap. But there are many chain cleaners available in the market. These chain cleaner will help you to remove the grime more easily

. I am suggesting you some cleaners best chain cleaner brands Motul, Maxima, DuPont, WD-40 Multi-Use Product, Motorex . These are also suitable for O-RINGOpens in a new tab. chain.

  • Old Clothes

Cut up old t-shirts or any kind of fabrics can be used. But you will also need clean clothes. Dirty clothes will not help you in this respect.

  • Chain Cleaner Brush

Old toothbrush, nail brush or paint brush can be used as ‘motorcycle chain cleaner brush,  tool or kit’. But you have to be careful about one fact that the brush you use will not leave bristles behind in your chain.

  • Before Read Have A Look How To Clean And Lube Motorcycle Chain Easily



It is not a very difficult procedure. Just follow the instruction one by one. Thus you will get a clear idea about how to clean and a motorcycle chain.

  • Step 1: Go For A Ride

If you have decided to clean your chain you will have to go for a ride first. So it will warm it up. Thus it will be easy to clean. Then park your bike on the middle stand of your motorcycle.

  • Step 2: Place A Piece Of Cardboard

You will need to block overspray. So place a piece of cardboard under the lower rung of the motorcycle chain. Do it perfectly.

  • Step 3: Scrub The Chain

In this case, you can use old toothbrush, nail brush, paint brush or a chain-specific brush such as the Tirox 360 brush. Now gently scrub the chain by using one of these tools.

  • Step 4: Use The Chain Cleaner

Cleaning the motorcycle chain is easy. I hope you have finished using the brush. Now it is time to use the Chain Cleaner. You have to clean the rear sprocket with the chain-cleaner-soaked rag. If the dirt is very hard used a knife to remove the stubborn grime. Now remove the sprocket cover. Therefore you can scrap the crud from counter-shaft sprocket-pocket.  You can also do it with kerosene. But it is wise to use chain cleaner.

  • Step 5: Washing With Water

Now wash the cleaner. You can use water and old socks, cut up old t-shirts or any kind of fabrics to clean it. You also have to stop the excitement to pressurize the stream with your thumb and also do not fire up the pressure washer.

  • Step 6: Go For A Ride Again

If all the five steps are done perfectly then you will need to fix the chain with your bike. Therefore you should go for a ride. The ride will have to be short. Not more than five or ten minutes. It will help you to dry the chain and also warm it up.

  • Step 7: Lubricate The Motorcycle Chain

Now I hope that the bike chain is all clean and dry. It is time to add some lubricating oil. In this case, the amount and quality of the lubricating oil are very important.  The brand of the motorcycle oil is also important.  There are many good quality brands available in the market like DuPont Teflon, Maxima, etc. 

Now apply the chain lube to all sides of your motorcycle chain and sprocket. Then wipe off the excess lube. You can use any cleaner to wipe off the excess lube. Now you have to check your chain slack. If everything is perfect you are good to go for a ride.

  • Conclusion

Now you know how to clean motorcycle chain. The chain is directly connected to the efficiency of your engine. So you should keep it clean. Otherwise, the performanceOpens in a new tab. of your motorcycle will be reduced. We hope that you found this article useful. If you liked this article and know any other methods please a leave a comment below and let us know.


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