How to Fix P0472 Code on a 6.0L Powerstroke (Step-By-Step)

Diagnostic Trouble Code, known as DTC, helps discover a car’s problem. You can find the problem faster and fix it correctly if the signs and causes of these codes are known. But have you ever thought about what code P047 means on 6.0 Powerstroke?

The code P0472 on 6.0 Powerstroke means there’s an issue in the electrical circuit due to the exhaust back pressure sensor. Some significant reasons behind this DTC code are a defective exhaust back pressure sensor, faulty PCM, and power shortage.

Lack of engine power and crank-no-start problem are two prominent symptoms of the P0472 code. But don’t be afraid of seeing these signs. So, Hold on to your seat to know the remedy of the code P0472 on 6.0 Powerstroke.

How to Fix P0472 Code on a 6.0L Powerstroke

What Does P0472 6.0 Powerstroke Code Mean?

P0472, a DTC code of a vehicle, refers to a complex electrical circuit due to a faulty back pressure sensor. Here is the breakdown of the code to increase your understanding.

  • P = Powertrain, part of the system to move the car ahead (in this case, an electrical circuit)
  • 0 = a generic code according to SAE
  • 4 = Auxiliary emission control
  • 72 = It indicates a particular fault index (in this case, fuel and air metering of the vehicle engine)

You will solve fifty percent of the code if you can notice the symptoms in the early stage. Plus, the meaning of the symbols will give you a better understanding of finding an easy solution.

How Serious Is Code P0472 On 6.0 Powerstroke?

The DTC code P0472 is not an extremely severe problem in your car right off the bat. Generally, it indicates a faulty circuit having issues with the back pressure sensor. As a result, the exhaust pressure sensor cannot send a signal to the electrical circuit.

Since it can’t match the surrounding pressure, the signal from the pressure sensor is not correct. However, you can still operate your vehicle with this DTC code in an emergency.

Sometimes the mechanic identifies it as an issue of the exhaust gas recirculation. It’s because of the position of the EGR valve and the back pressure tube. This code must be appropriately diagnosed to confirm the problem in the back pressure sensor.

The source of this code may be electrical or manual. However, you must fix the code before it becomes a severe issue and affect the overall performance of your car and engine.

What Causes P0472 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke?

The error code P0472 indicates a defect in the car’s electrical circuit due to a faulty back pressure sensor. Different reasons are responsible for this code.

  1. Faulty exhaust back pressure sensor
  2. Partly or wholly open exhaust back pressure sensor
  3. The exhaust back pressure sensor circuit has a bad electrical connection
  4. Blockage of the tube connecting the pressure sensor to the exhaust manifold
  5. Defective Power Control Module (PCM)
  6. Service engine soon warning light
  7. Power shortage in the signal circuit
  8. Open space between PCM and exhaust pressure supply in power supply
  9. Loose wirings between the back pressure sensor and exhaust manifold

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0472 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke?

Knowing some different symptoms makes it easier to identify the code faster. So before you try to find a solution, look for these symptoms to confirm the P0472 code in your vehicle.

Here are the signs to verify the P0472 code.

  • The engine doesn’t have enough power to start
  • Manual regeneration is not feasible
  • No renewal leads to crank-no start problem
  • Check engine light ON

How To Fix P0472 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke?

Fixing the P0472 code on 6.0 Powerstroke is not impossible. You can solve this issue by just setting the symptoms and causes behind this code.

However, the standard solutions for this code are fixing the defective wires in the EPS, removing the code from memory, checking the sensors and circuits, and observing and inspecting the EPS voltage.

You can’t follow the common fixes to crack the P0472 code if it gets complicated. Instead, an experienced mechanic will help you to solve the code smoothly.

Here are the steps a mechanic follows to crack the P0472 code.

1. Reprogramming

The mechanic will reprogram or flash the protocol.

2. Inspecting The Sensors

Next, he checks the back pressure sensors, wirings, connectors, and bare wires.

3. Replacing Defective Materials

Then he looks for corroded or burnt materials to replace them with new ones.

4. Checking The Power Supply Circuit

Detaching the harness and exhaust pressure sensor connection using a DVOM, a mechanic inspects the power supply circuit to check if there’s enough power to run the sensor.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix P0472 On 6.0 Powerstroke?

A mechanic will charge you between 75 bucks to 150 bucks per hour which is the general cost of fixing the P0472 code on 6.0 Powerstroke. The fixing price also varies depending on the repair shop’s location, car model, and engine type.

For example, you’ll have to pay $115 to fix this code on Ford and Toyota. But the cost goes up to $125 for BMW. A mechanic charges a fat sum For a high-end model to fix the code.

Then come the repair shop’s locations and the model of the engine. You’ve to pay extra money to bring the car to the mechanic shop if the shop is not near your home. The engine’s type and model also play a vital role in determining the fixing cost.

Can You Drive Your 6.0 Powerstroke With P0472 Code?

You can technically drive your car with code P0472. But driving while code appears on your dashboard is not a good idea. Sometimes the vehicle might slowly stop on the road while you’re going.

The P0472 code also comes along with DTC codes like P0471 and P0473. Though all of these codes state the same issue, the P0473 is a bonus headache for you with the P0472 code. So, you’ve to be aware of the symptoms of a particular code to identify it correctly.

We recommend not driving with the P0472 DTC code if you’re an amateur. You’ll mix it up with regulations having the same signs and causes. Also, it’ll be hard to drive the car smoothly due to the occurrence of this code. So, it’s better not to go with the flow whenever this code appears.


Here are some quick answers related to code p0472 on powerstroke 6.0 that users often seek answers in different forums and discussion groups. You may also have a quick look-

How can you test the exhaust sensor on 6.0 Powerstroke?

You can test the exhaust sensor with an oxygen clamp meter. First, wait until the engine is cooled down. Then use the clamp of the oxygen sensor and turn on the machine.

Where is the exhaust pressure sensor in the car?

The exhaust back pressure sensor is generally located under the engine or at the side of the machine. Sometimes, you’ll find it beside the firewall behind the engine.

What is the reason behind the high exhaust back pressure?

High pumping work, reduction in intake boost pressure, combustion problems, and turbocharger issues are the primary reasons behind high exhaust back pressure. In addition, not cross-checking the sensors regularly increases the chance of high exhaust back pressure.


The DTC code P0472 is not a critical issue for your car. But it’s better to solve the code before it hampers the engine’s health. It is a terrible idea to fix the code on your own if you are an amateur.

We hope the discourse on what P0472 means on 6.0 Powerstroke has provided you with the required information to crack the code. First, inspect the signs to confirm the code P0472. Then, knowing the causes behind this code will help you find a straightforward resolution.

But it’s better to take the car to the mechanic’s shop. Ask for an expert opinion if you’re solving it yourself.

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