How To Start Your Car Without Chip Key? A Helpful Guide

Modern cars have a smart lock system that allows them to lock and unlock with a push of a button. The keys of these cars work with radiofrequency and operate the vehicle as per your wish. However, sometimes you can lose the key, or the key’s battery might run out. So, you’ve no choice but to improvise in these situations.

The most efficient way of starting the car without the chip key is by bypassing the immobilizer. You just need to bypass the wiring, and your vehicle should be good to go. However, this method is for the people who know their way around the car as you might end up disabling some other parts of your vehicle.

If you’re asking how to start your car without a chip key and want to learn everything about it, the most essential thing that you should do is know the ins and outs of your vehicle. This way, you have the slightest chance of messing things up and completely ruining the situation.

How To Start A Car Without A Chip Key?

The chips that are integrated into the car keys are designed so that they can’t be bypassed. It means that you can’t start the engine unless you have the key. But an authorized dealership of the car company can always check your key and create a replacement.

However, there is a clever way to start the engine if you have that transponder chip with you.

Step 01: Remove the plastic cover

Step 02: Take the transponder chip out

Step 03: Attach a piece of tape with the chip and stick it beside the ignition lock

Step 04: Now try starting the engine with the disassembled key

Step 05: If the car doesn’t respond, try repositioning the tape slightly and try again.

Step 06: After finding the perfect spot where the chip works, stick it in place with superglue.

Hotwire A Car Without A Chip Key

Hotwiring is basically a method of starting the vehicle without using keys. It’s how you bypass the ignition system. It primarily works for those cars that were constructed in the mid-90s.

Go near the steering wheel and remove the plastic cover. Also, take out the screws located on the two sides. Now, you can quickly get to the ignition system. Remove the insulation of the battery wires near the end. Use a cutter to cut the ends of the power wires. You’ll notice the radio ignition turn on. Now connect the starter motor with those wires.

Remember to pull it apart immediately as the vehicle starts. Take a piece of tape and cover the end parts of the wire so that you don’t end up getting a shock. Also, remember to wear your protective gloves while you’re working.

How To Disable The Alarm System In A Car Without A Chip Key?

Nowadays, cars come with a system known as “Nuisance Alarms.” It produces loud, shrieking sounds that prevent the car thieves from stealing it.

The easiest way of turning the alarm off is by clicking the alarm button on your keyfob. However, if it’s low on battery or if you lose it somewhere, you won’t be able to use it.

So, here are some ways by which you can stop the car alarm without a chip key:

Lock The Doors

Getting inside the car and closing the doors can dismiss the alarm.

If the car alarm goes off suddenly while you’re near the vehicle and don’t have the key, just hurry up and get inside the car. Once you’re inside the car, close the doors and carefully lock them one by one.

This should do the job and stop the alarm right away.

Turn The Car On

It’s incredibly stressful to try to turn the alarm off while sitting inside the car.

However, if you’re able to turn on the ignition, there’s a chance that the alarm might stop. So, you can both kill the alarm and start the engine together.

Pull The Fuse Out

If you don’t have any expertise in the technical parts of this system, then this method can be a little challenging.

Locate the fuse of the alarm. Then try pulling the fuse off there. The fuse closes the circuit and powers the alarm. So, if you pull it out, the alarm should stop immediately.

Pull The Wires Connected To The Alarm

If you personally installed the alarm, you should know where to find the wires related to the alarm under the steering wheel.

In this method, you need to find the wires directly connected with the alarm. They are usually found under the steering wheel of the car. You have to uncover the steering wheel, and you’ll see the wires there. Pull the cables out, and the alarm will lose power. This’ll end up disabling the alarm.

Disconnect The Battery

Another efficient way of disabling the alarm is by disconnecting the battery. The car’s central battery powers the car alarm. Disconnecting it will stop the alarm, but you should proceed to this step only if the other ones don’t work.

To disconnect the battery first, open the bonnet of the car. You’ll see the battery inside the bonnet and some wires connected to the battery. Take a plier and unscrew the nuts. The wires should now come out quickly and thus disconnect the battery.

Ways To Remove The Battery In A Car Without A Chip Key

There’s a way to remove the battery of the car without the chip key. So, even if you lose the key or forget where you’ve put it, you don’t have to worry.

You can follow this method and remove the battery without the chip key:

Step 01: Turn off the vehicle

Step 02: Wear protective gear

Step 03: Remove the cables connected to the car battery

Step 04: Now, take the battery out of the car

How To Start The Engine In Cars With Immobilizer Systems?

The immobilizer system is an intelligent system that prevents the car from switching on with a random key. If you want to start the engine when the immobilizer system is active, you need to follow these steps:

Step 01: Turn the ignition ON, and wait for around 5 seconds

Step 02: After that, turn it OFF, and wait about 10 seconds

Step 03: Then again repeat steps 01 and 02

Step 04: Now, take the interfering device farther from the key.

Step 05: After that, restart the engine

Making A Copy Of Your Chip Key

You can make a copy of your chip key in two places. One is from the dealership and the other from the locksmiths. Between these two, the dealerships naturally charge more. You can order to get a copy of your key in both places, and you’ll get them immediately.

Usually, the mechanics have to match the key to their database. After that, they have to locate the key in the inventory. Then they will cut it to the perfect shape. This is a pretty intricate process, and it generally takes a few hours to duplicate the car keys.


Losing car keys can be a major problem if you don’t have any replacement set available. So what you should do is always keep a duplicate set of car keys with integrated chips with you. If you face this kind of an issue, just take the duplicate one out, and it’ll do the job.

However, if you don’t have a duplicate key with you, your query about how to start your car without a chip key is valid. And you should learn the process as it can come in handy during emergencies!

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