How to Fix P0403 Code on a 6.0L Powerstroke (Step-By-Step)

DTC codes are the easiest way to find specific vehicle problems. These codes are like helping hands while solving a vehicle’s electrical or body parts. But ever thought about what code P0403 means on 6.0 Powerstroke?

The code P0403 means the engine control module (ECM) has detected a fault in the engine exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) circuit. Weak solenoid connections, defective PCM, shorted or open EGR vacuum control valve, and less power supply to the EGR solenoid are the major causes behind this code.

Fuel odor, flawed EGR system, default code set in the memory, and an illuminated check engine light are the additional symptoms of P0403 DTC code. If you’re in a fix to solve this problem, follow this discussion to find the simple remedies.

How to Fix P0403 Code on a 6.0L Powerstroke

What Is P0403 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke?

The DTC code P0403 on Powerstroke indicates the problem with the EGR section of the vehicle. But, first, let’s find out the meaning of the symbol and numbers of the P0403 DTC code.

  • P = Powertrain, part of the system to move the car ahead
  • 0 = A generic code according to the SAE
  • 4 = It refers to the auxiliary emission control
  • 03 = Specific fault index (in this case, it refers to a problematic ignition system or Misfire)

You will solve a significant portion of the code if you can confirm the signs of this code in the early stage. Knowing the meaning of the signs will give you a better understanding of finding an easy solution.

How Serious Is P0403 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke?

It’s a serious matter if the P0403 DTC code appears on your car’s dashboard. The appearance of this code means the EGR system is turned off and can’t operate.

Find out if the check engine light is ON. Your car won’t pass the emission test if this code is visible on the car’s display. Plus, you’ll face severe issues if you try to speed up your vehicle while driving.

When your vehicle fails to pass the emission test, it’s tough to drive. In addition, the police can take legal action against you and fine you for polluting the environment. So, as you can see, this code is terrible news for you and your surroundings.

What Causes P0403 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke?

The reasons behind the DTC code P0403 aren’t hard to find. You’ve to inspect the car properly to find out the potential causes that can accelerate the appearance of the code.

Here are some crucial causes behind the DTC code P0403 on Powerstroke.

  1. The ECM tracks the voltage of the EGR vacuum control solenoid and can identify an open or short circuit at the solenoid.
  2. EGR vacuum control solenoid is shorted or open
  3. A rusty EGR solenoid
  4. Weak solenoid connections
  5. Excess resistance in the PCM
  6. Water invasion in the EGR
  7. Defective PCM
  8. Less supply voltage to the EGR solenoid

Other Symptoms Of Getting P0403 On 6.0 Powerstroke?

You can find a resolution faster if you know about the different characteristics of this DTC code. These signs aren’t hard to find. You can detect them just by observing the responses of your car.

Let’s find out these symptoms of code P0403 on 6.0 Powerstroke.

  1. Check the Engine light On
  2. Faulty EGR system
  3. Engine stall problem
  4. Bad driving experience
  5. Code set in the ECM memory
  6. Engine ignites early in acceleration
  7. Fuel odor coming out of the exhaust

How To Fix P0403 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke?

It’s pretty elementary to fix the P0403 code on 6.0 Powerstroke. However, tools like an electric screwdriver, crowfoot pry bar, ohm meter, and an OBD-II scanner helps to crack the code easily.

Replace the open EGR solenoid and use a new connector to the EGR vacuum control solenoid to solve it in your home.

But it’s tough to fix the code if it gets complicated. Only an experienced mechanic can help you to decipher the code. Here’s how a mechanic diagnoses and improves the situation.

1. Scanning And Data Inspection

A mechanic will scan the code and inspect the received data to confirm the code before fixing it.

2. Clearing Codes

Next, they’ll clear the engine codes. Then a test drive is performed to cross-check if the code comes back.

3. Visual Inspection Of Wirings

After cross-checking and clearing the codes, a mechanic looks for loose wirings and connections between the EGR control solenoid and the EGR temperature sensor.

4. Checking EGR Valve

Mechanics disconnect the EGR valve vacuum control solenoid for a short time. Then inspect the solenoid to discover faults.

5. Looking For Rusty Joints

They’ll look for corrosion in the connectors and wirings. The mechanic will replace the rusty wirings and connectors with the new ones if there’s any rust in the connectors.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix P0403 On 6.0 Powerstroke?

A few factors influence the price of repairing the P0230 code. First, most repair shops charge hourly. The average hourly charge to solve the P0403 code is $75 to $150.

The overall cost of repairs depends on the repair shop’s location, the type of engine, the type of vehicle, the structure, the manufacturer, and, most importantly, your budget.

These repair shops charge more if the problem extends to the engine. The pricing goes up because of their expertise in the field. It’ll cost you more when the mechanic shops are far from your home.

If you have a modified vehicle, you must pay more. These vehicles are challenging to repair due to their complex structure. Any repair shop’s general nature is to charge more when they identify a branded car.

Can You Drive Your 6.0 With Code P0403?

Driving with the code P0403 on your 6.0 Powerstroke is a bad idea. The P0403 code indicates a problem in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. When your car’s EGR is out of order, it won’t filter out the odor-making particles.

It’ll pollute the environment since the filtration is out of control. In addition, you’ll face legal action if your car emits pollutants into the atmosphere. Finally, you’ve to pay a financial penalty if your car has this problem.

A faulty EGR fails to recirculate the flow of gas in the car. So, we suggest you avoid driving with this code. It’ll save you from the financial penalty.


Here are a few brief answers to questions users frequently ask about code p0403 on Powerstroke 6.0 in various forums and discussion groups. You might also quickly look at

Can you adjust the EGR valve on powerstroke 6.0?

Yes, you can adjust the EGR valve. By changing, we mean unplugging the EGR valve. It’s elementary to adjust the valve. Be sure to check the Check Engine light when you’re resetting the valve.

How can you detect a stuck EGR valve on 6.0 Powerstroke?

Unstable RPM and acceleration issues are the two significant signs of a stuck EGR valve. In addition, insufficient oxygen in the combustion chamber indicates the valve is stuck open.

Will cleaning the EGR enhance the 6.0 Powerstroke performance?

Of course, cleaning the EGR enhances the vehicle’s performance. For example, a clean EGR reduces the nitrous oxide emission rate. Plus, it helps increase the engine’s lifespan and improves its health.


The DTC code P0403 on your car does not indicate a severe problem. Changing the oil and air filter regularly is preferable to avoid this code. If you are a novice, fixing the code on your own is not a great idea.

Hopefully, the discussion on what P0403 means on 6.0 Powerstroke? has guided you to decipher this DTC code. Check the signs first to make sure the code is P0403. If you are aware of the causes of this code, finding a solution will be a child’s play for you.

Obtain professional advice if you’re solving it yourself. Regular maintenance of the car helps a bunch to avoid these types of DTC codes.

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