How To Pass NYS Inspection with Check Engine Light On?

The vehicles registered in New York State have to follow a strict inspection schedule. It requires them to get a safety inspection done at an inspection station licensed by DMV. They have to do it either every 12 months or when the ownership is transferred.

There’s an easy way to pass the inspection even if the check engine light stays on. You just have to disconnect the car battery for about half a minute. However, the car must finish the entire drive cycle to pass the inspection. Also, the internal monitors have to be in a “Ready” state.

Knowing how to pass NYS inspection with a check engine light on is mandatory for a vehicle owner. If the vehicle doesn’t have a proper assessment, the owner will face many problems. Renewing the registration won’t be possible for him, and he can also receive fines and tickets.

Passing The NYS Inspection With Check Engine Light On

The check engine light usually turns on when any emissions-related component faces some issue. It can also happen if the sensor on the diagnostic system has malfunctioned. That’s when the check engine light comes on to alert you about the problem.

The “Check Engine” light can sometimes malfunction and give false alerts. For this, you can even fail the inspection test. If the light turns on during the inspection, you’ll not pass the test at any cost.

So, here’s how you can cleverly bypass the check engine light and pass the NYS inspection without any hassle:

Step 1: Get in the car

Step 2: Start the engine

Step 3: Now get out of the car and go near the bonnet

Step 4: Locate the battery

Step 5: Get a plier and unscrew the nuts on the battery

Step 6: Now disconnect the battery for about 30 seconds

Step 7: After that, reconnect the battery and return to the seat

You’ll see that the check engine light will be ‘Off.’ Now, you can start the inspection without worrying about the check engine light.

How Long Does Check Engine Light Need To Be Off To Pass Inspection?

By following a quirky technique, you can keep the check engine light off for some time. This will just be enough to complete the inspection.

After you disconnect the battery, it’ll take some time for the light to reset and show the actual state. Within that time, you should be able to finish the inspection without worrying about the light.

The NYS safety inspections check almost all parts of a vehicle. That includes the brakes, seat belts, lights, tires, mirrors, windshield, wiper blades, horn, and so many other things. It makes sure that there’s no sign of physical problems within the vehicle as it can even end up jeopardizing one’s life.

Can You Pass NYS Inspection With Pending Codes?

Pending trouble codes are set for the diagnostics of different states of the vehicle. However, it doesn’t activate the alert that says ‘Check Engine Light.’ Pending codes show different states and responses of the car but don’t necessarily mean that the component is going to fail.

It is possible to pass the inspection even with pending trouble codes. However, not all pending codes can be neglected. For example, you can go on if the smog check pending trouble code is visible unless the check engine light is illuminated. Also, you’ve to make sure that all monitors are ready to go.

The pending codes are basically how the ECM of your vehicle responds to some irregular inputs. It keeps on monitoring the system and makes calculations depending on those inputs. Those calculations make sure if any permanent damage is causing this irregularity.

What To Do After NYS Inspection?

You might be done with the inspection for the time being. However, you should be prepared for the examinations if they’re coming up soon and get your vehicle ready for them. Be fully equipped for upcoming reviews as it’ll only benefit you.

To make the proper preparation, you should:

  1. See if the check engine light turns on, and don’t delay until the annual inspection for repairing the vehicle. It’ll ultimately improve the performance of your car and save you an ample amount of time and money.
  2. Check the owner’s manual and see if the car has a readiness monitor. Some new vehicles are programmed with this function to check the monitors before the inspection.
  3. Keep in mind to inspect the vehicle regularly. Sincerely check the problems out and don’t delay the regular inspection only because you’re lazy.

How To Prevent NYS Inspection With Check Engine Light On?

If the check engine light of your vehicle is on, or even if you’re out of the state on the inspection date, then naturally, your inspection will expire. But the good thing is that you’ll get the opportunity to apply for an extension.

You have to ensure that the expired out-of-state inspection goes against that state’s law. Ask the authorities if the person who gets the NYS inspection extension sticker can get by without getting a ticket for this violation. The extension is usually up to 10 days, starting from when the vehicle comes back to the state for inspection.

The DMV will need around 14 days to process your info and mail the extension sticker. It’s required before you can take your vehicle back to New York.

You have to mail all of this information to receive the extension:

  • Your name
  • Current mailing address out of the state
  • The manufacturing year of the vehicle
  • Plate number
  • Expiration date and inspection sticker number

After receiving the sticker, remember not to put it on the windshield while it’s out of state. You just have to keep it with you and only show it to the out-of-state police officer if instructed to do so. However, the sticker won’t guarantee you won’t get a ticket issued by a police officer if he feels that you’re guilty.

Another important thing that you should remember is that there won’t be any inspection records on NYS DMV records. So, you won’t be able to renew the registration without a DMV record of the inspection from the past twelve months. To get an NYS inspection, you have to renew the registration.

Also, after returning the vehicle to the state, remember to write the returning date of the car on the extension sticker and stick the sticker on the windshield. Get the vehicle inspected within the ten days limit.

If you do everything as stated here, you should be able to prevent the NYS inspection for a few days. Meanwhile, it would be best if you took care of the check engine light issue during that time. And if the check engine light issue gets solved, you’ll have no worries at all!


Maintaining all the parts of your car is mandatory for every car owner. It would help if you were extra careful of this. Any minor fault in the system can lead to a colossal disaster. So, it’s better to be cautious. That’s why the NYS inspection system is there to keep all of the things checked. And as you now know how to pass the NYS inspection with a check engine light on, you should also be responsible and get your vehicle repaired after the inspection!

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